GLAM - I Like That mirrored Dance Tutorial

Uploaded by mirrorHD on 07.01.2013

It's GLAM. Leeet's Dance!
Glam finally came back with a new song!
The second single title is "I LIKE THAT"
We gathered here to talk about that choreography
Show us!
It is special because it sampled a great song from the 90s.
The song "Why do you" is famous for ttaemiri dance
We remade these famous dance into GLAM style
Should we show them? Unni?
The first choreography is ttaemiri dance
You do a moonwalk at the start
You clean yourself like this
You brush left and right like this, and chest too
Move like a snake
What? Easy right?
Let's do this with music
What? I Like That
This time we are going to show the tourist bus dance
Tourist bus dance?
We combined to dances, I think you can follow it easily
Who is going to introduce it this time? Who? Who..?
Leader, Park Ji Youn will!
This tourist bus dance is mixed with dougie dance
In the song there is a part where it says "I'm okay"
With that you make your hand in "ok" shape
You head goes right, left right left
You feet goes right left and do the steps
And let's do it together..
I'm okay. I like that, I like that Even alone I'm okay
Now, let's match it with the song
I'm okay. I like that, I like that Even alone I'm okay
We showed the point choreography of "I LIKE THAT"
I think it's easy to follow, right?
Please show GLAM's "I Like That" a lotta love in 2013
This has been GLAM, Thank you!