Game of the Week - Bubsy (Genesis/SNES)

Uploaded by classicville on 16.03.2012

Reminded of this game as I was casually whistling the first stage music absentmindedly, Bubsy
just had to come up at some point as Classicville's Game of the Week. A 2D platformer starring
an anthropomorphic bobcat that desperately wanted to show a particular plumber, and a
blue coloured hedgehog that they aren't the only guys in town. Bubsy is notoriously tricky.
It's sometimes a little too easy to go a little too fast, and is it can take only one hit
to kill you, players should press the right d-pad arrow with care. Although being a cat,
you do start with nine lives. Bubsy's only notable ability is to glide; similar to Knuckles
the Echidna in the Sonic series. The game was released for SNES, Mega-Drive (or Genesis)
and Atari Jaguar, as well as an enhanced release on the PC. The game went on to spawn sequels
of which were, decent, but never lived up to their predecessor. This just wasn't enough.
Bubsy just had to take the step to the world of 32-bit game consoles.
"What could possibly go wrong?"
Back to the original game, the soundtrack's catchy, the graphics are tidy, and the control
scheme, despite a noticeable lack of traction when making Bubsy run, it's not all that bad.
It's certainly worth a try, but trust me when I say; you're gonna need all nine lives.
Tune in next time for Classicville's Game of the Week