How to... apply professional false eyelashes

Uploaded by TheCooperativeGroup on 05.12.2011

Hi, I've been a make-up artist for 7 years and one thing I've found women struggle with
is applying false lashes so I've got a little kit here to show you how to do it. I've got
some I Love False Eyelashes, some glue that comes with the eyelashes, some eye liner and
a brush to apply it with.
Eyelashes can really give you that instant face lift as long as you choose the right
pair for you. The lashes I've chosen they're called Natural Light Super Full; the reason
I've chosen them is because they're great for a daytime but also can be carried through
to an evening. I can easily make a pair of lashes last two weeks just by looking after
them; not putting any mascara on them and for £5 to £6 from the Co-operative Pharmacy,
that's really good value.
Before you start you need to make sure that the lashes are the correct width for your
eyes so all you do is take one of the lashes, pop it on your eye and as you can see that's
fine. If it was too wide what would happen is it would drag your eye downwards and have
the opposite effect what we want the lashes to have. If this was the case, just take a
small pair of scissors and trim from the inside edge.
Okay, so now we're going to apply the lashes. So you just take your lash and apply a thin
layer of glue just along the rim. Repeat the same for the second lash like so. The glue
takes around 60 seconds to go tacky. Okay, so now the glue is tacky if you just tilt
your head back and looking into the mirror you need to make sure that your eyelid is
nice and flat. If you closed your eye and then popped it on, what you'd find when you
opened your eye is that the lash would pop back off.
Okay so we're going to put it in the middle first, then the outside corner, then the inside
and then we're just going to pinch the lash and your own lash together with your thumb
and forefinger like so. Now don't panic, the glue does dry clear. Also I would recommend
avoid using tweezers just because if you poked yourself in the eye with a pair of tweezers,
it would hurt far more than just your fingers.
The same again with the second lash, in from above, outer corner, inner corner and then
you just pinch together.
And now for the really professional finish, if you get some eyeliner Ð any eyeliner is
absolutely fine. I'm using a gel-based liner with a synthetic brush; the reason being I'm
using a synthetic brush is because you get a more precise line than if it was a natural
fibre brush. And then all I'm doing is I'm just drawing a little line on the inner corner
of my eye up to the lash.
So now if you compare the finished eye with the unfinished eye, you'll see that the black
liner has just filled in the gap giving a more professional, natural finish. And that's