ISS Update - June 27, 2012

Uploaded by ReelNASA on 27.06.2012

Good day and welcome to Mission Control Houston
with our Expedition 31 International Space Station
update of day.
Today the Expedition 31 crew onboard the International Space
Station is working through a variety of different activities.
Three of the crewmembers are getting ready to come home.
The other three continuing
with the research aboard the International Space Station.
Here in Mission Control, Jerry Jason is the flight director
in charge of the team today.
He's working with astronaut Jack Fischer
as he will be the person talking to the crew as it works
through its various activities of the day.
Of course the crew is made up of Commander Oleg Kononenko
and his fellow Russian colleagues Gennady Padalka
and Sergei Revin, and NASA astronauts Don Pettit
and Joe Acaba and the European space agency astronaut Andre
Kuipers from the Netherlands.
Today the crew has been working
with some interesting experiments activities
with the Robonaut.
This is Robonaut 2 which is an on-orbit piece
of equipment that's being used to test the capabilities
of the humanoid robot in microgravity.
Joe Acaba has been doing some set up
and continuing the checkout testing of Robonaut.
You can see some video here that was recorded earlier
of Robonaut flexing his hands as he worked with some switches
in the Destiny laboratory module.
In addition Don Pettit today worked
on cleaning some filters associated
with the thermal control system inside the space station.
The thermal control system is made up of a set up pipes
that are filled with primarily water
at different temperature levels that are used
to control the temperature of the different modules.
And those connect to a heat exchanger that goes
to an ammonia based system on the outside that runs
through radiators and it gets rid
of the excess heat on the space station.
Although it's alternately hot and cold in space,
all of the electricity's that used for running computers
and scientific devices and of course put
out by humans increases heat output inside the station,
and so getting rid of that excess heat is an important part
of the activities.
Today also, the crew members that are getting ready to leave,
Oleg Kononenko, Andre Kuipers and Don Pettit,
are conducting emergency drills as they get ready to depart.
And they will be also doing some additional packing
of their gear getting ready to get
into their Soyuz spacecraft and to come home.
The Soyuz is scheduled to undock on Saturday night US time,
Sunday morning Russia time.
The three crew members are scheduled to climb
into their Soyuz TMA-03M spacecraft and depart
at 11:48 PM central time.
Of course prior to that we'll have the change
of command ceremony on Friday, June 29, and that's the command
of change ceremony in which Oleg Kononenko will hand
over the reins of Expedition 32 to Gennady Padalka.
And then Gennady Padalka and Sergei Revin
and Joel Acaba will spend a couple weeks in orbit alone
until the next group of crew members arrive
up to the International Space Station
on their Soyuz spacecraft scheduled for launch on July 15.
And that'll be Yuri Malenchenko,
Suni Williams and Akihiko Hoshide.
Those folks are having a day of rest and relaxation today
in Moscow, but this is some video of them as they went
through some of the final training activities to get ready
for their launch to the International Space Station
to round out Expedition 32 and make it a full six-person crew.
All systems on board the space station continuing to work well
as it orbits 250 statute miles over Indonesia
on a southerly course, and this is Mission Control Houston.