TDB Testimonials - Minas Gerais, Brazil

Uploaded by whlconsulting on 28.08.2010

This project is great because it encourages the development of pousadas,
which benefits the whole region.
The owner can pay using room nights, which are his best asset,
and he doesn’t have to worry about not having money available.
I think it´s the most innovative way I’ve seen to invest in my business
for a good return without having to restructure my finances.
The payment method is great for us because it doesn´t burn a hole in our pockets.
I think it’s a very practical way to make a payment
and to receive a discount.
By paying with a few room nights we are really just paying maintenance costs.
It’s all about the transaction. I don’t have to pay the full cash price.
If I had to get the full amount of cash to invest in the project maybe...
I think it’s worth it, but I just might not have the money right now.
It’s a good opportunity to get new customers.
I’m paying for this now to get new customers here,
then it's mine and my team’s duty to satisfy them so that they return again.
When a guest comes here he will get to know the pousada, and the town.
So if he comes back he’ll look for us again, because we provided good service.
We’ll be better promoted, and associated with a travel company
in Ouro Preto where there is a greater tourism hub.
Extremely interesting to any entrepreneur!