[Interview] Block B Talks about Big Bang's TOP, Dreadlocks, Nicknames, and More!

Uploaded by soompi on 10.04.2012

What’s up Soompi people! Do you wanna B Block B? Hello, we’re Block B!
Congrats on your comeback! You guys look great!
The gorilla dance has become very popular. How do you feel?
We feel great! Do you know how to dance the gorilla dance?
You used to have dreadlocks, and now you’re blonde. Which style do you like better?
The dreadlocks hurt a lot.
Personally, I liked that hairstyle, and if it didn’t harm my scalp, I would have continued with it.
But I had to change my style to take care of my hair.
Here’s the mic! ^ ^
Let's share it!
Your voice is similar to TOP’s, but you probably heard that quite often, haven’t you?
Yes, I've heard that a lot.
But, TOP sunbaenim has his own charms; and I’m still young, yet I have this [deep, husky] voice.
Wouldn’t this unexpected charm be my appeal?
Yes, of course
Am I charming?
Of course, you’re charming
Then can you give me a heart or a wink?
A wink? Haha, how about a heart? haha
Then, who’s your role model?
An American rapper named Rick Ross.
Bigger than life!
I heard that a lot of people compare you to a cucumber because of your long face.
Ah yeah...
What do you think about that?
Haha, well...I actually brought up the cucumber reference first...that it’s my nickname.
And a cucumber isn’t a bad guy, it’s a nice little guy.
So, I don’t feel bad that people call me a cucumber.
Do you like cucumbers?
Yeah, I like them.
Thank you Soompiers! We’re Block B! Do you wanna B Block B?! Thank you~
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