[NOOB FRIENDLY] How To Get Minecraft For Free! [January 2013]

Uploaded by TheMinecartStudios on 08.01.2013

Hello Youtube Welcome To My First Video On Minecraft!
Today Ill Be Showing You Guys How To Get Minecraft For Free!
This Is A Very Famous Game
Lots Of People Like It, OK So First Of All
The Link Will Be In The Description, All You Have To Do Is
Download It, Its Very Small

By The Way Guys This Is My First Video, So I Hope You Like It!
Ok So,
What Ur Gonna Do Is
Go Here, Download It,
Im Not Gonna Download It Since I Already Have It,
When Its Done Open It,
Its Pretty Much Simple,
Just Extract It Somewhere
Im Just Gonna Extract It Here For Minecraft Folder

Alright So, Now You Have Basically The Launcher,

Now What Ur Gonna Do Is,

and so it is mister dot but anyway started
what it once it's done
moti bagh might not reach even hav
may be very close to sixteen so it doesn't look don't work when reaches one
hundred usual
uh... of sorry i mean like
moose it'll finish
just like that
so now you have this congratulations you have mind taft single-player world
p it's completely mantra three thirty one jewish settlers draco by the
financial jackson was below
so that i that's not let's not marshall problem for the storm was a problem dama
de klerk sellers that too
not just at the sensations city whatsoever
which just happens
after all
okay i have to
uh... okay there are some some problems
all right doctor mag lev organ twenty minutes because i'm reporting
uh... so
as you see the doesn't work
this process
uh... i don't think you ought to be getting the song problems assist me
all right so uh...
and she wants to think that one
so thank you for watching this is my first revealed by advise sorry for sake
breathlessly to dismiss the studio eleven times suspect inadvertent that
xpc into big etc
or i will be like this uh... i don't need any other videos from italy
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