Cie Galapiat- Festival des Mouettes, Ville de Langueux (le Grand Pré) (sub Spanish and English)

Uploaded by dadaelprod on 12.08.2010

In the beginning, Galapiat is a project...
...a proyect a little bit crazy...
that is pretty more than a job
The main feature of Galapiat is that we spend all our time to the project
our goal is the reunion
this is how we set up our own history, our own adventure
and especially a deep human energy
with much joy and it is gratifying
We can not pay or secure anything
then, she answer me: do not worry, I stay in the project because I love it
It's great because it's not something that happens often
people dedicated to the job they love and for me, it is my passion
It is wonderful to have this band of artists who propose all kinds of shows
and then, they say: 'we will organize a festival!'
I just felt the rope and my body joined her
it was a really amazing feeling
Our proposal is a show about intimacy
that is called: <2>
I started making kites and I began with the classic French
then I bought books about kites and
Then I discovered the hindi ones
and that to me was a revelation
my show is with trampoline
with a touch of burlesque and a mix of Buster Keaton with Bin Laden
What is our show?
Good question
It's hard to explain
Yeah, come here to watch, it's better than TV
What is planned? What did not? Improvisation, accidents ...
Shows and games for the whole family
Spring in Cotês-d'Armor