El misterio del niño desaparecido - The mystery of the missing child

Uploaded by Ccristophercat on 01.10.2010

Not play Rodrigo careful out there you can fall
Aunt Aunt come to take a picture
wait a moment I'm finishing makeup
Be careful not play for no, you can fall
Waht !
grab Rodrigo !
grab !
Rodrigo !
Rodrigo !
Rodrigo !
no one can Know this
going to blame me
What should I do?
I have to go
My son Rodrigo your friends came to play
But where is this child?
My god is there will be something happened to him?
Rodrigo !
Chistopher, Chistopher
that happened?
Rodrigo missed !
Rodrigo !
I call BlackBerry and does not answer !
How do you not answer?
talk to the aunt and knows nothing
When will the detectives?
You know something new?
Do you have any suspects?
the only way is to put a reward of $ 30,000
a lot of money!
but he is our son
have to
we will call the police
we will return to look for clues
hello police?
my name is Chistopher my son desappeared!
your address?
the house 53 of Ola Avenue
ok we will be there in 5 minutes
Jacob another child
this is weird
Rodrigo! Are not you dead?
yes and?
What is happening to me?
Make up!
Rodrigo not let! please!
you killed me!
was unintentional!
die for your paintings!