Adria Astella Rio Grande 2013 - Show Through, Demonstration & Tour

Uploaded by venturecaravans on 27.06.2012

This is Adria's new Astella, Rio Grande. It's the same as the 2012 Adria Astella 613 KB.
They've just done a few modifications but nothing much.
On the exterior looks very much the same, the Alko Stabilizer on the front.
The locker on the offside, which is heated.
15" Alloy wheels, roof rails, nice stunning graphics, full polyester body shell.
Slightly different locker door. It's also fitted with the Alko receiver for the Alko secure wheel lock, which is an extra. This one has been fitted with an Alko Truma mover, but that's not included as standard.
Nice LED Awning light.
The only noticeable difference on the back here is the Rio Grande graphics. Now I'll take you through to the inside to show you any differences there.
This is the interior of the Rio Grande, it's got a lovely style to it which is very much similar to the 613 KB.
You've got the bench type seat this side, and then an L type seat this side.
It makes a lovely lounge area.
At the front we have a kitchen, which features a new Fetford digital display fridge.
It's touch button operated. It's very easy to use.
Nice microwave down here, sensible height for a microwave.
Fetford Cooker, with 3 burner gas hob. You've got your sink with recess drainer there.
Nice lighting all the way around, you've got lighting up there, and some down lighting there, very attractive.
Lightning above the cupboards which is also very attractive, and down lighting there.
You have a TV bracket that's fitted to the wall, this used to be fitted over on this side.
But they have moved that, and they've also removed the pop up TV bracket that was there.
It didn't seem sensible to have two TV brackets in the same place. So they thought they had to get rid of one.
Mood lightning all the way around the top of the roof lockers.
Large double bed, very large double bed.
And it even has the pop up backs on them, so you can sit comfortably and read.
That's why the mattress is split there.
As we go through to the washroom, very similar styling to the 613 KB.
Nice mirrors with lightning above, Fetford cassette toilet, lovely sink area with glass effect and bowl.
Chrome luxury tap.
Down lighters in the ceiling.
At the back here you've got your shower compartment, and that's got a heated towel rail in there.
And the Audi heating system goes through to there.
Very nice lighting effect, you might no quite be able to see from the camera - but you've got a very nice lighting effect behind the unit there.
Rather attractive.
High on style and practical to use, this caravan seems to have it all.
I hope you enjoyed the tour,
Come and see us at Venture Caravans if you want to see the model in the flesh.