How To Make Money on Twitter-Top ways to make money on twitter For Free 2013-Earn Money From TWITTER

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how to make money on twitter
Hello this is Toti!
Today, I will show you
How to make money on Twitter for free, no investment, no risk and easy
what do you need to do is
You must have twitter account
with at least two months old
and thousand of followers
to make money on twitter is a bit different from other
and I will show you one of 'em, OK here we go, This is HomePage and if you are new user
you have to register as publisher
by click here
and, Ok now
let's say you've already register and login
Now Click on
Tap Twitter account
To put user name
input your twitter user name. For example, one of mine is
Click add...
okay um... let's say you have put your user name already
your user name already
Then it will show your user name here
You can put Maximum 10 twitter account
and these two are different
The different is
uh... you can
You can post ads your twitter account
But this one means
your account doesn't meet the requirement
to post an ad
once your account meet
the requirement
to make some money
and I will show to to tweet ad
to your account
to make some money
by uh... click on tab post ads
and see what available to tweet
and today i
just have one ad to tweet so I click on the title of ad
select your twitter account to tweet ad
this one is meet the requirement to post ad
I choose this one and click generate ad
Click on Tweet, That's it.
it's done.
just sleeps
and wait to make money
you also can make money
by refer someone to join and make
twenty percent off
it doesn't mean you steal money from them
but you get bonus from
revtwt. om so don't worry
refer everyone you know
by give them this link, here.
this link and they click on this link
and register and you get bonus
twenty percent for life time
alright, here
you can see
I make ten Cents, hahaha :P
This is just a test account
okay alright now just finish here
and don't forget to look at the description
and please give me a Like and Subscribe for more ways
to make money online
how to make money online
on twitter finish here by Toti, Good Luck!