On The Speedway with Red Bull's Mikkel B. Jensen

Uploaded by redbull on 06.06.2012

There are so many thoughts going through my body, but in the end, I'm just shutting it all out.
The only thing I'm looking at is the start line, and then I'm thinking: here we go.
Hi, my name is Mikkel B. Jensen and I'm seventeen years old.
My ambition is to become the world champion in speedway.
I believe that I can become the world champion as I have such a big will to fight.
I'm not afraid of anybody and I fight with all of my heart to become the best.
I feel that I have a great deal of talent, but that is not enough; it takes a lot of hard work too.
I'm ready to go far to become the best, so they better be prepared out there!
I spend all of my time on speedway and I don't have much spare time for friends.
If I do have some free time, it will probably be used on speedway too; in short, my entire life is sport.
I am ready to sacrifice everything to become the best. To be the best and to beat everybody are my main goals.
You need a big passion for the sport!
It takes a whole lot of hard work too, but the feeling of riding the bicycle is like a dream coming true -
- every single time I race.