SRW Z2.2 Stage 46 Event Subbed, Uther vs Gaiou, Esther returns

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This is...!
That man is coming...!
Th...that is!?
King of destruction!!
It's been a while since I've been here
King of destruction Gaiou!!
But why here!?
Why of course
I came to spectate the warriors from two worlds clashing
You wouldn't have...!
That's right. ...This time's not a tournament. This is competition I've matchmaked.
ZEXIS and ArkSaber. The winners gets to become my subordinates.
Actual fight... To prevent the another coming of what you call the black history..!
He knows about the black history!?
K..King of destruction...! I can't let you...!
Keep quiet
Stand back, Anbroon
Your highness..! I myself will here...!
I am the prince of Insalaum!
I remember, that crown appearance
I can't say I've forgotten. You who took away the life of my father... King Insalaum the 72th...!
And... The lives of the people of Insalaum and the knights turned into dimension beasts!
Your highness..!
You gonna come?!
King of destruction! This time I will I will defeat you!
Vi Insalaum Arkrhynos! And the treasure sword Coldbrand! To me, the proof of king!
I will devote my entire life to the future of Insalaum!
Inexhaustible Water jug! Give me power!
I will now become one with the Holy king vessel!
King of destruction...! I shall lay judgement on you!
The king of destruction was..!
The prince beat him!!
Your highness...!
At last..! At last the Coldbrand came loose...!
Vi Insalaum Arkrhynos! The holy water jug of Insalaum! I've been approved as the true king!
It couldn't be, that power...!
Aim Raiad! It's you again!?
This time my business is with you... Prince Uther.
So you've come...
As I thought...!
That's right! Inexhaustible water jug! I came to welcome your awakening
Inexhaustible water jug
So, the prince's attack before was..!
The power of the sphere?!
That's right indeed. I've been waiting for this day for so long.
Inexhaustible water jug... That awakening is among all the spheres the most troublesome.
For you to reach this point I've had to go through considerable efforts.
The lying black sheep..
Your make up with the king of destruction, Anrboon's leading astray, everything was for the Holy king vessel's sphere?
Fufu... For you to know the name of my sphere.., Had I been careless with your encounter with the king of destruction the rise of your element could've even surpassed my own.
It was indeed worth waiting for this day to come!
For the prince of Insalaum to be an owner of a sphere..
What's going on...!? With the king of destruction defeated, with us, Insalaum and Aim it's going to turn into a three way fight??
The actual fight.. Stigma... The general of dimension...
Dorothy!? Your memory... by the words of the King of destruction..!?
This is bad... If this goes on...
Undestood..! That man can't be let do as he pleases anymore!
Roger Smith! The words of the king of destruction have released the seal of Megadeus' core?
Authenticy is not for sure. But Dorothy and Big-O are telling me to defeat you...!
And, I also share the same opinion!
For this job negotiation is not needed!
In the name of Roger Smith I convict you!!
The stage is now closed
Kugh...! For the king of destruction to release the seal of Megadeus was out of my calculations!
But, it doesn't matter. My goal has been fulfilled either way...!
Inexhaustible water jug! And Swaying scales! I will recieve your spheres sooner or later!
For both of you I wish your element(power) keeps rising until that day!
So he left...
I apologize for my rude behavior to interrupt your destined fight.
So it's come to the opposite of the other day.
But, for me the to defeat Aim Raiad is nothing to the sort of destiny related to the spheres..
That man used Insalaum for his own purposes and for those sins he shall be judged.
And Crow?
My destiny is to be the king of Insalaum. He and I both are to fight as ones shouldering our own worlds.
Are you allright, Crow?!
Well yeah. I have Marguerite with me afterall.
Your highness...
Wayne, Escort Crow's party.
As you wish
His highness' orders. I politely request, Knight of knights
Talk impudent and I might just drop you.
Prince... So you were also a sphere reactor...
Crow Bruusto. There's something I want to try.
So you were also stimulated to activate your sphere... I also somewhat understood what Aim said
For me to do this alone wouldn't work, but together with you something might be done.
What're you going to do Crow?
Just wait a moment.
Wait a bit Esther, It'll be over in a second.
Esther... so that's her name?
Your strong will and my thoughts. For those to draw the power of the spheres maybe..
It might just be possible...
...I understand..
Everything can be grasped... This is the origin... Law of the origin
The two spheres. The result of the consciousnesses of me and the prince synconizing...
point, surface, space, time, multiuniverses, instantous movement, movement of time, true space, absolute temperature, imaginary numbers, tremor...
The control of all dimensions, The creation and destruction of all phenomenon.
With this power...
She and the artificual Revive Cell.. That uncomplete connection can be released...!
Lets go, Esther..
Something's happening!
Strong heart and kind heart... Those have now just for a moment opened the gate.
This is the power of the origin...
Origin Law..
You've returned into a human!
We did it
Your highness, please stand back. I will handle the rest.
What are you saying Wayne, I...
Your highness has things to be done. The holy king vessel and coldbrand.
Old woman!
I know!
Leave rest to me
Understood. Do to your heart's content, knight of knights.
To protect your highness and Insalaum is knight of knight's duty.
I wait you in the regenerated future.
H... hey.. prince!
Farewell, Esther.
Well then
Fu... that old woman, doing as she pleases.
Lets settle this once and for all, ZEXIS.
Lost holy kingdom... The future of victory and regeneration is going to begin on this ground!
Sir Wayne!
My name is Wayne Ribteel! ArkSaber number 1, the knight who's been given the name 'Knight of knights'!
Insalaum's foes shall be defeated by me and this Diamond!
Looks like he has no intention of stepping back.
In that case, only thing to do is answer that challenge
Be careful..! This guy is more dangerous than that Jeraud!
So the prince also made you awaken it seems...
Stand back Esther, You're recuperating so this would be a too severe opponent for you.
What about it!?
The prince also was also prepared to do what it takes to do for everything that's important to him!
I can do the same!
You just won't change... well no, rather you've become stronger.
Everything changes... people, the world, the times..
Come! Crow Bruust! In here, Insalaum, I shall give my everything to defeat you and ZEXIS!
Wayne...! I shall respond to that resolution..!
To defeat you here!