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another local barnes and noble the pick it up
and I was shocked to discover toothpicks ok the first thing was it was twenty
five blocks now this is a paperback book
that was to britain weight would be laid back right probably at least a seventy
years ago
if not longer in that and it was twenty five dollars so it was kind of stunning
to me
uh... data paperback book work off so much so i said you-know-what i've got
the cattle fire when i just get it on the temple
about that time i also made the decision to get rid of all my physical
box so right now up my entire libraries empty i took off for her and fifty of my
physical books
and i donated them
someone local library because i wanted to keep install my training all my
learning into one singular spot
being the campbell five so i said i obstacle applicable sucking
uh... back
company amazon
and this is what i discovered right
i discovered they didn't have a candle version
but again for a book that's been almost at least
ten years old right why was it so much why was it thirteen dollars
in nineteen ninety six
so i started doing a little bit of research i sure do in
a little bit of discovering trying to figure out the answer to that question
and basically what i wanted to know what's this
why would a candle prices higher
it even the physical bookrags you'll see right here
you can get the paperback ship t_v_ two days
no additional cost for eleven dollars
and fifty three cents yuka also if the audio sent to you for twelve dollars and
twenty four states and if you can get a paperback r_t_c_ hardback
from an unemployed sold for ten bucks i wanted to know i was like
and why is s so expensive compared to the physical bursts i sure do all of the
lease purchase but here's what i found
uh... this is an article in oslo heart see here in the corner
uh... by a company
uh... called mobile media
it's a article that i found that explained to me
what was going on
and uh...
that kendall marketplace cc
he's speaking publishers
simon schuster miller
mcmillan cc harper collins and paying them had conspired along with
apple to change the way
that they sell digital books
so let me explain how it works
with amasau
amazon for physical books prep books paperback whatever
they are what's known as a wholesale so they go on if they have won a by a
million copies of the hunger pangs for cobra popular book right now thanks
and they say okay goodwill some p_r_ or five bucks apiece
an amazon cells on the website for two dollars and fifty cents
the wholesale publisher
is fine because they got to get five bucks amazon kits to set in dictate
the price that you all-time we see when you go to amazon dot com
or what they do with digital books as they went away from a wholesaler model
agency model
and basically the main difference in this is critical in key for you to
understand because that's okay
in the agency model
the publisher sets
the props
when he said again in the eight unseen model the publisher
amasau sets the price and only amazon
of the books so
publisher model
right to be agency model bear able
to set the price taking the publisher sustain we want you to sell this book
for twelve dollars name incense
you get a percentage of the sale not
a flap rates as far as a dollar so ample typically clicks thirty percent of the
price of books old chutzpah bookstore amazon this probably something simple
but the critical thing i want to understand
in competition was taken out of of amazon screens
by these publishers and