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MIKE MUSTO: Over the last two seasons of Big Muscle, we've
gotten loads of requests to drive a variety
of different cars.
Now in those requests, people wanted to see, well, my cars.
But I wasn't really sure on how to film those.
I didn't want to do them myself because I just felt
awkward about it.
So we sat down and we talked about it.
And what we came up with was, we're going to put Larry
Kosilla from Drive Clean in my '68 Dodge Charger.
And J.F. Musial, creator of Everything Drive, in my '69
Daytona Replica.
It should be a great day, so hang on.
And sit back and relax.
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MIKE MUSTO: So the biggest question I get asked about
this car is, why would you build a matte black Daytona?
There's a good reason for that.
I built this car with a really good buddy of
mine, my buddy, Todd.
And the goal was to make the most bad ass, cross-country,
pro-touring Daytona ever built, which honestly was kind
of easy, since no one had ever done it before.
This car is about personality.
It's about making a statement.
And it's helped take me to places like Big Muscle, to be
honest with you.
This car has been in a documentary for BMW.
We went to the Playboy mansion because of this car.
And we had six Playmates actually
sitting up on the wing.
It's a great photo.
I've got to show it to you.
I've got a picture of it on Route 66 in Illinois.
I've got a picture of it on Rodeo Drive, where people just
kind of look at it because it was parked behind a Ferrari.
And they were like, what the hell is this thing doing here?
We brought it to the Concours d'Elegance at Pebble Beach and
parked it between a Bugatti Veyron and a Ferrari F40.
These cars, like the other car, it's a toy.
It's a lot of fun.
It's a great car.
And it's absolutely not for everybody.
So under the hood of the Daytona, how is it different
than the Charger?
Well, it's actually really different.
Where the Charger is pretty much a very mild kind of stock
440, this car has a little more--
it's got a little more umph under the hood.
We've got a low-deck stroker motor in
here, 471 cubic inches.
It makes about 510, 550 horsepower, around there.
Basically what we tried to do, is take everything we learned
from the Charger and kind of one-up it with the Daytona.
This car has air conditioning.
It has cruise control.
It's got Xenon lights, as does the other one.
But it's a fabulous, fabulous open-road car.
To cruise this car at 90, 100, 110 is a wonderful experience.
I can't even tell you.
I mean, all of the aero stuff you see from the nosecone, to
the spoiler, to the wings on the back, that's all stuff
that really works.
I mean, the guys back in '69 who designed this car, they
knew what they were doing.
Now, as for brakes on the car, we wanted to keep it Dodge.
So what we did was, we took a set of rotors off and SRT8
Charger and calipers of a 2008 Viper.
And we actually made our own kit.
He's a wonderful gentleman called Cass Eslick who
developed a kit for us.
And it's great.
And the reason we tried to do that was this, we take these
cars all over the country.
I don't own a truck.
I don't own a trailer.
So, if you see them, they're driven there.
If we were to break down somewhere, if we needed a
part, I wanted to be able to walk into a Dodge dealership
and say, I need this.
J.F. MUSIAL: So my first time in a muscle car.
This is officially the oldest car I've ever driven.
It is a 1969 Dodge Daytona.
They only built one year of Daytonas.
But in fact, this is not a 1969 Daytona.
This is a 1969 Charger.
Mike Musto, a good friend of mine, bought
this car as a original--
a Charger in Indiana in 2006, spent three years, and
converted it to a Daytona.
The one thing that, first and foremost, you notice when you
get in here, there are gauges that actually
mean stuff to me.
The gauges tell me that the gas tank is now a quarter of a
tank empty after starting this review.
We're at 130 degrees in terms of water temperature.
Oil pressure, 20.
I don't know if that's good or bad.
And the voltage gauge seems to be off the chart.
It's got a five-speed transmission.
Again, very easy to use, huge pedals.
J.F. MUSIAL: When you get on it--

J.F. MUSIAL: --on the braking, it kind of goes to the left a
little bit.
Now the brakes in this car are actually off of
a 2008 Dodge Viper.
So, they're good.
Everything else, though, pretty much custom-made, which
kind of scares the shit out of me once again because this is
my friend's car.
And I hate driving my friends' cars.
Now, the idea of this car is actually quite simple.
It's a pro-touring car, which makes perfect sense.
I know that anyone who is a muscle car guy, will look at
this car and maybe think, it's a travesty.
Because well, why would he take a Daytona and
cut it up like that?
Well, it's not a real Daytona, so don't worry about it.
And as a pro-touring car, that means it's meant
to go to the track.
It' meant to be beat on.
And that's what Mike does.
That's the best part about it.
Mike actually gives a [BLEEP]
about his cars, but wants--
oh my god, missed a gear.
He wants his friends to enjoy them.
He's out of his mind for letting me get in this car,
our of his mind.
But I'm having a good time.
Porsche, when they released the 993 Turbo, had a slogan,
kills bugs.
Well, the surface area of the front of this
Daytona kills more bugs.
That's my slogan for it.
The initial turning is eh, but when you start figuring it
out, and you build your confidence, it's actually
quite fun to drive.
J.F. MUSIAL: Let me tell you a story about Mike Musto.
Because to understand this car, you need to understand my
good friend, Mike Musto.
In 2001, September 11th happened.
Mike was working one block away from the World Trade
Center at City Group.
He worked in technology.
He was not a muscle car guy.
That day changed his life.
In 2006, he got into muscle cars.
He got out of banking.
He wanted nothing to do with it.
And he started following his passion.
He met his wife around the same time, too.
And she fully supported him.
He was making good money doing what he did.
And he gave it all up because he wasn't happy.
And that says a lot about the type of person Mike is.
And the type of people that buy these type of cars.
It takes a unique breed.
Hi Mike.
It's great.
MIKE MUSTO: This is my 1968 Dodge Charger.
Or in other words, my rock.
This is a car that's been to hell and back.
It's taken me on countless adventures and introduced me
to some of the most amazing people I've ever had the
pleasure of knowing.
And although it's in no way perfect, this old sled still
excites me every time I open the garage door.
It's my getaway car, my time machine.
And the reason I simply love automobiles.
All right.
So honestly, the meat and potatoes of this car is pretty
much under the hood.
Engine-wise there's so nothing fancy about this car.
People think that we've done all this work to it.
And we have to update stuff, but it's a
relatively mild 440.
440 cubic-inch big-block.
Really mild internals, mild cam, stock rockers and push
rods, intake, headers, 800 double pumper on top.
This motor right here probably has--
oh god--
almost 60,000 miles on it or so.
And there's a reason for that.
It's relatively stocked.
Everybody thinks that, oh my god.
I've got to have 500 horsepower.
And I need 1,000 horsepower, and I need
twin turbos in this.
And you know what that does?
It breaks stuff.
You know, one of the best parts about this
car is, it's turnkey.
I could leave this shoot right now.
And I could drive from California to New York.
I wouldn't even question the car's reliability.
So yes, we made stuff a little more reliable.
So we put an active sump, an oil accumulator, which acts as
a pre-oiler.
So you turn the key, and it shoots three quarts of oil on
in the motor.
If you're pulling some hard Gs in the corner and you lose oil
pressure, it'll do the same thing.
And I'm saying that because everybody's going to look
under the hood and be like, what's that big
cylinder under there?
Well, that's what it does.
Other stuff that we modified was more along kind of the
performance line.
So for instance, the brakes.
We put a nice set of Baer brakes on there.
Not the crazy expensive ones.
Just a nice Track Pack.
And it works really, really well.
The transmission is a 727, which is an automatic.
But we put a reverse valve body in it with
a Gear Vendor overdrive.
So what that lets me do, is I can split
every gear on the highway.
And I can cruise at 80 miles an hour at say, 3,000 RPM.
With the double pumper on top, I get 10 miles to the gallon.
It doesn't matter if I'm driving around the
neighborhood, or I'm driving on a highway, this car gets
ten miles to the gallon.
The engine base filter.
Everybody says, can you pop the hood?
I go, OK, but you're going to see a big, greasy big-block.
That's what it is.
And I'll be honest, I'm actually really,
really proud of that.
I don't spend all my time cleaning.
I don't.
If there's grease on a motor, then there's
grease on the motor.
I could talk about this all day.
I couldn't impress on you more.
You have to get in.
You have to drive them.
Don't worry about nicks.
Don't worry about scratches.
Don't worry about that concourse [BLEEP].
Turn the key.
Enjoy it.
That's it.

LARRY KOSILLA: I met Mike eight or nine years ago.
He came to a New York Motor Club event.
And that was--
Matt and I used to put together these crazy car
shows, and road rallies, and charity events.
Basically any excuse to get your amazing
car out on the road.
Now, we had Ferarris, Lamborghinis, Porches, all the
typical amazing cars.
And we're sitting in a parking lot.
And sure enough, this guy pulls in.
And I had no idea who he was.
He pulls in, and I'll never forget this.
He gets out of the car.
He's got his jacket on.
He's a big burly guy.
And I remember Black Sabbath's War Pigs playing in the
background in my mind.
And it was like Iron Man, drr-nuh.
It was like--
I thought the guy was a superhero
getting out of the car.
And I was like, this is the coolest car I've ever seen.
All right.
So fast-forward to now.
Now last weekend, Mike and I wanted to go to Pebble Beach.
And of course we decide, OK.
What car are we going to take?
Are we going to take the old, comfortable car?
Or are we going to take this?
Well, of course, we took this because this makes a splash.
Now, and picture this.
This car is so visual.
We pull up behind it on this beautiful street
and hundreds of people.
And it's like the sun went in.
The clouds came over, and everybody got quiet.
And we pull up in this huge [INAUDIBLE].
And I feel like people grabbed their little teacup poodles a
little bit closer.
It's basically a great equalizer.
You can pull into any parking lot.
And we did, as a matter of fact, between a Bugatti and a
250 Ferarri Lusso.
I mean, both million dollar cars.
And both of those owners came over and said, this is
What did you do?
How did it get started?
What's the story behind it?
Because you're really driving a car that makes you feel like
a superhero.
Now, what's really, really cool about this car is Mike
set this up to be a road rally car.
Like I said, he was in Bull Run, One Lap of America, the
Optima Challenge.
He's crossed the country four or five times.
Now what he did--
of course, he's got his Sirius Radio.
He's got his Valentine One.
He's got all his radios, extra outlet thing.
I mean, he's got everything ready to go to cross-country.
Now, most guys take their muscle cars, and what they'll
do is they'll put their lawn chair in the back.
And they'll go to the car shows, which is awesome.
But he decided not do that.
So when he drives it, he actually beats the
crap out of this car.
And that's what makes it so special.
By the way the tranny works, is it's a slapstick.
So what you do, is you literally slap it into gear.
So what's cool about this is when you're racing, you don't
have to switch gears, and hit a clutch, and lose that time.
So if you want to downshift, literally, now
I'm in second gear.
If you want to go to third, now I'm in third.
Here's the catch.
If you want to put it in overdrive, which essentially
gives it one, two, three, plus a half a gear.
So it'll go first gear, overdrive.
Second gear, overdrive on the floor.
Third gear, overdrive.
So now, you have six gears, which makes this car a lot
more useful and perfect for road rallies.
Now, some of the things I could live without, is the
interior noise.
Now, what's in between us and the exhaust
is carpet and metal.
So there's no [INAUDIBLE] mat or anything like that.
And it's absolutely deafening in here.
So that would be one thing I'd probably change.
The second thing and probably my favorite,
is there's no heat.
And there's no air conditioning.
But what it does have is this.
This is a special top-secret thing
designed by Musto himself.
He's probably going to kill me for this.
What he did is wrapped a bunch of tape together.
And what we do, is we stuff it in the AC unit just like this.
And why do we do that?
Mike calls it the anti-windshield device.
So it doesn't generate any heat.
It doesn't generate any coolness when you're in here.
It basically stops the cold air from blowing in when
you're driving.
That's definitely a Musto touch right there.
All right.
The last thing that drives me a little bit
crazy about this car--
and I guess it has to do with my OCD--
is that Musto drives it so much, he doesn't clean it.
Makes me nuts.
So before the shoot today, I said, listen.
I have to touch this car, or I'm going to lose my mind.
And he said, OK.
I said, what about the engine?
And he's like, don't touch the engine.
That's got 40,000 miles of driving cross-country, so I
respect that.
But nonetheless, it drives me crazy.
So the summary is this.
The car's loud.
It devours fuel.
It gets five miles to the gallon.
And the sound in here makes you want to blow your brains
out, but the one thing I can say, is I absolutely love it
because it's got this presence that no other car I've ever
driven has.
Now, to quote the great Mike Musto, "At the end of the day,
this car and all of its patina is absolutely astonishing."

MIKE MUSTO: All right, guys, well, listen.
I've got to, first off, thank you for tuning into another
season of Big Muscle.
This was the end of our Season Two.
And this is obviously the finale.
Now, we're going to come back.
We're going to bring you more stuff in the future that
you're going to see that you're going to dig.
But we've had such a great time shooting
everybody's cars out there.
We've had such a great time meeting all the owners, and
dealing with all the people.
And hit a couple of snags here and there, and stuff
like that with cars.
But that's all part of it.
And it's a great experience.
If you're a Ford guy, a Chevy guy, a Mopar guy, throw that
all under the table.
And go out and experience cars.
Being a Chevy guy and saying, oh, they're the best is like
dating blondes for the rest of your life.
Being a Ford guy and saying the same thing, is like, well,
I'm just going to eat hamburgers for
the rest of my life.
There are so many cars out there.
So many different varieties.
So many engines.
So many suspensions.
So many different ways you can use, and modify, and play, and
get in tune with these things.
Do that.
Go out and park a Camaro next to your Charger.
You know what I mean?
Park a Covair next to your Oldsmobile.
Get in tune with these cars, man.
Because you go around this planet one time only.
And if you're going to save the car for the next guy, it's
just a bad move.
I'm telling you from experience.
So, guys, thank you so much for giving us a great season.
Thanks for all the emails.
And keep on commenting.
And again, shoot me more emails at drivebigmuscle.com.
That's it.
It's drivebigmuscle@gmail.com.
Send me an email there.
Let me know what you've got.
Let us feature it, and have fun with the cars.
And let us put you on camera to tell us your story about
them, all right?
Guys, thanks again.
And we'll see you next season on Drive.
All right.
So, here's the deal.
The vehicle that we film out of is a 1992 Capri station
wagon with a 5.7 liter.
It's probably the most underpowered 5.7 liter in the
history of the Earth.
It makes like 180 horsepower.
Now, Zack is our super [INAUDIBLE], slash kind of
beginner camera guy.
And he's amazing.
He's a fantastic writer, everything.
But he's also the driver of the Battle Wagon, the Big
Muscle Battle Wagon.
We've been trying to see if this thing is going to do a
burnout all effing season, and we haven't been able to do it.
This parking lot has a little bit of gravel, so we've tossed
Zack the keys.
And we're going to see if he can go rip it up.

MIKE MUSTO: Don't kill it.
MIKE MUSTO: Those tires are trauma.
Try a brake stand..
MIKE MUSTO: It's just such an understeering Moby
Dick whale of a car.
Zack, power brake it.
All right.
See if you can do a burnout.
MIKE MUSTO: I mean, seriously guys.
Even our [BLEEP]
film vehicles are fun.