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Maybe you had enough?
I, my friend, as my car.
In my part of the same wine, how much petrol in it.
So again I say. You always play the fool,
fool, fool, and will be, although You do not even suspect it,
like everyone else.
You're whole life paying taxes darkness,
including a priest's file a frill.
And now another you progressive.
Pay, and you for a year will issue a stamp with teeth.
Rejoice, stariche!
What you just were not forced.
You were one hundred years war.
Get into armor and went to take Jerusalem.
You shed blood during the first Empire.
Reeled under footcloths Verdun and then at Dunkirk.
All of this runs two thousand years.
So trust the person who has received classical education
who knows Latin and Greek, you're all idiots.
Me too.
Look at you funny.
- On my dog? - Yes.
Let's generals hanged over all sorts of rubbish, . .
a dog is no good.
You think so?
He knows better, he vet.
Here you rascal?
Whether it polaskovee, it is new.
Shall we dance?
M. , occupation Madame does not allow it.
She's busy.
See you soon.
She's busy all night.
Come on.
You and your dog invited?
It is not so, What do you think, monsieur.
I asked her not to bed and into the village.
In the sun, spring flowers.
You see it all every day, but are indifferent to this beauty.
est numerus infinitus -
fools in this world there is no number, as Solomon said.
Come on, Bunny.
This debauchee soon All propet and lock, too.
Do not worry, with his money You can drink to the death.
Where did he get so many?
When all the vineyards were struck with phylloxera,
His father bought them for a pittance.
And then threw all American vines and resold.
So it became the largest landowner in the county.
Born on a farm, and died in the castle.
So, even though I was born in the cloaca, I can die at the Elysee Palace?
- Where are you taking me? - I said to myself.
It is now not far away, it's next to Vashpulem...
Bluebeard's edge.
Jules de Guise, Count Monmaransi To Val, a friend of Joan of Arc.
Bluebeard was a friend of Joan of Arc?
Then tell. Come on.
Already here?
Not yet, but I have a habit to each stop drinking cup.
One hundred kilometers accounting for two liters.
Come on.
You yourself is not out of the village?
No, I just went to the village to my grandmother when I was little,
but almost do not remember anything.
Give us a bottle and two glasses.
I will not drink.
Do not worry, I'll drink for two.
Here is our cure.
Drink wine each with us, Father.
Your Health.
Still can not Make your peace with God?
To believe in God Father, we must believe in people.
And when you talk about human charity, I am ashamed to listen.
My dog is better.
Why are you all the time talking about the world,
when we are prepared to Christmas big bomb
to blow us all, including those well-meaning citizens,
that go to mass.
In the last war killed thirty-five million,
and in the future polyazhet hundred.
What sort of white dove from Noah's Ark?
Comes black crows.
You are not too optimistic, my son.
First of all, I am not your son, my father.
And secondly, the optimist, this is man, devoid of imagination,
and I have it enough especially when I'm drunk.
Alcohol - the source of many metaphysical unrest
so said Daniel Robs.
A few more shots, and you you see, believe in God.
I, as I believe, I can not stop.
Prior to the meeting.
How pleasant it was listen to your conversation.
I do not understand this, but I think you're right.
Who of us, he or I?
I can not say.
I do not know how to explain to you but I think both of you.
You, apparently, from Normandy.
What is it?
This is a "Hispano-Suiza" in 1930.
- What? - Royal machine.
It is on the move?
Starts off with the third speed without preheating.
- A long time you have it? - I left her father.
In it, I at least can to get into the cylinder, without bending.
- You wear a hat? - No. But I could.
Not that these your current vehicles, which get in
on all fours and come out all crumpled.
Why do not you came to her in the city?
I would not be allowed to put her on paid parking.
Even in Nantes.
My darlings...
Slowly, slowly.
Behave modestly.
Well, let's, take it easy.
This is my girlfriend.
- Hey, what was the name your dog? - Sheila.
What a name?
'll Call her Sophie. Come on.
I'm sorry, I do not understand it's me.
So do I. But you already for all paid.
Come, come.
Look, but mine still does not sleep.
Imagine, when I back in such a way
My wife always waits for me.
Waiting for twenty years.
Listen, mother, I'm hungry.
Everything is ready.
Come in, ma'am.
But what a madam? This is a whore.
This slut from the waterfront de la Fosse, damn it.
I better go.
You see, you scared her.
Do not worry, my pretty.
It is only in such form sullen, and generally not malicious.
Here, eat.
Here's your plate.
Would you like butter?
Oh, you're my dears. Now, now, now.
On. On, keep it, son.
Hold it, Dad.
It seems that your dog is not bad.
Hold, Senior.
Hold it, Dad. Here you go.
Simon came back?
The key here. Maybe she locked the door.
It must be still there, with Brisakom.
- Where are you going? - Back.
No. He thinks that I kicked you.
- I myself want to go. - He did not believe it.
I do not want to because of you have caused me problems.
He always here someone drags: dogs, vagrants, drunks.
Wait until he returns.
Otherwise you will not have to come.
Here it is.
I caught two villains that destroy my rabbits.
Scored the hare, only that gave birth to pups.
- And what you do with it? - Gave it to the first number.
- As a notary? - No, I was just a stick.
Thank God. Notary He shot the salt.
I had to answer in court.
I wanted to say you goodbye, and...
Thank you for everything.
- That you kicked her? - No, she wants to leave.
Go you want?
Maybe pobudesh two or three days?
Breathe air rested on its waterfront?
And Marcel?
Yes, you spit on this rascal.
Well, how?
You do not mind. .
that she is with us pobyla?
- What do you think? - What can I say?
What else is there?
If this client, accept it well.
First of all, I am no longer practicing.
Second, the dog - not my specialty.
I've been doing, and cows horses. Go to Paris.
There are special clinics, nurses in the cap.
But I have come a long way. Me sent to you Monsieur Oliver.
- I do not know that. - The banker from Geneva.
When he was on vacation in La Bal, mad his German shepherd.
All advised to shoot it, and you were able to cure.
Yes, the name of the owner forgot but I remember the dog, Socrates.
Remarkable animal.
And what about your dachshund? Too crazy?
No, she had eczema for over a year.
I do not know what to do.
- It's not eczema, and mycosis. - In the nervous system?
At first, yes.
Then she combed, introduced into the wound infection
and immediately went to the fungus.
- What is it? - That's it.
The Swiss, like your banker.
And everything goes?
At this point, of course, but may appear elsewhere.
Dogs, like humans.
Your dissatisfied life and its hardships
identified in this here form.
In dogs, it is allergy, as well as in humans.
Take the Clemenceau.
He had a rash on hands, but when it healed,
She appeared on the legs. Disease - is a consequence.
It is important to find the cause.
What kind of life you lead?
I live in Paris and in Switzerland, and in summer on the Cote d'Azur.
- Frequently changing lovers? - Excuse me.
You know what, my dear, I will tell your dog loves you.
Dogs have no choice, they to love their masters.
Probably you're promiscuous life, and your dog is suffering.
It is a female, just like you.
And since she has no male your lovers, her annoying.
- Are you serious? - How the Pope.
That, my dear, all that I can do for you.
You want me to has changed the way?
I did not from you I want to. I'm just explaining.
Look at this dog.
She was wearing a bow, which she is shy
and its owner was walking along the pavement.
Now, the hostess is free, and the dog unvarnished Sports in nature.
Look at the dog.
- How much do I? - Two hundred francs.
- New? - New.
My dogs also love fresh meat.
No, take a thousand, and buy their eggs.
Thank you from my dogs.
- It's yours? - Yes, I breed horses.
Royal horse.
- You ride a horse? - I love.
- I rarely change my horses. - Bravo.
- Au revoir, monsieur. - My compliments, madam.
- The breakfast will be peas? - Yes, you do love me.
Roger, what's new?
What's new?
The boy, whom you blew, my cousins.
Strange, but you have relatives.
And what did they do?
Engaged in poaching.
In the Middle Ages, for it was executed.
Now is not the Middle Ages, and the fifth republic.
You could cripple them.
So what?
Lucky you. Other be declared to the police.
About what? The fact that they poach?
You are not only touched, you are cruel.
Because of a hare?
This rabbit did not do anyone harm.
You need to go to a psychiatrist.
To me, like you, began to make meanness?
Do not wait.
Are you crazy more than I thought.
Do you know how to think?
You will end up in life alone Brisak.
All end with her alone.
It was not worth so myself trouble. Awkward for me.
You have not come to breakfast.
Well. Joseph, I you leave the breakfast,
and you do not have to go home.
It calls us Marie. It is evident that something had happened.
Come on.
This is Marseille.
- Are you scared? - Yes, I do not want to go there.
You're determined not to return?
Then you must talk to him myself.
Do not worry, I'm here, close by.
But if I tell him, he would kill me.
I doubt it. Come on.
Why did you come here, you scoundrel?
For their women.
- What woman? - For Simone.
Celebrities, of course, pleased but time and work.
- Drink a drink? - I'm in a hurry.
In my house, when offer, do not give up.
- Come on. - Just fast.
- Your health, Brisak. - Yours.
- Come take my things. - She has nothing to collect.
Come on...
I notice you or force.
What are you silent?
I will stay here.
- You can find out for long? - Forever.
Okay. But we need to pay for it.
I buy only cows and horses.
Everyone does his own thing. I did not steal your cattle.
Fancied himself Holy Bernard.
You'd have a keg rum on his neck.
And you would kick in ass, and you shall have it.
You're in my house. There is no yelling.
Take it easy.
To me one hundred and seventy pounds in summer and winter.
I, unlike you have friends.
I said to him forever. .
... And you will stay for as you want.
Marie, you're a big salt of its charge?
No shot.
You're making progress.
- You're not going to town? - No.
After all, today Tuesday.
I'll go next week.
Okay, go to sleep.
You have brought the dogs?
No, they are here and well.
What is it?
Perhaps, again This was a pimp.
The lamp is not lit.
Give it a girl or set fire to your barn.
I will go there.
Stay here and do not get on my nerves.
Here are bastards, cut the wire.
Hurry, Brisak you one not be able to call for help.
Five minutes later, we set fire to your house.
Do not.
Who stirs, sorry. Baby will be here.
To me, dogs!
Enough, Gero.
Give it here.
Look at the trophy. Piece pants Marseille.
So let him, when go behind your stuff.
Marie, let them Sakharkov, my good, they do not hurt.
And we probably have a drink on a drink, we deserve it.
Look, come.
Give white.
- A drink of something? - Same as you.
- Where is your room? - On the second floor.
Go on, I'll wait here.
And you can not rush.
We'll talk with you.
You old sinner, . .
from the soul the gate from the your swollen muzzle.
In his veins flows in you instead of blood alcohol.
You say something and forgotten.
Shut up.
Swearing - it's not art available to such idiots,
like you.
And the fact that you half-wit, otherwise it could not be.
Himself doing the last of the crafts,
your mother was a splendid example of
the last stage of syphilis that to his father, whom you did not know
He ended his days in prison.
So what's your pedigree...
Take away.
The blood will too much to pay.
But go to this drunk...
Only without these tricks.
All clear?
Sit. Sit down, do not pull.
Yes, you are not yell, it's just iodine.
So burn.
A veterinarian has the right to treat people.
You're really a man?
Call the doctor. Doctor call the police.
Brisak, stop. I can not.
- It's for him. - I do not care.
The syringe is ready?
- No, I could not bear the injection. - Do not perenesesh?
Brisak, I feel bad.
Did not have to play the fool.
No, I do not want.
Stand up a minute, and had lowered his pants.
Are you crazy? Such a needle?
Though I own sake pleasure.
Come on, deflate pants and sit astride a chair.
Come on, fool.
So what?
Will live, unfortunately.
You collected things?
All right. You'll go a bus.
I still have things in the city.
Believe me, he did not drink.
Just a little white. .
when we arrived.
You will see how handsome he returns.
This is a heavy cross for many families.
No, now it will not.
I see you believe in yourself.
Recently, he drinks?
When you first met, he was already like that?
Not at all.
This was before the war.
I came to Nantes settled in the monastery
and began to give lessons in German.
And she taught French.
Parents of some students invited me to Sunday
but most of the cost the to me it is very cold.
Some do not even greeted.
It must have been on this Leander and I noticed it.
He could not stand injustice.
I was in position of the persecuted, . .
and he gave me his hand.
Seeing me in the evening to the convent. .
it after every ten steps kiss me in front of everyone.
In those days it was not accepted.
The nuns sent me the first train home.
And the next came Leander.
Come to ask my hand from his father.
I served them as an interpreter.
More fun and touching scene I have not seen.
They immediately friend Friend liked.
I think that played a Rhine wine here an important role.
Leave me alone, madame, I am.
Madam, what to do with my mare?
She probably throw in the evening.
The last time it went not the best way.
What do you think, Monsieur Leander agree to come?
- I hope. - It is very important.
I know.
And that, he can refuse?
Last time they called not him, and he was furious.
That's it.
Damn! Here are idiots, so you...
I deliberately framed!
Marie, bring the caulk! There was broken glass!
Marie, do you hear?
That's rubbish, not down.
Marie, then I'll go fuck this slut.
Why not?
Now its wake.
Simon, discover!
Open up, damn it!
Do not order from a virgin!
You took from me twenty thousand francs, or not?
They are there together, these whores!
I warn you, it will be worse! Fuck you both!
Marie, let me go to bed!
You have no right I do not start!
Twenty-five years you do not I was able to have a baby
hell no!
You have no stomach, and cemetery. Do you hear me, old woman?
Open up, damn it!
You're disgusting.
Come on,
go, Dad.
Come on.
- Monsieur Leander. - Yes?
My mare foals.
Go ahead, and I I will take everything we need.
Tell her not to worry, I'll arrive.
Go on.
Look at him.
His grandfather drove the deceased, father was deceiving.
Who will it be?
It is not known. Perhaps the butcher?
Yesterday you were disgusting.
You blamed Marie for that she had no children.
Against insults women not pregnant.
Do you think this is for me?
I do not know, but still better taken up by itself.
Hey, Maurice.
Hello, Leander.
Welcome, Monsieur Brisak.
Hello, old chap. Good weather for this time on.
Yes, but in the windy.
Why here?
Partly out of friendship, part of the case.
Let's drink a drink, eh?
At the service does not drink, but unless White sip out of politeness.
Leandro, you have not so many friends.
I know you a twenty,
but the police have your art not delighted.
So what?
Received a letter from your neighbor.
You're sheltered in their own prostitute from Nantes.
Here the devil is going on.
- Who wrote it? - I can not say.
All clear. This is an old scoundrel Buato.
Do not worry, I heal the from his cirrhosis.
First, it is not him.
And then, when the chief read the letter...
I know your boss.
He called the prefecture Nantes, and there is confirmed
Simon Lebushe that the last time on examination did not appear.
The girl that I've seen in yard accidentally Simon Lebushe?
Yes, Maurice, this is it.
Not enough for you all vagrants and beggars,
so now vozish to his prostitutes.
- Settle down. - It's my business.
To your health.
Want a cigarette?
Remember that your record insulting a police officer
injury, hunters, and public drunkenness.
And if this person here will of his profession,
you be accused of pandering.
Boss does not like you, and the law on his side.
And if I face your boss nabyu?
Not worth it.
I then have to put on handcuffs you, but do not want to.
Your boss or me drops are not interested.
But the little girl... Something to her face?
In general, yes.
Then we have to think about. What do you advise me?
I think you should look in the prefecture.
But you say that Prefecture, look at me askance.
You know what? I'll go ka- I'm in Paris, to Britaru.
By Britaru? Go to minister?
Exactly. He's in debt.
I copied all the translations from Latin.
Do you know what translated from the Latin?
No, but guess.
Tomorrow I'm calling prefect, be calm.
Do not trust your will be no problem.
Thank you from it.
Wow, we met to instruct the girl on the right path.
In your case it fair compensation.
Yes, we'll walk.
And now my affair I shocked employees.
My goodness grows with waist circumference.
A woman I see now only suffragette.
- What do you say? - Nothing.
- At the height of morality? - Alas.
I am an alcoholic, and the farther the more anarchist.
Usually, it goes with age.
What should I do?
Although physically I passed, I mind terribly young.
Why horrible?
This tub is time to calm down, and I still do not.
On the government you think not too good?
I came to ask you for a favor.
I do not blame you a reason.
Do not worry. Generals I have taught everything.
Go on.
And that spread? You all know that.
Current France some Esperanto.
Cars from Germany, the maid from Spain, the Minister of Malta.
Brittany is such which was under Carolingians.
Lack of roads, machines but in excess.
Believe me.
If the thousandth year Everything was covered with plague,
in the two thousandth all will sink in deep shit.
- Do not be shy. - You've asked myself.
You all are the same.
You, forty million Frenchmen live in a very beautiful country
in the world, using all of the rights.
Dear France, as You just do not blaspheme.
Yes, there will be, sold.
Okay, I just in fact telling the truth.
You like more Fourth Republic?
The third, fourth, fifth.
Maybe, in Caesar's time to manage their peers was not difficult,
but nowadays I do not believe it.
I began to doubt all government bodies.
Or do you like your portfolio?
I continue to believe that you can always improve something.
Even if you have preaching in the desert
and the neck dive into the shit.
Bothers me is not shit, and the desert.
Where will you dine?
If you're busy - in train, if free -
to continue the discussion in a restaurant.
Great idea. A thousand years have not been there.
I see you're a real minister.
This minister who has real power.
Yes, the red light is not for you.
In fact, your power is real.
You're right, you're a real minister.
- Is it you, Mary? - Yes.
Good evening. Baby not sleeping?
No, she's here.
Near to you?
Let him take up.
I dined with Britarom.
He will call tomorrow prefect, . .
and let the police chief kiss me backside.
- So, all settled? - Resolved.
So both are sleeping peacefully.
I will come to Nantes tomorrow at six in the evening.
Listen, priodensya and Meet me at the station.
Who? Simon?
- No, you. - I?
Yes, you.
I invite you dine in the restaurant.
So, until tomorrow. And say baby, that we'll be back later.
All right.
I do not understand what happened to him.
Maybe too much to drink?
But now, in my opinion, he's happy.
Are you excited?
It is not ten years invited me to a restaurant.
See, everything will be just fine.
Remember how he was the voice?
Marriage is not such a simple thing.
But if the two love each other?
Do you think this solves the problem?
On the contrary, creates them.
If I have someone to fall in love, I no more would be needed.
So just think.
To live in peace with a man to make him happy,
can, and do not love him.
Why do you say?
Because I love Leander.
I do not understand.
I mean only after living...
... Having lived together.
The Thirty Years War.
But the war has its own charm.
How beautiful you are.
You are not afraid to be alone?
And that can happen? And then, with me dog.
Come on, Gero.
- You do not eat? - I do not want.
You do not drink?
Imagine, no matter how Strangely enough, I feel like.
- But I have a drink. - Drink, drink.
In my opinion, I, as you call it, slightly fell right Líška.
Today, I climbed to freedom. .
... Got out of the house, out of its shell.
I revel in life.
I love it when you say so.
I did ten years say anything.
But, my dear, I too immersed in silence.
Addiction to alcohol do not immediately becomes a disease.
First, just have a bottle another to stifle melancholy.
I always wanted you ask, why did you start drinking?
I do not know.
Perhaps out of boredom, although her and had no particular reason.
Then, should be, because, that our lives are so monotonous...
... We have no children.
However, all this extenuating circumstances.
And the main reason, it is evident that, I'm probably crazy.
And you sometimes despair covers?
And I never.
No, I too often I feel that all is not. .
... And yet, I've never lost hope, never.
When you moved away from me, I tried to get closer to you.
I've always been close, though you do not notice. .
not turned in my direction.
We can get a divorce, . .
... If you want.
Why would a sudden?
If you want, we divorced.
You marry Simon, and You will be a little Brisak.
In my years of something?
I may be crazy, but not so much.
I never do not you said, and now tell you.
I will never give up, because you are dear to me, . .
... And in my heart I love you.
And then, little Brisak not from you, it's not Brisak.
- Let me kiss you. - On, kiss.
Anybody there?
Anybody home?
Is there anyone home?
Monsieur, I live in Brisaka. They went to Nantes, I was left alone.
A horse broke down and rushing around like crazy.
Come in, I am now.
Stand back away.
Quietly. Quietly.
Calm down now!
Come here.
Go and close the gate.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
When they get tired, you can will drive them back.
Come on, you need to dry.
That's it.
I do not know how you and thank you.
There is only one way.
Three times.
- What are you gay. - Is this bad?
Coffee is ready.
- Lunch! - Ida.
Is that better?
Oh well.
Good afternoon. The loss is not great?
It's okay. Thanks for your help.
Not at all.
Good morning, mademoiselle.
You drink coffee?
Thank you, waiting for me in the city. Prior to the meeting.
Nice guy. How do you think?
Could not leave.
What you hide?
I do not want to know Brisak.
- Why? - I do not want.
I want you in something to confess. You really like me.
And I tell you?
I do not know.
And yesterday, I liked you?
Yesterday there was a thunderstorm, I scared. That's all that happened.
I have not been with a man.
You have someone there?
No, no.
- A used to be? - It was not.
But I...
... Not the first one is your love?
First. I used to have were the only customers.
- Wrong. - True.
I worked on promenade de la Fosse.
I was told, but I do not believe it.
You're different.
All women are the same, when they are happy.
- Are you happy? - Yes.
- And you? - I.
But before you do?
Previously, I was servant, and then...
It pulled out Brisak you?
Yes, he picked up I like their dogs.
- And you who he was? - I?
I also worked odd. He fought...
Seven years in Indochina.
But one day, being together with a priest and a Negro
naked in a hut under view vetnamok,
I suddenly thought, what hell I'm doing here.
My Brisakom was a guy compelled me to run with him.
And here I am.
In general, you're a hero?
No, I am a farmer. It's too easy.
Where were you? I'm looking for you everywhere.
- One? - Yes.
Leander, you want it arrange a scene of jealousy?
You just now learned that I tyrant?
Dogs on the walk.
Here you are. I am sure that she went to Roger.
So what?
So why is she not saying?
They're not doing anything wrong.
I do not speak, just I do not want him to hurt her.
Keep them going?
I am not going, but I will protect her.
- What if... - What?
And if they're kissing?
Well I'm an idiot, do you think? I will not pry.
Well, okay.
What is it? In my opinion, the door creaked.
- You imagined. - No, not imagined.
Of course, this is it.
The dogs do not bark. They foul, on her side.
Why so torment yourself?
Why, why.
Would have serious Roger intentions, he would come to me.
Who could you imagine as a noble father?
I have a right to know whether I contribute to clean or dirty tricks love?
Got it. In the meantime, would you lay down to sleep.
I do not understand why you do not want I went to for you to Brisaku.
Why hide it to us, that between us there?
Understand. .
now all is well, and I'm happy.
Intervene other end of everything.
And then, I'm afraid Brisaka.
- Afraid of what? - What did he shoot at you.
Or he will suffer.
- It is better to let them suffer. - No, I do not want.
Oh, you're like.
I want you speak, mademoiselle.
- I was his sister. - Well.
- What do well here? - Nothing.
You are good, you know and you know how to use it.
My brother - a man and a Moreover, weak-willed, . .
and you cleaned his hands on it.
You have done their job, seeing that he is rich.
And I will do my - will perform his sister debt.
Your tricks I understand, I'm also a woman.
So do not bother tales themselves.
Anyway, the what you're looking for here,
you do not get - nor his name, no money, nothing.
I do not understand what you are, Mme. To lay their hands?
We have not decided use such expressions.
I'm looking for something that he can not you to give, because you're his sister.
As you can see, I do You do not steal.
And what I have with your brother you might have guessed.
Love with a capital letter?
I'm not strong in spelling.
Goodbye, madam.
Breathe the air?
I need to talk to you.
Very handy, I good mood.
So I decided to get married.
A little whiskey and I'll ready to listen to your complaint.
Listen carefully.
I want to talk about you.
I used to listen to...
business affairs of your husband.
It is interesting than my personal life.
Your personal life is your business.
A very sound idea.
But I am your sister.
Thank you, Fran, for care, but I know in advance
what are you going to say.
I will not cast out, because I'm in a good mood. .
and because you're my sister.
Okay, listen to you.
Just do not do this form. We went to the house.
There's warmer.
Dollar falls, pound flies to hell.
White does not like blacks negros can not stand white
young people not happy with the blacks.
You do not care?
I'm sorry I was late.
My sister said to you?
And me too.
Now, talk to your husband, my uncle, with the neighbors.
Talked to and with the Pope Roman, whether she knew him.
Not for nothing I was afraid.
It is required that I broke up with you.
We no longer see each other?
It was not a conversation, but an ultimatum.
"Choose, Roger, she or me. "
Then I said to she collected things.
He said that we're would live long
no one asking.
But she demanded to choose. .
... And I thought.
And the more he thought, the more understand that I can not live without you.
You marry me?
Well, yes, but who else?
I do not want to I was accused of...
I have a fairly money for both of us.
I'm not about that.
Then, you will be disgusted at thinking about what I was doing.
What are you, it's not prevent me from loving you.
Simon. .
... I love you.
And, the truth as it is nice to hear.
I did not say no.
Are you crying?
No, I laugh.
I do not know, I'm not sure, but I think I'm happy.
You know why I'm happy?
I have a baby, and will have a father.
His father loves me.
I did not believe that this is possible.
Why did not you tell me sooner?
I did not want to disturb you.
I want you to be happy.
Do you think that you do not know how to love?
... Tomorrow I enter the spirit and talk with Brisakom.
Say nothing to him.
Tomorrow I'll wear a shirt and tie and go to Monsieur Brisaku
ask for your hand.
You're wrong.
Simon is extremely honest girl.
It so much freshness and nobility.
I'm sure it's not.
Besides, as far as I'm concerned, she gave herself to him in the very first meeting.
So what?
Maybe it's love at first sight?
Hardly, my dear, you taught this in a convent.
That is all I can say.
Now I can tell.
Firstly, there is nothing shouting at each corner,
what kind of slut robbing your brother.
If he would marry her, I'll give her a dowry
hundred hectares of vineyards and home of Louis H.
Secondly, you go to hell.
Third, the door behind you.
Main, Mary, Simone did not tell me.
Let them she will tell me everything.
He does not want to. Seen Would you, how he looked.
Do not worry, he already Twenty years of this form.
- With me - no. - Are you, like everyone.
That he loves you, in five minutes with you is not talking.
He's a great guy, but absolutely crazy.
Someone like you, I do not find it.
That is true.
I mean, I do not want to someone ruined my life
even Brisak.
So avails.
Do not laugh. I'm not laughing.
Okay, okay.
I can not lose you, but it does not want to lose.
Man, that you liked it, he has created.
He bit my father. Do you understand?
And once I have a father...
Brisak as a test, cute gift for the engagement.
For the girl with the waterfront de la Fosse's not so bad.
Well enough of that.
On the promenade de la Fosse finished once and for all.
And for your neighbors only the beginning.
Today you do not care, and What do you say after a year.
You'll be the mother of my child.
And if only someone piknet.
You're a fighter?
No. Why? You like bullies?
I can not stand. Bullies and Philanderers - not men.
- I'm a man? - Yes.
Why do you think so?
All men, from which I heard the confession,
lacked the courage to go his love to the end.
Have you had enough.
It's so easy.
No. You fell out with the whole relatives, and you will be hard.
I know.
Marriage - is it two.
No need to involve fifty people here.
Tomorrow morning I put on my shirt and tie, and go talk to the old man.
And point.
And if he refuses?
I will send him to hell, as sent many of their fathers.
Only polyubeznee.
I promise. In the evening work-out.
Still can laugh, I neither alive nor dead.
When he finds out that I waiting for the child, that is.
He behaves like all fathers.
First razoretsya and a year will be delighted.
All the pour, but I get around.
Will drunken pohlesche me.
You have a good liver Brisak, but it can not survive.
Holy cirrhosis, pray for us in the hour of our death.
The death of alcoholics are not so good.
I think they're afraid of it yet more than all the rest.
You do not understand alcohol.
You think you go mad because they drink.
And actually drink from that crazy.
Let's have another one.
You know what, Maurice, Thick - wit.
"Sunday" - this is for idiots.
As a critic, you will go far.
"Sunday" - it is about Lazarus raised from the dead?
Rather, about Mary Magdalene.
I am not the Christ.
It's about how one quite small sbrendil
and attached to a prostitute.
It's about you.
It happens all the time.
Place full of green pastures customers want to save a whore.
Her soul, as you say.
What do you call, Brisak, your rebellion against the stupidity and violence,
devouring thirst in you perfect if you have no soul.
What kind of body you have pain?
Womb, the cure.
I was again left holding the bag.
I discovered this little girl is not only the door of his house,
but his heart.
My dogs she confided, but I - like hell.
My eighteen-year- my daughter is already a month in love,
a word to me.
Maybe your daughter is the same.
- What's daughter? - Your Mary Magdalene.
Your slut. Maybe she is silent, because I do not want to upset you.
Maybe she even loves you.
A strange proof of love.
And do not such things happen.
All the bad things you say about it, I would not otherwise perceive.
It is not seen nothing.
These are your eyes can not see.
I somehow just see it all. This is your god is blind.
Why do you say to be seen.
I? Do not lie.
You always blame others or wine. You are sinless?
Wine, of course.
Yes, you are immovable, like Atlanta.
I, at least, a I know. While others...
Idiots, to put your tongue.
I mean, a wimp?
And then there! Look what a reached because of this Simone.
Who are her friends, as food - biscuits, sardines.
And now she's with this drunkard.
She has repaired honest woman.
She was from the very beginning It was impossible to trust.
Do you remember what it was, When I first brought her here?
Young girl.
And by whom I was able to her six months to do?
Whore. If it nature that was not mortgaged,
one would not have gone astray.
Nice talking.
As an MP, with whom I was in the thirty-sixth.
Whores are not made for marriage.
All women are divided on whores and mothers.
There is that neither one nor the other.
Women doctors. .
This is an exception.
Typically, this your brain is lacking.
You just have not seen these.
Well, nothing good is.
Not that women should considered a success.
Success, in your opinion, is when she was in my years of pay,
to lie with her in bed?
You again all mixed in one pile.
My ideas, your life, my life, sex.
I know what you have acumen, and I know
that you were the mistress of the minister.
Let them! Still in Overall, you women-dury.
It remains to be proven.
Listen, . .
... I'm good looking?
I can not lie.
I'm an idiot, it is known all, and that coward. .
plus I'm terribly appeal to girls.
Rather, you too uncouth.
Therefore, they are from me washed away in the village?
Are you really an idiot.
No, it's you, all women, idiots.
As soon as you can sleep with you?
You do not deserve.
You should have been born fag.
Disgusting, just disgusting.
- Who's there? - An old woman.
Began again.
Why, then, played comedy in a restaurant?
I will never give up... In my heart I love you...
Silence would be really, Leander.
Silence would be if he knew that again will accept the old.
So, every time a something you do not like
once you're in com a razocharueshsya,
I will suffer?
Bed and think about where in what ditch you die,
while you're here with snoring their dogs and cows.
So why do not the pigs?
I am ten years this endure. Fed up.
Hear that?
Blaming others - in this you much. I you have an old woman.
Have you looked in the mirror?
You old drunkard, pathetic wreck.
Who are you here just do not lugging?
Such as psychotics, as you yourself - vagrants, drunkards, and now a whore.
And I was silent, trying to understand you.
Even without knowing whether you want you make her his wife
or just his girl.
And now because of the fact that girl behaves with you
not as the Queen of England, you will drink a whole year
and not talk to me?
That's what I tell you, Leander.
You are not only abnormal, you put your tongue. .
... Wit.
A real wit.
You wanted small Brisakov.
If this would be the same boring, even better, my stomach
as you say, remains a cemetery.
All right. But why do you want to marry her?
I love her, I think.
It seems or just?
You have to be sure. In two respects,
even if everything goes well, it's not so easy
and if you do not go well, then all hell.
This is something new. What do you mean?
Love, it's not fun to you. However, the marriage even more so.
Marriage is a solid tricks. Although, ultimately,
it is still the best way to live together.
As a long time. I'm afraid.
Well, my dear Simon, you need to get used to.
Such is family life.
In addition, old I think you're too young.
Look, Forty countries in all corners of the earth,
Is that enough?
You've seen a lot on his century, but did you know women?
I was twenty-five white, six yellow and two Negroes.
You can lead a dissolute life, and women do not know.
What are you getting, Brisak?
In addition, if you can make her happy,
... I'll give it to you.
And if not...
In addition, she was pregnant by me.
She is expecting a baby.
Do you think it does! Was thinking!
Is this true?
- Is it true? - What?
What are you pregnant?
You are guilty, I did not say.
Since you can not talk!
You can insult me, can drive, I do not care.
Marie, Marie, we will have a baby!
My God, I will baby!
Dogs, we will have a baby!
We will have a baby!
Dad, we will have a baby!
All the champagne. My treat.
On what occasion, Brisak?
And on this, bonehead, I will have a baby.
- Do you? - Simone.
In general, you become a father.
No, old chap, I'll not a father, I will be a grandfather.
So, are you satisfied?
You, idiot, do not understand. You look at life differently.
And what you call it?
Leander, like me. He could all that I could not.
And if it's a girl?
If a girl is Marie.
As my mother?
Nothing like that. As my wife.
And if the twins?
Well, then I posting flags, fanfare,
I do not pay taxes and go to church.
- What's inside? - There?
Wool slippers Bibs, toys, diapers,
vests, hats, bathing accessories, ringlet
and all the rest.
This saucepan for a baby?
No, silly, this sterilizer for children's horn.
- You forgot a stroller. - Do not forget.
This is not a stroller, and Rolls Royce. It is on the roof of my car.
And there is a pot for my baby.
So, do not forget?
How could I forget it, stupid? I bought the whole store.
Now champagne!
Drink up, girls!