Paris, France - Video tour of Le Marais Neighborhood (Part 2)

Uploaded by NewYorkHabitat on 10.04.2012

I'm David Hill with New York Habitat.
Today we are going to check out
one of the coolest neighborhoods in Paris - the Marais.
With its refined 16th century mansions,
Jewish delicatessens, peaceful gardens,
trendy boutiques,
the Marais truly has something for everyone!
This is the second of our two-part series
on the fantastic neighborhood of the Marais in Paris.
If you haven't yet watched the first part,
you can find it on our YouTube channel.
The Marais used to be an important centre for Jewish Paris
and is still today to a certain degree.
Take a stroll down rue des Rosiers.
While many of the traditional shops
have been taken over by designer boutiques,
there are still some shops selling Jewish specialties.
You can pick up some tasty pastries
at the various Jewish bakeries
or grab a falafel at the famous l'As du Falafel,
home to the best falafels in the world!
Further down the street is Chez Marianne,
a better option for a sit-down meal.
Here is you can make your own tasting menu
of Eastern Mediterranean delicacies such as hummus,
grilled eggplant and vine-leaf dolmas,
the kitsch art adds to its charm.
The fact that the Marais has become a trendy area
with cool boutiques does have something to do
with the rise in its gay population.
Today, the gay community is mostly concentrated
in and around rue de Temple and rue des Archives.
At night, you'll have trouble finding space
at two of its most popular bars -
the Open Café at 17 rue des Archives
and the Raidd Bar at 23 rue de Temple.
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If it's shopping you're after this is the place to be -
from antiques to vintage dresses
to the coolest designer shoes,
you can find it all in the Marais.
You won't find many big chain shops here
but rather the latest cool designers.
Check out the streets around the Upper Marais
to see what's really going on.
A few years ago, vintage came back in style in Paris,
and it's not surprising that the stylist Marais
became the hot spot for the city's best vintage -
or in French - Frip.
Here are a few to get you started:
King of Frip at 33 Rue du Roi de Sicile,
Frip'irium at 2 rue de la Verrerie
and Freep'Star at 8 Rue Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie.
Heading down the rue de Rivoli,
you'll come to the "Bazar de l'Hôtel de Ville",
or "BHV" as the Parisians call it.
This massive shopping center sells just about everything.
If you are staying in an apartment in the Marais
you can pick up some delicious French specialties.
On rue Rambuteau, near the Pompidou Center
you'll find fruit and vegetable vendors,
wine cellars and great bakeries.
As you explore all the small streets,
you'll eventually come to rue du Trésor.
This is a charming passageway lined with cafés
and small boutiques.
The Marais has a great array of dining options,
from the take away falafel sandwiches mentioned above
to great bistros.
One of my favorites is the Café des Philosophes,
great for either people watching during the afternoon
or settling down for a delicious meal in the evening.
The Marais is also bustling in the evenings.
The lower half of rue du Vielle de Temple
has several lively cafes and bars
including Le Pick-Clops at number 16 -
a great place for an apero with their free popcorn.
You can also check out the Café du Tresor
on rue du Trésor for a modern and cool ambience.
Finally, have a drink at the The Lizard Lounge
at18 rue du Bourg Tibourg.
Head down into the basement
to hang with a fun international crowd.
Well my friends,
I hope you've enjoyed our little tour of the Marais.
And of course,
there are a lot more things to do and see in this area.
If I've forgotten any of your favorite Marais Secrets,
make sure you leave a comment
in the comment section below.
Be sure to check out Part 1
of our two-part series on the Marais.
You can find it on our YouTube channel.
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Visit our website at
You're just a few clicks away
from living like a real Parisian.
I'm David Hill with New York Habitat.
Once a muggy swampland,
and today a Parisian hotspot,
I hope to see you soon in the Marais!