Opinions on Doctor Who Companions

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Hi, I'm the a-virus, because I'm awesome and I'm a virus
Hi guys, it's Rainey
so we decided today that because
my friend
a-virus is over
we're going to talk about Doctor Who
because after all
she was the one who converted me
so we're going to talk about
the newest companions
9 and on
and why or...
why we did or did not like them
starting with Rose, since she was the very first one the very first episode of the new seasons
do you want to start or should I start? I'll start
I liked Rose
I thought that she was a good companion
she had her bad points but all in all she was adorable and she was really the only
companion the Doctor ever
truly fell in love with. Well, I
liked Rose
in that she was...
good to the Doctor
but she wasn't good for the Doctor
is for vietnam ad
caterer united seated
and uh... assets of it
on the traveling
it to that
had at that time will be cutting home
uh... first
salford nocturnal acted for hire
a happy ending he did not
isn't on stevens in one in lancaster
on did not like
she became very repetitive
snow snow leopard
she's all
exceed the old
personally wants not because
bassett power of the woman
excuse document coming to the doctor up in the fact that she was a ginger i
didn't see that needed words about
facilities like she knew
what she wanted
and she can do anything to get back d which was not always a beneficial thing
just processing
ends habitat
eight abatemarco
and i i i don't know what at sorry for part-time because yet she police have to
have a doctor and he was sold
harburg recruits
cell she's got the quality of the state but she was there for him when he
side seasons it and mattresses and cat
and now
it's very very controversial collecting in the beginning
and then at the end updated reasoned that s
and stopped
so slightly or anne's
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i want to write
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uh... items for the world's great
that's what
i would rather right
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he's upset because they've been marketed at two o'clock actually kind of want to
one and a lot like dat
i felt like it was like she finally chose wordy
over the doctor like tablets yeltsin wild assistance lapd internal to them
want yahoo end silky end up being able to travel with him on
singed and actually
but she was going to be right
there is
the instant spitting out
that that carlos
helped them
crowded cracks
st louis
i think the
the that's nine companion
convenient after ever
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it's actually like the stock at seven says the doctor in him
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he decries what she did but
and then craig later doubt about it
he said
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topic raghav says it's not that it's about
statement about aliens etc
it's just
relationship between the doctors of ukraine we should talk about uh... under
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