[News:: 14.Jan.2013] The Syrian Revolution in 90 Seconds

Uploaded by TheSyrianrev2011 on 14.01.2013

Al massar media center presents, The Syrian Revolution in 90 seconds.
Assad Aircraft bombed Medmah Al Sham in Damascus countryside leaving
dozens of martyrs and wounded, and the death of other civilians in a similar bombing on areas in Daraa, Idlib,
while clashes renewed between the free army and regime forces
in the vicinity of Damascus and Daraa and elsewhere.
Activists say 110 people were martyred today, most were killed in massacres in different areas,
including Damascus, which suffered from heavy bombardment by the regime's forces,
while the free army fighters focused their efforts today in order to gain control on several airports in the northern province Aleppo.
Airports war in Aleppo continues..
Free Army fighters are grappling with Iranian planes
and Military Council sources say: rebels forced the Iranian plane to divert .
Human Rights Watch says Assad regime uses a new class of cluster munitions
known as "improved conventional munitions dual-use."
63 thousand Syrian refugees in camp Zaatari ..
They say it is more dignified to die by bullets than because of “cold and hunger”
Some sell blankets to feed his family