My best gay friends [Tập 8] - Bộ Ba Đĩ Thõa

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Has Sim gone apply for a job?
Then get you ready! My mom is gonna take us to the Bridal shop in 30 minutes!
Im on it! Thank you so much!
Ooh! So colorful you are! You girls intend to go on vacation somewhere, don’t you?
We’r going to the Water park. Would you come with us? Its gonna be fun if you’re in!
Sadly that I and My have to go on errands for her in a little while! Enjoy your day!
Well! Don’t you entice BB Tran?
Duh! Of course not!
Oopse! I nearly forget that! Today, you’re gonna make a date with the “Lover – in – the market”, aren’t you?
We’re not! Crazy bitch! Today is just for us, ok! And you talk too much!
Hello, we have no time! Tony and the “Tea – shopper bitch” are on the way here! That bitch pleaded broken bike so that Tony had to come to take her! So cunning designs bitch!
You’re jealous, aren’t you?
Are you nuts? Why should i be jealous?
Two bitches! Its not funny at all!
My sweet son! Its been a long time i haven’t seen you! Ooooh i miss you so much!
Whats the matter with your nose?
I got the nosejob! I wanna be gorgeous, my darling!
Is that you told me that our family had been in stuck for money when i called you? And now you got the nosejob, mom?
The beauty salon close to our house has been on special offer. Moreover, i pay in instalments!
Well well well! Is that you, My?
How do you do, ma’am!
How could your parents have a lovely girl like you! Oh i think we should go! Cindy has been waiting for us!
Come in, come in!
Don't put the powder too thick, look unnaturally
Cindy doesn't want to be called by any pronouns, except "miss". Be carefully girls, she's horrible
Ah! Hi darling!
Oh Its you Magi Q! Hello sweetie!
Its been a long time, right? So far so skinny and sickly?
Oh c’mon! Im so far so good! Look at me! Im still pretty! I’ve taken pains to do exercises. You know what! Im not eating much!
And you! Wow! Look at you! You’re so flawless now! You’re in pack! Very nice! But Whats the matter with your nose?
Oh my dear! Please I got the nosejob last week!
But it looks natural! So nice! Where did you get this? Im intending to get the nosejob too!
Go for it! The beauty salon near my house is offering a 50% discount on all service packs!
50% discount? So nice! But no thanks my darling!
Whats wrong?
I think that cheap things are no good! You get what you pay for!
But I don't mean anything in my words.
OK! Well today I take my child and his friend here to choose a wedding dress for her!
you lady are here so where is you man?
He goes apply for a job! So I take her to your studio for a suitable dress!
Oh youth and taking pains to work! I like it! That’s good!
There you are, Khoa!
Oh please stop growing! You put on flesh!
Do you remember me, Aunt Cindy?
You remember when he was a kid, he ran around me and asked for watermelon all the time!?
So cute you were! But why is your hair so blond now?
My lady! Formerly, he liked watermelon. But now he just loves banana!
Banana is good! Its good for your health!
Ok! Come on here! I’ll choose a dress for you!
What the hell! What are you doing here?
Ah Tony! Please!
Rje! Have i ever play pranks on you? Have i ever done evil to you? You pushed me into the room like that and you think what would Tony think about me?
Oh my apologise! The floor is too slippery!
But anyway, I loved it! Thank you so much, my dear!
Lets go water slide!
Nhat! Why haven’t you changed you clothes?
please no! Im afraid to be suntanned! I’ll be here! You girls go swimming!
What the! What are you doing here if you don’t swim? You waste my 110 thousands VND, you know that!?
I like it! Whats wrong with that?
Don’t mind her! Shall we have fun! You moonstruck bitch!
Try hard! You can do this!
Tun! Don’t swim too far away from here! The pool is very deep!
Don’t worry! I can swim!
Tony, Tony honey! Help me! I cant swim!
Oh really? At the top of my head, you and I used to learn swimming in the same class at the age of eight!
I did not! I cannot swim! You though me to someone else! Crazy chick!
Help me, please!
Brother! Help me!
Whats the matter with you?
Help me! Help me! Help…
What a deep pool, huh!
Tun! Wake up, Tun!
Step aside! Let me do it!
Are you ok, Tun?! Thanks God! You’re so stubborn! I told you not to swim too far! You’ve almost gone meet God!
I was taken with cramp!
let me see! Is it better?
Ah! Yeah its better! Thank you so much!
Remember to take buoy with you next time and dont swim in deep pool!
You bitch! Im watching you! Don’t ever think that Im stupid and then you can pretend! In the future, i’ll scratch you if you do this one more time! And don’t forget my face!
OH my Goodness! Being kissed by handsome guy was so great!
Tony honey! Would you slide with me?
Get on it, honey!
Tony honey!
Would you slide with me on my buoy?
Horrible my God!
Oh dear! Western Man! Lovely but too old!
This is better but gets involved in children!
After looking again and again, Vietnamese guys are the best!
Oh my 6 pack abs!
Oh my...
Take mine! I have much left!
Oh thanks!
Coming after BB Tran, he gives me the feeling that I have known him for many lives!
Honey! Why are you still sitting here? I’ve been waiting for a long time!
Hey where do you get the sun-block?
That boy lends me this! You told me that you would give me sun-block but now you dont!
Well, i forgot coz i was in a hurry! Im so sorry!
Im making you up!
Give it to me! I wanna use it!
Its not mine! I keep it for my friend!
You get wet! It doesn’t work if you get wet before you use sunblock! Here it is! Thank you so much!
He winked at me! There is no reason why he likes me? But why is he in relationship with that mean bitch?
C’mon! Lets go, honey!
Huh? You are…!
Ah Im a guy! Actually, Yeah im a guy!
But in your profile…
Im really a guy!
Do you have experiences in this work?
I have worked in many restaurants. You can check it out in my profile.
Which position do you want to work in?
I want to be a hotel manager!
At the present, that position is available. I’ll give you a two-month trial, ok?
That’s great! Thank you so much!
When is it good for you to work?
Now is great!
So You can come here to work next week!
Yeah! I agree!
See you next week!
What kind of dresses do you like? I have a lot here!
My dear! How about this?
This is amazingly beautiful! Its looks like being designed for this young lady!
Its perfect on me, my darling!
Oh dear! Today is not your day!
It doesn’t suit her at all! There! That dress looks better!
Take your time! I have hundreds here!
WOW! Oh my God! So beautiful! The dress is so beautiful!
It should be! Its my dress! I just have imported dresses in my shop! I chose it! Its totally flawless!
But i have to say this young lady is really adorable! Its just like that she was born to be a bride!
However,… anyway, you have to keep going!
Thank you so much!
Don’t worry! I’ll make you become a bride that is so gorgeous and beautiful.
This dress is so amazing but im not sure that i can pay it!
Money is everything we want! But everything means nothing! No one lives just for money, honey!
Cindy heard Quyen tell me about your story. And i felt that i need to do something. I decided that you can choose any dresses you want! I lend you not to rent it out to you!
You are so kind! I don’t know how to repay you for what you have done to me!
You will repay me, If you can find your happiness!
Cindy is very kind –hearted!
Of course i am!
He has a beautiful smile, hasn’t he!?
Yeah! He looks so gentle and upright with that smile!
Every morning when i woke up, watching his smile, I felt like my life was the endless happiness!
This is…
My husband! He has just passed away for 8 months!
I am so sorry to hear that!
Its OK, honey! Though everyday passes by, I cannot believe that he has gone far away and how fast i lost him.
But you know what, when people depart this life, love will stay with you for ever after!
And i can feel that he is always by my side!
Cindy used to be very happy, and now Cindy wants to give my happiness to everyone!
Hey! Where is Tun?
He is at the Artificial Sea to observe guys!
So where is Thien Hy? He was with you!
He sticks to me like a leech! He is so annoyed! I sneaked out when he was in the restroom!
Tony honey!
Oh god! What should we do now!? He is here!
Lets hide in the Lazy River!
Tony! Tony honey! Where are you? How could i seek you?
Where are you? I just saw him! Tony honey!
We are free!
Huh! You two are here?
I thought you were at the Artificial Sea to glance at guys? Why are you here?
Its so sunny at this time! They don’t swim now! Its fun at the Lazy River!
See ya
Its so great today!
Its not at all! I feel so uncomfortable coz its so sunny!
Where have you been? I didn’t see you!
Honey! Please give me a hand! Its too heavy!
Hey girls! How was your day?
It was great! What a pity that you couldn’t come with us today!
The water was very cool although i was ashore for all time!
Whats the matter with him? He looks a little sad!
Who cares! Crazy bitch!
Come on in!
How was your day? Do you get the job?
I did it!
that is good!
Thanks Khoa!
ok! I should stop disturbing you! Im gonna make the meal!
How is the cost for the wedding?
I don’t know! I’ll ask my mom!
Thanks Khoa!
Honey! How much money do we have?
About 3 millions VND
How could we celebrate the wedding with that amount of money?
I think we should make a simple small party.
Honey! We made the deal! You want a wedding party, i’ll give you one!
I think if i sell this cellphone, we will get an amount.
I have a cellphone and some jewelry as well! We’ll get more with these things!
No! What will you do if you don’t have cellphone?
Then what will you do? How can you keep contact with people?
I think i will get the job; and i can earn money to buy a cheap one!
I’ll use cheap cellphone like yours!
Tun! You want to play cards?
We’ve just been home from the Water Park! I feel so exhausted!
Just play and you will feel better!
What if this time we win?
Is that you, My? Do you remember me?
Of course i do! Have you just been in Vietnam?
Uh huh! Im at the airport!
Would you want to come with me for drink? How about tomorrow?
Then see you tomorrow! Talk to you later!
I miss you!