Recette gâteau de Noël : la fôret noire, par Hervé Cuisine (US subtitles)

Uploaded by hervecuisine on 17.04.2010

Hi everyone, Christmas time is almost here and I'd like to present
a great cake recipe I've been baking for years now
It's a Black Forest cake, I think the first time I baked one I was at 13 !
To make this recipe
you will need the following ingredients
6 large eggs + 150 g flour + 150 g sugar
40 g unsweatened cocao powder
75 ml milk
Cherries in syrup + Cinnamon powder
1 tbsp baking powder + 1 tbsp baking soda + 1 tbsp vanilla extract
Baking chocolate bar (to grate)
For the whipped cream : heavy whipping cream (2 cups or 500 ml) + vanilla extract + 1/2 cup sugar
Start placing the cream and the bowl in the freezer so it's very cold
Pre-heat oven at 350 °F or 180°C
Now let's whisk together eggs yolks and sugar until fluffy
add the vanilla extract and start whisking
use an electric whisk so it's faster and easier...
See how fluffy and white it gets after a couple minutes?
Now add in milk
Add in cocoa powder
and whisk again
add in flour, baking power & soda, and cinnamon
it starts smelling good in the kitchen :)
so I'm adding cinnamon
Next step : we're going to whisk eggs whites and add them to this batter
Here we go for the eggs whites : use them at room temperature
add a pinch of salt
start whisking slow and increase speed after 30 seconds
Now add these fluffy egg whites to the batter, slowly
it looks like chocolate mousse !
go slowly in order not to break air bubbles
Pour the batter in a cake pan
you could also use a square cake pan if you want to change the shape of your cake
Here we go, let's put our cake in the oven
so 350 °F or 180 °C
for about 35 minutes
For the vanilla whipped cream
Use a cold mixing bowl and cold heavy cream
start whisking the cream
Once it gets thicker, add in sugar and vanilla extract
continue whisking until your cream get thick and fluffy. Do not over whisk or you'd get butter ! :)
Next we'll cut the cake in 3 layers once it's cold
soak cake in cherry syrup
and add whipped cream in between each layer with some cherries
Now our cake is cold
slice it in 3 layers
advice : really wait until the cake is cold before slicing (you can even place it in the fridge to accelarate)
Now I'm going to use the syrup from the cherry can and pour some on each cake layer so it'll be really moist !
you could add in some alcohol if you'd like. We use Kirsh (cherry alcohol) in France
now spread a layer of whipped cream
now place some cherries on top
remove pits from cherries if any
Repeat the process with the second layer
Last... decorate the cake with remaining whipped cream
grate chocolate on top
add some cherries on top of the cake
you can prepare chocolate chips ahead and keep them in the fridge
Nice job, you're done with a lovely Black Forest cake
I highly recommand you prepare it the day before and place it in the fridge
it will be extremely moist and taste better !
I wish you all "Bon Appétit" and very happy holidays !