SuperVáclav -Ё-

Uploaded by ThisIsHor0sho on 01.10.2012

Sup, I’m Stas Davidov!
First vid was sent by Donyone.
And it’s about a Russian cat that speaks...
[you->] Song name?
It says in the description [description ->] that the cat met a little girl for the first time [a human child]
Poor animal never could’ve guessed that people can be small [schoolies]
Now we know how a cat with broken stereotypes looks like [broken stereotypes]
[he hasn’t seen midgets yet]
Well, my english speaking kitty, it’s time for a castration
Have you heard that Steve Jobs died?
[again you ->] Shouldn't have said it about Jobs. Bad choice, really bad. Really really bad.
Saaaaay, are you by any chance possessed by a demon?
[oolalalalalala nonono lala]
No means no, no questions asked
Actually, YouTube is flooding with talking kitty videos [more than we’d want]
but this one really has the shit and gathered 1,5 million views in a week
They even managed to remix him already!
Cheers from the 90's?
Also, sometimes he sounds really... humanlike
[can’t tell the difference %)]
And this is horosho!
Second vid was sent by eliotcougar
Here’s the deal [Yo]
A 4 yr old kid sees Star Wars Ep.V for the first time [The Hempire Strikes Back]
The moment when Luke finds out that Vader is his father [spoiler alert %)))]
Welcome to the club kid! [the slouching club]
We always welcome new geeks [+1 nerd]
There are no ex-Star Wars fans! [it’s like virginity]
First joint’s on me, dude! [just one toke %P]
But if for some of you the fact that Vader is Luke’s father was actually a spoiler - well boo-boo-boo on you! [boo-boo-boo on you!]
GTFO and study the classics!
Some 4 yr olds are more educated than you!
[INT +1]
I feel your fear, padawan [padawan]
Don’t succumb [succumbawan] as it leads to the Dark Side [to the Dark Side emotions lead you will]
Well, all that’s left is a bit of Mufasa’s death scene torture and the kid will be ready for adult life!
You can take him straight to the brothel [McHooker's]
And if they show him Bride of Chucky, he will be able to ride a subway by himself
[Subway's still scarier :(]
Oh btw, kid’s sister is already on the Dark Side [cookiezzz ^_____^]
Look, when the kid’s face is like he’s watching porn, girl really enjoys the show
You know who else doesn’t want to believe that
Luke, I am your father!
[nonononono oolalala nonononno NOOOO, DIS AR TEH BULLSHIT!]
And this is horosho!
Last video is called “Sbírejte hovna po svých psech!”
If you couldn’t understand shit - it’s you problem [learn Czech!!1one]
Is it a schoolie?
Is it a coprophile?
A dumbass motherfucker?
No! This is SuperVáclav! [SuperVáclav!]
Super Václav, Czech superhero!
Srsly, he even has a vlog where he uploads his heroic deeds [what kind of superhero doesn't have a vlog?]
Like fighting people who walk their dogs in a park
Spiderman climbs walls and shoots web
Superman invincible and can fly
SuperVáclav throws shit and runs away
[I think the translation is not necessary %)]
Run Václav, Run!
Václav, where’s your Václavmobile?
Have you stepped into a dog-mine?
Václav to the rescue!
[hehe hehehe]
Altho it’s a long run from Czech Republic
And the beer there is good. [hurdling..?]
Like every superhero, SuperVáclav needs a kickass theme!
will save us from the dog poo
so we wouldn’t step into it
[Justice is served!]
Václav, you’re the man! Hi5!
[hehe hehehe]
And this is Super
And the one who got it how the videoquestion works was Vanya521
What is power, brother?
Well, my brothers, what is power?
Leave your interesting answers here on YouTube!
That’s all folks, I’m Stas Davidov. Subscribe, thumb-up and send your videos here [] to the “На Обзор” section
So how would you rename This is Horosho?
“laughter, pain and kitties <3”
Call yourself “Militsiya”. Good name going to waste!
SISD - Sup I’m Stas Davidov
Я бы назвал это This is Хорошо с субтитрами. Я ЧТО, ЕДИНСТВЕННЫЙ АМЕРИКАНЕЦ, КОТОРЫЙ ЭТО СМОТРИТ!?!?!?!?!?!!?
You can take him straight to the brothel! *lolface* McHooker’s �