Introducing PowerPackXL

Uploaded by PowerPackXL on 01.10.2012

Say hello to PowerPackXL!
the unit itself annalisa packaging
competency ingredient really good packaging is quite for president great
for uh... giving some easy to wrap it comes in the street
nostril package
whatever inside contents hard choice of black or white you then
as you say uh... really really quite size it so that was full of the
following uh... it's not was three
as some funds because you really great white all charging
your small fine
so couple features on the bottom he conceived as an option on the phone
their company before lights here which represent twenty five percent of the
charge per liked sofa for this one on becasue young fourteen bar
you've got freelance that flash which represent seventy five percent charge
for this unit is ready to go quite happily zach
for enough you guys on on the trough
without any problems at all
now just give you an example one unit itself
gracefully charge from charleston i find from flat
at least four times so i
uh... one full shaw is on the proper excell dot com
would charge uh... my wall four times at least
scientist ampato contents in the pack as you see is a selection of all of the and
say you need to charge
dares to find something something called me the usb
micro usb uh... nakia
uh... and also
uh... and then get the usb typing itself acting secret cleverly on this year's
got the n_b_a_ usb which will talk about a minute but at the end a gawking to
tainted change guam
because these themselves
by these terms a bit so let's say for example you've got the by phone
uh... be friends go blackberry uh... if you use your client on chart
christiana and that is ready to go so that in doxie goes on to your wife run
wears these and whatcha gonna into
the charging unit itself
now you go to us about on the left or the right hand side the left hand side
is for a false charge
and the right hand side is for just a regular trick we charge and return the
you know
uh... bid to go see with this uh... like you've got to
to reason which is great since false charge or single their for the wreckage
i think many syslog pets allowed over ten years
so that's when i get in the past ac uh... itself in the packaging
promise a choice of black all want to keep more times directly from the
manufacturer at w_w_w_ dot
power pack
excel dot com
and uh... will be obviously more videos soon just give you
an ordeal for likened it but uh...
for anybody who has a small fine and does not go back to lou signal
and is among the left i'm drawing uh... i think i should be a son uh... find
more visit compaq
dot com by fourteen dollars