Give Your Teenager More Freedom and Keep them Safe with Amber Alert GPS Tracking

Uploaded by amberalertgps on 14.11.2012

Time to give your teenager more freedom? Now you can - without compromising their safety
… or your peace of mind. Amber Alert GPS’ Teen App helps you give
your teens the freedom they want; with the confidence of knowing you can find them anytime.
Simply load the Parent App on your Smartphone, and the Teen App on your teenager’s Smartphone.
Our free Teen App allows you to securely and accurately track your teenager via our Parent
App. Your teen can let you know she’s arrived
at her scheduled destination with the easy, 1-click check-in feature.
Or you can review her location history from your smartphone.
Interested in more advanced features including predator, zone and speed alerts? You can upgrade
anytime. Learn more about our family of apps at