University of Arkansas Horse Festival 2011

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Welcome to the twelfth annual University of Arkansas horse festival.
I've been helping for...going on six years now.
I was an undergrad and so i got to work at the horse festival as one of the interested students my very first year here.
right now I've been working for the program for the last three years and it has been a great experience
to learn about horses and my ability to work with horses has expanded quite a bit since then.
this year we have a record number of students in the introduction to the equine industry.
ninety seven students have been working all semester to prepare for it we put them in committees
and they work before the festival and then all day of the festival selling tickets and helping in the stands, helping behind the scenes.
they worked very hard taking care of the horses and the facilities in the program.
I'm very proud of our graduates and our current students.
It's a thrill to see these students exposed to so many different disciplines
and to such a huge equine community that a lot them didn't even know existed.
we have a ton of awesome acts this year including Fredrick the Great who is an imported Friesian stallion.
We have Tommy Turvey who is a very accomplished trick rider and you've seen a lot of his works in movies and in TV shows.
We also have several drill teams from around the area and traveling from out of state.
We have minis and carts we have big track horses we have a parade of breeds
where you get to see a lot of breeds most people don't get to be exposed to.
Along with the horse festival, in the fall we also have the razorback round up.
And these two events help to fund the equine program here at the University of Arkansas.
The program itself is pretty much self-funded except for Dr. Jack's salary.
So everything from feed to equipment to staff wages all come from these two events.
So with these two events it help to continue the education in the equine industry.
Look forward to next years festival. Come and have some fun enjoy it with your family, friends as well.
Also keep a look out for the razorback roundup which will be this november.
It's our annual horse auction to help raise money for our program.
And also visit our website for the two events as well.