Can You Recover and Be a Vegetarian or Vegan? Eating Disorder Video

Uploaded by KatiMorton on 28.10.2012

Hi, there. Thanks for checking back. I always say that. Sometimes, I get annoyed
by myself... it s like, come up with something new. I ll work on that, I promise. Okay? Anyway,
thanks for checking back. This week s video is something that I get a lot of. Questions
and comments about and I know that many of you had either struggled with this yourself
or you wondered about it or you re scared to go to treatment because of it. And this
is being a vegetarian or being a vegan and recovery. Can we have both? And the answer...
the short and simple answer? Yes, we can. But the thing that is really difficult and
I know many of you watching are waiting. I ve been stressed about this, forever. But
when I have a client into my office and they re vegan or vegetarian and I m sure all of
you like I know now what she s going to say. My first question is is the eating disorder
driven? And that s really hard to answer especially for really sick so we re considering PHP like
in-patient or partial hospitalization, whatever kind of program that we have: our day program,
IOP and others a lot of acronyms. For those thinking about going into treatment , we re
worried they re going to feed us without many choices or force to eat what they give us
or we re forced to eat, you know, from the options that they give us and what if there
aren t vegetarian or vegan options. So now from my experience, there are lots of vegetarian
options. Many places will offer like a tofu option where, you know, the tofu lunch meats
and things like that. And they ll let you swap that out easily usually not much of a
problem. Sometimes, you will, it will look like you have to eat more because calorically
and energetically, it has to be the same as other people so just be prepared for that
because we re all about getting the nutrients or proper nutrients that we need so you re
going to have to trust your dietician. They re calculating this because, trust me they
are, and it will look different but that s kind of the give and take of it, okay? So,
that s if you re a vegetarian. Now if you are a vegan, there only a few places that
allow that to happen because it s so difficult. It s not about Oh, we don t believe you or
s all eating disorder or a lot of us get that feedback and it feels really icky especially
if it isn t eating disorder driven. And let s say our family, we ve been raised as a vegetarian
or a vegan, it can feel hurtful to think that it s a part of a eating disorder if It s really
a part of who we are, Okay? But the reason many clinics do not offer the vegan option
is because it means that you need two of everything - from breads to cheeses to yogurts to, you
know, there s so many things and it gets really expensive and it s really hard. But you could
look online, I know there are a couple there. I believe there s one in Arizona and I think
there s one in California that do it that I ve sent clients to before said they did.
But you have to do some research because I really don t know most of the places that
I ve worked with and most places I ve refer clients to only allow vegetarian options.
Okay? So that just a little behind the scenes and that just something that hopefully eases
the anxiety over this a little, okay? But to go back to our vegetarian veganism beliefs,
I want you to think really hard. I want you to take some time. The first thing I always
want people to think about is when did it start. When did you become a vegetarian? If
it was like 6 months ago or, you know, two years ago and you d already had your eating
disorder, I d be really suspicious and I would consider so I m going to eat something and
I m not going to realize that it was made with chicken broth. Hmm. What am I going to
think after I ve eaten it? It s already happened. The damage has been done, right? We ve already
eaten it. It is our eating disorder voice that kicks in or is it another voice that
just us frustrated because, you know, the animal was slaughtered and we don t want to
be supporting that. Or what is it? Think about what it means to you and if it s your eating
disorder voice, it s the same voice that says your horrible, blah blah blah. It s yelling
nasty things all day. Then we might want to consider not. But I know this is hard. This
is a really touchy subject and I just want to be honest with you about the ther- like
as a therapist what we think on this side. So when you re worried about bringing it about
to your dietician or therapist, you can kind of get an inside as to what we re thinking
so it s taking into consideration. When did it start? What voice tells me what when I
think about eating something different and or not doing it or I find out that I haven
And another thing, when we binge. Do we binge only on the vegan vegetarian stuff because
sometimes I find that I have clients that will say that they are and when they binge
and they get that out of control feeling, it plays no role. So these are just things
to consider because these can kind of help us tease out whether it is a part of who we
are and what we believe and if it s something that separate, completely separate from our
eating disorder or if its eating disorder driven . And even if its, I know it, may not
always be cut and dried but we ll at least be able to at least tease out how much of
it is from what, okay? So take the time to journal about that. Think about it. Talk about
it. Leave comments below, right? Let me know what you think. Subscribe to my channel, everything
like that so that if you have other questions, there s other things I could address on this
topic, I d be more than happy to do so. But just know that being a vegetarian or vegan,
does not mean that you can t recover. And it doesn t mean that you can t get the proper
nutrition. We just have to be really careful. We have to work with a dietician. We ll just
keep putting one foot in front of the other, right? Because it s a long and it s a hard
path but we re working together towards a healthy mind and a healthy body. h'Ds h'Ds
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