Washington Nationals Joining Forces PSA (60 Second)

Uploaded by whitehouse on 07.07.2011

♪ (music playing) ♪
Drew Storen: Honor.
♪ (music playing) ♪
Jayson Werth: Service.
♪ (music playing) ♪
Danny Espinosa: Sacrifice.
♪ (music playing) ♪
First Lady Michelle Obama: Every single member of the military family serves,
whether they wear our country's uniform or not.
And that's why Dr. Jill Biden and I launched "Joining Forces,"
a nationwide initiative to recognize, honor and support
our military families.
Drew Storen: We want to salute all men and women in uniform for
the sacrifices they make.
Ryan Zimmerman: But behind every one of our troops,
there's a family who is also serving and
sacrificing for our country.
Jayson Werth: That's why the Washington Nationals are proud to honor
our military and their families.
First Lady Michelle Obama: I know that with your devotion and support we can truly serve
these extraordinary families as well as they've served us.
Drew Storen: Thank you.
Ivan Rodriguez: Gracias.
Danny Espinosa: Thank you.
Jayson Werth: Thanks so much.
Ryan Zimmerman: Let's all join forces to show our thanks.
First Lady Michelle Obama: Visit JoiningForces.gov to see how you can help.