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Welcome for this third BigGame of 2012 at Veckring
Veckring it's between 600 and 1200 players
We gonna take you inside see how that goes and we have some nice interviews
CP : Hi BigG Thanks for receiving us
BigG : Hi everyone
CP : You are one of the three french shops with and
...who are the reference for the french players.
Since how long are you in the field of paintball.
BigG : Well if you count this year i'm a player since 23 years
23years and I work in the field since 95
so if I don't make mistake almost 18 years, so a lot of years.
CP : Since how many years are you tech at Veckring ?
BigG : Tech at Veckring, I think that I am in my third year
in a regular way, that's mean
I come to all the three BigGame of the year,
before I was here time to time but now it's fully integrated in my schedule of the year, so i'm here each time now.
Especially since I am under contract with Dye as a certified technician on big European events
and I assure at Veckring technical support for Dye / Proto for all owners.
CP : Du you have a favorite brand ?
BigG : A favorite brand?!
No, I will not say that i have a brand preferred rather affinities with certain brands,
historical affinity,
WGP with Cockers, Cocker being the gun who pushed me to come in the field of technicians, to touch to guns
it was the first gun that I did not know what to do since it was not working at the time, at the time he had a reputation for gun with problems
and my first Cocker spent a month on the table, my desk in my room, I was a student at the time
and it stayed a month in spare part because a friend I had deposited a lot of part and he asked me if I could put together and make it worked, so i've start like that.
CP : You rebuild some Cocker and give them a second life.
BigG : Yes
CP : guaranteeing parts and hands work
BigG :Yes
CP : The idea to give a second life to this guns has come to you how ? Over the years ?
BigG : Give a second life, yes and no,
it was more always provided support for this type of gun
who is unfortunately disappeared from the mainstream market,
( Custom cocker by BigG )
in fact I have always ensures a maintenance and repair on autocockers
and also preparation and why I like this model od gun,
today we say rather model than brand because it no longer exists,
the autococker is the gun I would say the most customizable on the market ever since.
I like to say in comparison is the harley davidson of paintball.
It's a type of gun on which one you will spend more time on trying to modify it, change parts, set it etc, that really play with.
CP : The gun of lover, of collector ?!
BigG : Exactly, Exactly you can have 2000 gun next to each other, you not gonna have two who gonna be the same.
There has been so much variation, transformation, preparation, now that you can do what you want
and in fact it is rare, even virtually impossible to find someone with a gun with all original part since the cessation of the production of guns,
since the cessation of the production of guns,
so autocockers changes hands via the second-hand market
and also in this case all that is reconditioned starter, or customized by the players or the shops.
There are still shops who preparing Cockers as I do.
The hardest is to find parts and specific parts because there are some models that are not compatible between them.
CP : Since now two week you propose the engraving on guns.
BigG : Exactly
CP : And on barrel
BigG : yeah
CP : how did you come to offer this kind of service?
BigG : SO the engraving, I offer it since many years but I went through specialized companies
especially the united states where they are more developed than in Europe
and I had the opportunity to join a workshop
who the boss is player for 20 years like me, he started there a bunch of years
and has invested in a structure of laser engraving,
and so he wanted to offer a service to players of paintball
and therefore through a player i met him, the feeling was here and we associated to offer this service for our paintball customers.
CP : You gonna sell the SAR12 of Carmatech
BigG :Yes among other
CP : You follow the novelty to be ready to offer it to players ?
BigG : Necessarily when you work in this environment of novelty where there all the time it's either you stay informed
informed of new material, to be always informed about what will come out,
now did i systematically each time there is a novelty that comes onto the market sell it
is needed to first test the hardware and see if the brand that offers the equipment and if it is really relevant
is that it will bring something new and then if it is a new product, but exactly the same as the existing brands.
Concerning SAR12 of Carmatech,
be aware that this is a "new" California company
that is creating recently and manager is a renowned paintball player, Sonny Lopez
in this case which is currently working a lot in the middle security and military tactics training so it is related with a lot of people who are in the middle
and latter idea was to produce a gun with a milsim style obviously adapted for training
but as real as possible.
and why design close to a bolt action rifle?!, because it did not exist until now.
Rare informations as it should rather say that the information that is disclosed are rare on the gun,
is still pending at the time and despite their current schedule announced a few months ago,
the first prototype before production and that we are not yet arrived, I had to get a model to be tested and stripped at Veckring here
I still waiting,
now it is true that the development process is long, like we know.
Like the skills that are seen together in this project, it should arrive shortly and we will see what it will give,
now is that I'm going to push this product, I must first have in hand and test it. We'll see.
CP : Thanx for your time BigG : No problem
CP : We now that you are very busy
BigG : Indeed
CP : Generally you don't stop at all
BigG : We can say that since two day, I don't have move from my booth, I eat, sleep, do everything here, you can see my table and my tools !
CP : Yes we have seen you worked
BigG : yes CP : So thanks a lot
BigG : It's me and hi to every SPB members, I saw many off you on the field. So see you soon.
Team blue you are ready ?
Team Red ?
Team Blue !!
Team Red !!
GregH : Bienvenu à Verckring
IrvingB : ok Premièrement
GregH : Irving Vas-y pour moi, vas y
IrvingB :We gonna ask some questions in English.
IrvingB : Donc ton nom, je vais te le demander encore bien en Francais
Et bien tu es prêt
Donc pour les personnes qui peuvent ne pas te connaître et ce que tu fais, qui es tu et que fais tu.
GregH : Je suis un joueur de Paintball Professionnel de 25ans et je voyage autour du monde pour devenir très sale,
j'aime être sale,
je n'aime pas être propre du tout
et j'aime jouer au paintball et c'est fièrement que je suis sponsorisé par Tippmann. Il me permettent d'éliminer tout le monde.
IrvingB : Et bien voilà
GregH : Bien jusqu'à maintenant Irvin ?!
IrvingB : Bien jusqu'à maintenant !
Prochaine question. Que pense-tu de l'évolution des lanceurs à chargeurs et des produits tel que le fusil à pompe de Dukie et le SR-1 de CCM et d'une manière général des petits loader à faible capacité.
GregH : J'adore à chaque fois que je vois un joueur s'imposer des challenges, qu'ils utilisent des lanceur à pompe,
des pistolets,
si il vont sur le terrain avec juste des chargeurs,
j'adore que nôtre sport, le seul sport dans le monde où tu peux vivre ta propre aventure.
Tu es responsable de ta propre aventure, n'est-ce pas
et tu n'a pas à faire la même chose tout le temps,
j'ai jouer avec mon crossover pour la première partie de la journée et je vais finir la fin de la journée avec mon lanceur à pompe.
'aime me lancer des challenges. Donc quand je vois des mecs avec juste un pistolet, j'adore car c'est le top du top du challenge, j'adore je veux voir plus de cela.
IrvingB : Et pour exemple, pour le jeu tactique ?
GregH : Jeu à chargeur oui. On à un but c'est une nouveauté, j'aime ça. IrvingB :Exactement chaque bille compte.
Que pense tu du style de jeu des Européens, est-ce différent du style de jeu des américains ou canadiens ?
GregH : C'est exactement, quand tu es à l'intérieur des filets tu ne peux même pas dire dans quel pays tu es,
c'est partout pareille,
tout le monde s'éclate, on à tous des masques et tout le monde crie tu ne comprend pas ce qu'ils disent de toute façon.
IrvingB :Ce qui doit beaucoup t'aider
Question suivante : Tu amène une nouvelle caméra d'action sur le marché qui s'appelle R7,
c'est plutôt tu sais le domaine des caméras GoPro, ces gars on créer le marché, Drift, Sonny va aussi sortir son produit sur le marché. As-tu peur de la compétition sur le marché ?
GregH : Non !
Je vais te dire comment j'en suis venu à cette caméra,
je les ai trouvé. J'essayer d'apprendre aux éditeurs de jeux vidéos de voir comment je voyais derrière mon canon pour que je puisse faire de meilleur jeux vidéos,
donc la meilleur façon de faire cela était de mettre une caméra quelque part sur ton lanceur et pendant 3ans je l'ai mis partout,
ur le laoder, partout, en bas sur le côté, scotché, serré avec des colliers et un jour je suis venu avec l'idée de la monté sur le collier du loader
et elle allait parfaitement devant le collier donc j'ai fais ce petit accessoire en métal
et je suis un entrepreneur donc j'ai dis et c'est un marché donc j'ai construit le produit, monté sur le lanceur, déposé un brevet dessus
et une fois que j'étais confiant dans le produit j'ai été trouvé cette compagnie,
j'ai trouvé la meilleur caméra, la plus légère, résistante, petite, fiable des caméras sur le marché et j'ai essayé toutes les caméras du marché
Regardez, test de chute, marche à chaque fois.
IrvingB : Est-ce que tu prévois de faire un adapteur picatinny ou est-ce nécessaire pour ce produit.
GregH : Ils en font déjà, cette compagnie le fait déjà. Ma spécialité et de la monté sur les colliers ou sur le devant des X7 avec l'adaptateur spécial ou sur le masque.
IrvingB : Soit sur d'avoir quelques images de ça plus tard. C'est vraiment intéressant.
IrvingB : Plus tard dans la journée tu va jouer contre le finalist du Clash des titans (concour tippmann )
GregH : Clash des titans, je ne sais même pas ce que ça veux dire mais compte sur moi. Ca à l'air marrant. Est-ce que je vais être sale ?
IrvingB : Ho tu es excité à cette idée GregH : ou est la ligne ou je dois signer !
IrvingB : Je n'ai même pas besoin de demandé si il est excité à ce sujet. Je pense qu'il l'est
GregH : Plus de saleté, plus de saleté
Irving : Arrrrg je ne joue même pas.
Bon tu sais quoi Greg c'est fini, j'en ai fini t'en a fini. Merci les gars
GregH :Pas d'autres questions ?
Irving : Il est tout sale. GregH : Ok
IrvingB : Putin de cinglé
IrvngB : Ok donc dis nous ce dont on parlais tout juste, tu nous parlais à propos des supports, il y avait une question à propos des support pour rails picatinny, donc explique comment ça marche.
GregH : Celui ci remplace le collier de serrage par mon système spécial de maintien du R7,
il tiens la caméra précisément pour qu'elle disparaisse pendant que vous jouez, pas d'obstruction du tout
et voici mon tout nouvelle accessoire pour monter une batterie supplémentaire de 5h avec un micro extérieur ou un module wifi.
Et voici le nouveau support juste ici.
C'est le support qui permet de mettre la caméra qui va sur tout les X7, phenom, A5 ou tout cyclone de Tippmann.
Donc vous enlevez simplement le boitier receveur du loader, vous mettez ceci et replacer le loader dessus et vous êtes prêt et la caméra encore une fois disparaît devant vous.
Pas d'obstruction de la vue, tout nouveau.
Et il à très bon goût.
CP : Il n'est pas encore sale.
GregH: Et bien, Lars va me tuer si je l'abime il essaye de le vendre.
www.R7USA.COM vous pouvez trouvez tout à son propos et vous pouvez trouvez toutes les infos à propos de ce superbe lanceur sur
CP : C'est une édition spécial que tu as
Greg H : Oui oui CP : Il y en à que 50 de celui ci.
GregH : 50. Celui ci est le N°001.
Donc quand vous l'achetez il vient avec un nouveau grip, toutes les parties en carbone, vendu avec la caméra,
viens avec la capote de canon en carbon, viens avec le nouveau spire. Complet !
Prêt pour jouer et bien sûr il utilise le noveau système crossover qui est génial.
CP : Camo like I told to BigG earlier
you are all three with tacticalpaintball, funpaintball and biggpaintball part of the top french shop that are recommended to players,
run by lover and player of paintball and each one specialized,
BigG mostly for pump gun and Tiberius gun,
Wallace ( tacticalpaintball ) more for everything who is touching to Milsigs,
and you for gun's from Tippmann.
Camo : Indeed
CP : Since how many years are you credited tech Tippmann and since how many time do you come here at Veckring do do the tech for players ?
Camo : Alright, well about the fact that i'm a tech Tippmann, that was realy done 5years ago,
I've start my activity 8years ago
and it's at this moment that I started to be closer to Tippamn. When i started I had for vocation the development off the paintball scenario
and start from there, Tippmann was really the brand who responded at my needs
at all level. Guns, internal who was pretty simple to handle, their guns pleased me, the durability, the functionality et all the potential of upgrades
from there we started a simple commercial agreement that we have fast develop it in a support agreement.
We know each other really well, i'm have intel...confidential or not but here it is we are really close with Tippmann,
so after some years we started to develop the support booth,
so after some years we started to develop the support booth, these booth are a really good thing that Tippmann do and that other don't do or not as much
that mean the Tippmann player, show up at the booth with any problem even if he's gun have 1year, 2years, 3years,
we change parts if we can with what we have in stock for free
that make a client very happy and us too to see their happiness,
it's a really nice feeling and me that's this kind of commercial development, because that stays a commercial goal, it's a thing that I really likes
CP : Do you have already see players com to event only for this support ?
Camo : Yes absolutly
So it's true that there is also that kind of player
who come because of this support booth,
thing that they may not do if it wasn't there.
So it's interesting for the fields owner and really good in a commercial way.
CP : Beside Tippmann we have see you with SPB ( offer a special pack for the members of SPB about the K1.
Camo : That's right
CP : Who should be released the next month ( november )
How this agreement between MCM, you and SPB was happen ?
Camo : At the level of MCM
they introduce me their project and sincerely,
well I fall in love.
I fall in love with the concept of the K1 who gonna be a CQB ( close quarter battle ) on P90 base with magazine on the top of the gun.
CP : I must admit I had the protoype in my hands, it's a real pleasure to evolve with.
Camo : He had hard time to get out but...
CP : There is a all story behind it, we know it, that's been 3years, they was many difficulty but apparently we are at the end with a nice surprise in it.
Camo : That may be the most beautiful surprised of the end of the year.
f he really respond of the specifications that I have be able to see and you be able to see,
sincerely there is no reason that this gun don't have his place on the market.
Is gonna be really for few people, the price is kind of expensive.
CP : He also respond to a military specifications.
Camo : Indeed.
we can not really talk about specifications because some things are still going between MCM et some government
who don't allow us to talk about but he has a vocation of equipment for player and for professional
so he have a real future if he respond of all we know about it for now. It's potentially a crazy gun.
CP : So you gonna be the french referent pour the support of the K1
Camo : Normally yes.
Normally is plan like that, I gonna be the official french retailer and european,
other things are plan for the east country but it's a other strategy.
For the US it's gonna be RAP4, it's already signed.
There is a market in Malesya who is plan,
one for south-africa, the retailer are all ready, we just need to receive the K1 to start to sell it.
CP : Ok so Tippmann, MCM, do you plan to sell other brand who gonna come out like Carmatech or Scarab Arms ?
Camo : I need to say that these Gun are coming, well they are become reality after the K1 in the idea,
me in my idea I like to be close to the brand I sell and with which one I open commercial link so,
very close mean much personal investment of time you spend on Skype and other, so it's clearly time management is very important,
become a simple distributor of retail product, i'm not very interested.
CP : You don't want just sell product !?
Camo : Only simple retailer is not my thing.
If it goes well with Carmatech why not, that may be the case.
But it's true that for this they must have a development objective on the European territory,
hat mean migrating few people to go at event like Veckring, make a booth because,
Skype is informal, the email... I mean I have open all my partnerships because I was meeting people of the brands.
So I don't say no, I like the products, yeah they look awesome, it's great.
Now, sell product just buying and selling them without the knowledge of what is behind, future innovations, not knowing what's coming, i'm not interested.
I have a development really bonded to brands. My development is bonded to this.
More I care about a brand and more they care about me et more we create something, a fusion in fact and this fusion it's what will put a product on Funpainball.
CP : Camo thank your to have receive us and agreed a little of your time Camo : Thanks for your interview
CP : I know that was a busy day for you Camo : She was challenging yes
CP : to fix gun Camo : Yes we have made 85 gun so it's 85 happy players
CP : How many technicians
Camo : Three technicians
CP : Not bad !
Camo : Yes not bad. It's potentially eighty-five pleased players, no file in process, that mean they are all gone with a functional gun.
CP : ok
Camo : That goes very well
CP : We will see you again in June 2013
Camo : Indeed. Fidel to Veckring yeah, it's kind of the Mecca of paintball today,
even if today that will not respond to all games style, it stay a BigGame but it more a reunion, friends from years and years.
CP : It's more than the game itself Camo : totally
CP : It's kind of become a People meeting. Camo : Yeah a tittle People we can say that
CP : We had Greg Hastings this years
Camo : Yeah clearly when you start in paintball It's kind of the question :
”Do you have make Veckring?”, “no I don't” that mean you are a beginner !It's really that.
CP : Well we will see Camo next year in June.
e will try to be here at Veckring again, until then if you need informations about Tippmann don't hesitate to send a email to Camo,
his shop is Thank you again and see you soon.
Camo Thanks to you. See you soon.
Mickael from Verckring : It's the winner of the 1VS1 TPX