10 Christina & Alice 28.12.2012 [Eng Subs]

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Say cheese!
Stevie! Do you want to do something today?
l've got a big day at the Ship. doll. It's my turkey night.
- lt's not even nine o'clock yet. - l know, but l've got loads to set up.
l want it to be a big hit.
l'll come with you and give you a hand, then.
You'll just get in the way.
l'm so bored.
That's not my problem.
Nicole, this is my job. It's not a game.
l need to focus, make sure l get it right.
Actually - there is something you can do.
See your laptop, make me a wee music list so l can stick it on tonight.
OK. What sort of music do you want to put on it?
Do l have to think of everything?
l don't know. Just something that'll... create an atmosphere.
l've had the worst Christmas ever.
l've never been so bored in my whole life.
And Stevie's doin' my head in.
Why, what's he done?
All he ever talks about is work.
And he speaks to me like l'm one of his staff.
Anyway, l was wondering if you fancied blowing some of your Christmas money in the sales.
Come on, it'll be fun.
l'm not in the mood.
What's up with you?
Yes. there is. Tell me.
l did a search of my name before.
Oh, my god.
There's worse.
This is all my fault.
lt was me that got Paul to take that stupid picture of us kissing.
l've asked him to take it down.
lt doesn't matter. There's pictures of me all over the internet now.
l don't know how much more of this l can take.
Why don't we e-mail all of the sites and tell them the pictures are fake and get them to take them down?
l've done that.
And what?
As soon as one lot are taken down another lot pop up somewhere.
lt's totally out of control.
lt's just Alice.
You not going to get it?
l'll get it later.
ls everything OK with you two?
D'you want a drink or something?
No, l'm good, thanks.
Christina, it's me. l'm going to call round on my way to work.
So, l'll see you soon.
So, what did she get you for Christmas?
l haven't seen her.
Did she go away or something? See her parents?
l don't know.
Have you not been texting or anything?
Do you not think she should have at least got in touch to make sure eveything was OK?
lt's Christmas.
People are busy. It's no big deal.
lf you say so.
Oh... hiya.
Eveything all right?
Not really, no.
What's the matter?
Christina's had another one of those photos sent to her.
Is she OK?
What do you think?
Well, can l come in?
Yeah, sorry.
l don't get it. Why would someone go to all this trouble to do something like this?
There's some sick people out there, you know.
l can't bear to look at it.
lt will be OK.
lt won't, though, will it?
Not until whoever's doing this stops.
Are you wanting a drink or something?
No, l'm all right, thanks. l need to get to work.
l... just came to say Merry Christmas.
Fancy meeting me for a coffee on my break?
Not sure.
lt'll get you out of here and might take your mind off things.
l doubt it.
You never know.
Go on. l'll even treat you to a stale mince pie.
Right. Well, l'll see you later.
Sonia, it's me.
Look... sorry to ring over Christmas, but l really need a favor...
Wonder who she's talking to.
Alice. She's on her mobile.
l dunno. Probably a friend.
So what are they like?
Her friends?
Are they all lesbians too?
l dunno.
Suppose it's hard to tell these days, isn't it?
l mean, l had no idea you were one!
So, go on, then. What are they like?
l honestly don't know.
l've never met any of them.
You kidding on?
That's a bit weird, is it not?
ls it?
l might not like them, but l know loads of Stevie's pals.
Yeah, but you've known him for ages.
Well, l haven't known Alice for that long, have l?
She must've at least mentioned some of them to you.
l don't think so.
All right.
So, what do you think?
To what?
To that?
l think it's a rust bucket.
Aye, but it's not just any old rust bucket though, is it?
Merry Christmas.
l came across it at the scrappy.
And l thought this is just the ticket for an up-and-coming mechanic like yourself.
I... l don't know what to say.
We can tinker with it in-between jobs.
And then, once it's done, you've got your own set of wheels.
Thanks, Bob!
Do you like it?
l love it.
Sorry l didn't manage to get you anything yet.
l've got you. That's present enough for me.
How was Christmas?
lt was OK.
What did you get up to?
Not much.
Did you go to your mum's?
Pretty boring, really.
Oh, sorry.
How come?
How come what?
How come it was boring?
Just was.
Nice being back down in Rochdale?
Must've been good to meet up with old friends too while you were there.
What did you get up to?
You know, the usual.
Just nipping to the loo. Should have gone before l left the garage. Be back in two secs.
What are you doing?
Who's Sonia?
Must be someone.
After all you seem to call her - or she calls you - nearly every day.
Who is she?
No-one important. Why are you going through my phone?
Because l want to know more about you.
But you give me nothing. It's like you don't want me to know.
What are you looking at me like that for?
This internet stuff... It only began after l started seeing you.
Are you joking? You think l've got something to do with it?
Of course it only started after we got together.
What's that supposed to mean?
It's someone trying to cause trouble between us.
Why would this someone do that?
Not everybody is OK with people like you and me.
Besides, why would l cyber-stalk the person l'm going out with?
Because... maybe you've had it planned all along.
You know l wouldn't do that.
That's just it, Alice.
l don't know anything about who or what you are.
Where are you going?
Don't leave things like this.
Tell me you believe me.
Every time l walk down the street,
all l can think is that everyone has seen it.
They must all be looking at me and thinking...
And l can't do anything to stop it.
Maybe Alice was right.
Whoever's behind this...
Maybe they're trying to split the two of you up.
Why would anybody be interested in doing that?
Who cares about me and Alice?
Loads of people.
Maybe it's someone from school.
It could be, couldn't it?
Do you think so?
l don't know.
lt's just that. l don't know anything any more.
lt was a big mistake accusing Alice.
You should have seen her face.
What was she like?
As if l'd just slapped her.
l shouldn't have said anything.
Do you want me to be honest?
lt had entered my head.
That it could be Alice?
Why didn't you say anything?
Cos l know you really like her.
l spoke to Will about it.
He says it's probably someone l know.
She was the first person that sprung into my head.
lt couldn't be her, could it?
Christina, l'm so sorry.
So what about this other girl, then?
What other girl?
The one that you found all those messages from on Alice's phone.
Yeah. Sonia.
What about her?
D'you think she was cheating on you?
l don't know.
Know what l think?
You had a lucky escape.
She wasn't good enough for my best friend, anyway.
Next time, let me help you choose your girlfriends.
lt's just my mum. You go in while l call her back.
D'you want a drink?
Eh, orange juice.
l don't think l'll be out too late. Not really in the mood.
See ya later.
It's OK.
Aren't you going to say hello?
Erm, hi...
So what's been the matter?
Why have you been ignoring me?
l need to go.
Hang on. You haven't answered my question.
What question?
Don't play games with me.
l don't like it when women do that to me.
l'm sorry, l don't know what you mean.
You haven't got back to me in almost a week.
l've left you lots of messages.
What messages?
l'm really disappointed, to be honest.
l thought we were getting on really well, Christina.
How do you know my name?
lt's on your profile, of course l know your name.
Those last pics you sent, they were really nice, by the way.
Really, really nice.
l haven't posted any pictures.
No need to be all coy.
You and me we've shared a lot over the past few weeks.
Let me go!
Don't look so scared.
Let me go!
Why are you being like this? l told you l wanted to...
He's the one who's been putting all the stuff on the internet.
- What? - Phone the police.
l haven't done anything.
What's going on?
l don't understand what l'm doing here.
ln case you've forgotten, l'm the victim here.
Oh, is that so, Mr. Naismith?
Yeah, it is.
That girl was out of control, she was wild.
The way l heard it, she was just defending her friend.
Well, you heard wrong. Christina didn't need defending.
You sure about that?
What sort of person do you think l am?
One who makes a habit of chatting to schoolgirls online.
lt's not a crime to talk to people on the internet.
You and Christina. How long had you been chatting online?
l don't know, couple of weeks.
How often?
A lot.
l'm going to need you to be more specific than that.
Most nights. We got on really well.
Actually, you didn't.
You've been talking to someone pretending to be Christina.
What do you mean, someone's been pretending to be her?
Exactly what l said.
Seems you were quite the little heroine tonight, coming to your pal's aid like that.
Roughed him up a bit too, l heard.
lt was just to stop him from getting away.
You know where behaving like that is going to get you.
l wouldn't have had to if you had been doing your job properly.
She's reported all of the stuff on the internet to you.
You should have been looking out for her.
Anyway, l've done you a favor. Now you can do me one.
What's that?
l spoke to Sonia before.
My parole officer.
She said that she was going to speak to you about getting my curfew lifted.
Has she rang?
She might have left a message.
To be honest, lifting your curfew is not at the top of my to-do list at the minute.
That's not fair.
Fair? What would you know about fair?
This is really hard for me, you know.
Oh, my heart bleeds!
All this lying to Christina. It's got to stop.
l want to tell her the truth.
The truth?
l want to tell her about me.
Are you really as stupid as you sound right now?
You think you're going to solve all your problems by telling her you're a child killer?
So you hadn't been speaking to this man on the internet?
What? No! Of course l hadn't. What do you take me for Of course l hadn't!
These pictures someone's posted of you... surely there must be some way to get it all taken down.
Once it's on, there's no way of controlling it.
l can't believe l accused Alice.
She'll never forgive me.
l know she won't.
Why have they been speaking to her for so long?
l am not a child killer.
You are the way l look at it.
That boy in your class - the one who trusted you -
would still be alive if you hadn't done what you did.
l didn't know what they were going to do.
l didn't!
So when they said. "Bring him to the derelict factory." - what did you think was going to happen?
l don't know.
- You didn't know they were going to take it in turns in beating him up until he was dead? - NO!
l don't believe you.
lt's the truth.
lt's a bit late for tears, isn't it?
You're never going to let me move on, are you?
Why should we? His family can't move on, can they?
Why should you be any different?
Because l'm not that person anymore.
Oh, really?
Speak to Sonia. She believes me.
l couldn't care less what some do-gooder thinks.
As far as l'm concerned, you still look like the same girl who led an innocent classmate to his death.
So, as for lifting your curfew, the answer's no.
We've spent a lot of money bringing you here.
Giving you a new identity.
l know you have.
You've got a second chance here. You don't have a choice.
Let it slip, it's game over.
Do you really want her to know what you are?
So who have l been talking to?
Who's been sending me the photos?
That's what l'm going to find out.
l'm going to need access to your mobile phone.
lf you refuse, l can get a warrant.
l'm also going to need to look at any computer or tablet you might have.
You think it's me that's been doing this?
Until we rule you out of our enquiries, Mr. Naismith, you are a person of interest, yes.
Let me give you a tip.
Next time you think about chatting to schoolgirls online...
Sorry to keep you.
We just need to ask you a few more questions, Christina.
You think you're up to that?
The man we have in custody...
How well do you know him?
l don't.
You've never met him before?
Messaged him in a chat room?
No. l wouldn't do that.
Especially not to random guys l don't know.
My privacy settings are set way high.
l don't even add people as friends unless l speak to them in real life.
l don't know that guy, honestly. l've never seen him before today.
Have you arrested him yet?
We're treating Mr. Naismith as more of a witness at the moment.
But... he's been doing all those horrible things to Christina on the internet.
Actually, we don't think he has.
After talking to him, we think he's been conned as well.
lt might seem a bit seedy.
A man his age chatting online to someone he thinks is a teenage girl, but... it's not an offence.
Before you go, l just want to ask you a couple of questions about Alice Reynolds.
What about her?
How long have you known her?
A couple of months.
And where did you meet her?
Just around. She works at the garage near where l live.
And she's your girlfriend?
We had an argument.
Why are you asking me questions about Alice, anyway?
ln cases like this, we just need to cover all the bases.
What happens now?
We've given Christina's laptop and mobile to the tech team.
They're working on them now.
So you'll be able to find out who's been doing this to my daughter?
Might take a while, but they should be able to trace them, yes.
But in the meantime, we still don't know who it is?
Unfortunately not.
Hi. What happened? Was it that guy?
He thought he was really speaking to me.
So what happens now?
They've taken my laptop and my mobile.
How come?
They said it should help them trace where all the stuff was posted from.
Let's hope so.
l better go. l said l'd help Leyla with the dinner.
- See you later. - Bye.
Stevie? Have you got a minute?
Not really, no.
It's really important.
Can you not see it's mental in here? You're gonna need to wait.
Are youse enjoying that, then?
lt's a wee bit spicy.
So, when's Madonna's next pageant, then?
Stevie... it's really important.
And so is this. Gie's a break, will you?
What are you playing at?
Stevie, son, any chance of a beer?
- Voddy and coke. - Aye.
Thought l might find you here.
lf you've come to accuse me again, then...
l haven't.
So what do you want?
To apologize.
l really shouldn't have questioned you like that.
No, you shouldn't. And you shouldn't have gone through my phone.
l know.
And this is no excuse, but... this whole thing has made me crazy.
That man outside the pub...
He's been talking to some sicko online who's been pretending to be me.
lt's not nice being accused of something that you haven't done, either.
You've got every right to never speak to me again, but Alice...
l just want you to know how sorry l am for what l said.
l know it's not you.
And l hate myself for even thinking it might have been.
l don't deserve this, but maybe you'll give me a call or something?
When you're ready, that is.
lf you ever are.
l'm sorry.
lt's OK.
l'll forgive you for anything.
But look, you said this started just after we met?
That's right.
Just after Paul put the pictures on the website of... me and Nicole kissing.
Let's go and speak to Paul, then. See what he knows about it.
l don't know where he lives. Nicole knows him, not me.
Well, we'll go ask Nicole, then, yeah?
Hey! You OK, Christina?
She's going to be fine. Aren't you?
We came round to see Nicole.
She's over at the Tall Ship with Stevie. l was about to head there myself. Come.
Have you seen Nicole?
Aye. She's upstairs, in the flat. On you go.
l'll follow you up in a minute.
l'd better get that music back on before this mob get rowdy.
lt was you that was doing it all along?
No. l was just on the blogs, just looking to see if l could work out where it was coming from.
You're lying. You're logged in. l can see it on your screen.
No, l'm not.
You're my friend.
l know.
My best friend.
Come on, what's' going on?
l need that laptop.
What's happening?
The person who's been hounding Christina online...
The one whose fault it is that she almost got attacked tonight...
lt's Nicole.
No, it's not.
Why would you do something like this to me?
l don't know.
You must do.
l was crying to you about it.
And the whole time, it was you who was doing it.
l don't know what to say.
lt was even you who put it into my head that it might be Alice.
You twisted little cow!
Hey, come on.
Tell me why you've done this.
You were my best friend. We told each other everything.
And then suddenly, you're gay.
And you've got a girlfriend.
So this is my fault?
l'm not saying that.
l felt left out.
Like l didn't matter any more.
And it was all about you and your perfect little life.
Look at you.
You're the girl that gets great grades in the exams.
You're the girl who's family loves her and would do anything for her.
So you decided to punish me like this?
lt wasn't like that.
So what was it like?
l just wanted...
You just wanted what?
l just wanted you to need me again.
- Christina. l'm so sorry... - No!
l will never forgive you for this.
What the hell have you done?
Stevie, please say something.
l really need a hug right now.
You want me to give you a cuddle?
Are you joking?
l don't want to come anywhere near you.
Don't say that.
Aye, well, it's true.
What kind of sick mind have you got to do something like this?
Don't, Stevie.
She's meant to be your best pal!
Yeah, well, she wasn't acting like it.
She was more interested in Alice than me.
l cannot believe you.
l cannot believe you're sitting there making up excuses.
You terrorized that poor lassie on the internet and now you're saying she deserves it?
What's the matter with you?!
Where are you going?
Back down to the pub.
Please just stay here.
l don't want to be anywhere near you.
Stevie, please.
Go home, Nicole.
Come with me?
You OK?
Sorry, stupid question.
l just can't believe it.
lt's up to the police now.
Do you think they'll charge her?
lf they've got any sense.
She was my best friend.
Your best friend who spread lies about you.
Who spread lies about your girlfriend to cover up her own tracks.
l can't believe l let her get to me like that.
She knew every single thing about me.
l thought l could trust her.
l won't ever doubt you again.
Alice, don't go home tonight. Stay here with me.
l can't.
I'm sorry.
Alice, l really need you tonight.
Where's your mum and Bob?
She won't leave the party 'til they chuck it out.
You know that l love you, right?
l don't want to be like Nicole. l don't want to keep things from you.
What's the matter?
l want to tell you something.
And l don't know how you're going to feel about it.
I won't know until you tell me, will l?
The reason why l can't ever spend the night at yours...
... is because I'm on a curfew.
I live in a halfway house.
A halfway house?
And that woman's name that you found in my phone...
She's my parole officer.
I've just been released from prison.
I wanted to be honest with you when we first met...
So why weren't you?
Because l really liked you, and l didn't know how you'd react.
Why were you in prison?
I got in with some bad people.
And I did something l'm really ashamed of.
It's in my past and I want it to stay there.
I'm not that person anymore.
I'm really sorry l haven't been straight with you.
It's all right.
So, you and me? Does this change things?
Everyone makes mistakes.
Look at Stevie.
He's been in prison and he's a great guy.
So, we're OK, then?
We're more than OK.
l need to tell you something.
l don't want us to be like Nicole.
l want us to promise that we'll never lie to each other.
No matter what happens, we'll always be truthful, yeah?
Yeah, always.