North Korea -a day in the life (4/4)

Uploaded by tohkondanzi on 08.06.2009

The way l see it, the USA are behind all the tensions in Korea.
The hostile relations in our country are the fault of the USA.
Of all the Western countries, the USA are the worst.
Europe is right behind the USA, but the hypocritical USA are the worst of all.
lt's cold outside. So let's put on lots of clothes.
our powerful People's Army
that shakes heaven and earth Sing along with me:
the pathetic Americans kneel on the ground
they beg for mercy
The Americans viciously murdered our parents...
and burned children with gasoline.
With these stories, we want to impress on our children...
how terrible Americans are.
On this venerable photograph...
we see the returned boots...
of our Great Leader.
lt is Kim Jong ll, the General.
One more time: lt is Kim Jong ll, the General.
We have to cope with shortages.
But our Great Leader, Kim Jong ll, is always with us.
That's why we can overcome anything.
l hope your hearts are ready for battle.
Because you, the workers, are this country's army.
Today's topic:
Our country's energy shortage and the black-outs.
This is of course due to American tactics to strangle our economy.
The electricity shortage is causing tension.
As long as lmperialism continues to exist, we will have an energy problem.
The workplace must conserve energy, but increase production.
Good day, Grandfather. -Good day.
Do you have bread? Give it to me.
My granddaughter says: Death to the Americans. l taught her that.
When the Americans come, we will shoot them.
The Great General commands us. His motto is: Arms for everyone.
You know what l have to say to Bush?
Do not underestimate us, you stupid dog.
Mind your own business. You're less worthy than my feet.
That's the truth.