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Uploaded by HealthiNation on 17.05.2011

Hi, I'm Amy Hendel. Smoothies aren’t meant to just satisfy a sweet-tooth.  Savory smoothies
can be just as delicious, nutritious and give you a great way to take care of your daily
vegetable needs. For this smoothie, i'm using tomatoes. Tomatoe
juice. 100% apple juice. carrots. celery and a special zesty punch from tabasco. I'm also
going to show you some unusual vegetables you might not consider as delicious ingredients
for a smoothie. So first step are the tomatoes and I'm going to put them in the blender.
very neatly cause they can get a little messy. Great. Thats just about enough.
- Tomatoes are a great source of lycopene.  Lycopene is an anti-oxidant that appears to
lower the risk of certain kinds of cancers, including prostate cancer.
- Use fresh tomatoes when you can. But if you have to go the canned route, remember
that canned foods are notoriously high in salt. So choose low-sodium or sodium-free
canned tomatoes and we'll do that for tomato juice as well. So lets add that to the mix.
- Now also use 100% apple juice. Apple juice is NOTORIOUS for containing added sugars. 
And processed juice can have more calories than even a can of soda…so be a label reader.
Next up are the carrots. - Carrots contain Vitamin A, which play a
role in eye health. But they are also important for maintaining healthy skin and hair and
a strong immune system.
- In fact carrots get their orange color from the phytonutrient group called carotenoids. Vegetables
of other colors contain their own unique nutrients. that’s why it’s important to eat a rainbow
of colors to get the benefits of a range of different phytonutrients.  And when I say
“eat a lot of colors,” I don’t mean candy.
Next step, we have celery and celery has a lot of fiber so it adds bulk to your smoothie
and also to your digestive system, that helps to slow down digestion and fill you up. Now
our final secret weapon: tabasco. Our palates really enjoy a variety of taste. So to satisfy
them, adding a bit of tabasco to the mix adds a zesty accent to the drink we typically make
sweet. Lets get a little bit in there. Not too much and we're going to blend it up right
now. So i hope this smoothies recipe helps you think out of the box when it comes to
creating your other smoothie recipes. Play around in the kitchen. Remember that certain
vegetables and fruits can compliment each other's flavors and work together to enhance
your nutrition. I like to try apples and carrots or beets and oranges. So lets give this guy
a world. Looks beautiful. Yum. - Our palates enjoy a variety of tastes. So
to satisfy them, adding a bit of Tabasco to the mix adds a zesty accent to this drink
that pleases the palate.  - I hope this smoothie helps you to think
out of the box when it comes to creating your own healthy smoothie recipes.  It also showcases
the fact that vegetables and fruits can complement each other’s flavors in recipes, and work
together to enhance your nutrition.
- Other healthy options for a veggie smoothie include apples and broccoli. But always go
organic. That means less pesticides in the skin--and make sure to leave the skin on!
Thats where a lot of nutrients are. Apples are a great source of fiber and Vitamin C,
and since it’s a grab and go fruit, I call it my fast food! Broccoli is a powerhouse
cruciferous vegetable with Vitamins A, C and E and iron and calcium—I call it a mega-dose
of nutrition. So remember, those smoothies are typically brimming with fruit you can
easily add some vegetables too. Enjoy.