Aida Nikolaychuk (Videochat + English subtitles) Part 2

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"Aida, are you satisfied with your performance on the gala-concert?"
Well... I could do better... but I'm satisfied with the fact
that it was less nervousness than it was in my previous performance.
I don't know why I was worrying so much then.. Maybe it is really experience that means.
When you try your performance for several times, even on the rehearsal ... it's not so troubling.
Last time I had only two attempts to sing before live broadcast..
the last one took part 2 hours to it.. that's not too much..
and now I had possibility to have a good rehearsal..
we stopped singing for several times and started from the very beginning..
so the presence on this scene brought me composure..
indeed I was calm.. almost calm.. of course I was worrying but not to the such extent..
"You say that you recorded some songs.. Are there "Fly away on the wings of wind"?"
Indeed "Fly away on the wings of wind" is a difficult song because
it's necessary to train it very well. It is very beautiful and I like it a lot..
since childhood when I heard it at first.. it was kinda rhapsody..
black man was rapping and a woman-foreigner was singing "fly away on the wings of wind.."
I even went to the library and searched for this opera, for the words of this song..
so I liked it very much.. and now I've heard it
in the contemporary version and also liked it a lot:)
"For your voice "Lullaby" is perfect.." well, it occured so..
"Really, if it's not difficult to you, sing us please smth now.."
No, at the moment I can't. In fact I have a throat pain now..
That's why I won't try to sing anything.. Sorry if I dissapointed someone..
"Aida, it's interesting to get to know, whether you was forced to sing in trio.."
No, there is such a rule there... to sing in trio.. "was forced", "was asked"..
nobody asked for this, it was just a condition.
They had to pick out the participants as quick as possible..
not to last this during a week.. so they have to choose a strict amount in one day, in a second day..
and finally have 50 or 24 of those who passed the training camp...
"Did you attend musical school in childhood and have you ever been studying with tutors?"
well.. it was such an experience.. of studying.. and I also attended musical school,
but only the first form, because my mom finally gave up and stopped guiding me there
as I had no great desire to attend it and learn lessons, such as solfeggio..
so mom hit the ceiling and took me away from this school.
with tutors.. yes I've studied, I had a couple of them, but also without any success..
In fact I wrote about this in my group in Vkontakte.
on the second stage... concerning singing with a band.. I've answered..
"Aida is it still planned to conduct morning live broadcast with you in Odessa?"
I don't know..
I was late for that live broadcast then.. because didn't get where they were.. was running though half of Odessa..
I don't know whether they would call again me or not.. we'll see..
"Aidochka, hi! It's well-known that in the 3d season the structure of jury will be changed"
wow, I haven't known about this! That's interesting..
"Who of the jury will be exchanged, concering your point of view?"
Frankly speaking, I think that Sosedov will be exchanged. It seems for me so..
That's my personal opinion.
Because all other judges often have conflicts with him and boisterous discussions
"Good luck for you and don't disappear!"
Thank you!
"Go to the Odnoklassniki" (Russian analog of
I won't do this! That's too bad.. Odnoklassniki are "dead"..
There are plenty of messages there so I even cannot load my profile!
my brouser slows down because of this.. and comp glitchs.. so I won't go there.
Or maybe will, but only once in a month and not to messages folder.. just to have a look..
"Aida, do you understand that you are the favourite of X-Factor 3 now,
and if you get to the live broadcasts you will have plenty of chances to win.
Are you afraid of the assumption that organizators of X-Factor
will fear to let you go further just to keep intrugue for the show?"
I don't know! It will be as it will be. I'm not afraid.. why should be I?
It will be as it will be. This is a show.. and they have to create it.
They have a scenario.. more precisely.. they think all this out..
anyway before the live broadcasts.. and it will be as it will be:)
"Will Bonny Tailer be in jury now?" Bonny Tailer? ugum..
That'd very interesting.. if Bonny Tailer be here in Ukraine..
"I wish you stay the singer and do your best!"
Thank you very much! I'll try hard..
"And what song did you sing during the pre-casting?"
I was singing Beyonce "Halo" and... that's it. ah.. when I got to pre-casting jury I sang the "Lullaby of She-bear"
"shokat' is cool?" (untranslatable Odessa slang;) Thanks:)
omg, why it's so late? I'm only now reading comments about my cat.. he went away half an hour ago..
"Even in Russia we speak in such a way" Oh, really? even in Russia?:)
".. and parrot?" In fact that was a joke about parrot and fish..
with such a cat that's impossible to keep parrot or fish.. they would be dead soon..
"Aida, don't take into account critisizm concering your accent!
Such details make a person interesing and unique! This suits you and sounds very cute"
Well, this is personally your opinion, because for somebody this sets the teeth on edge..
That's unpleasant for them to listen to this..
Other on the contrary like when a person behaves like in real life..
I don't correct myself much but in time I will speak in a normal way.. only now I'm faltering...
"Hurrah! Meladze is moskvich so Aida will come to Moscow!
When you get to Moscow, will you drink a cup of coffee with me?;)"
Maybe.. We'll see.. I couldn't normally drink
a cup of coffee in Kiev after the first live broadcast..
"videochat.. fails.. what shoud be done?" I don't know..
Well.. "Valeriy is moskvich and Konstantin is from Kiev"
Yeah.. and both of them are from Nikolaev
"Aida and do you have your own songs? I would like to listen to your own"
No. If I had them, I would post them in my Vknontakte group. So I don't have them yet..
Thank you so much for your congratulations..
I also congratulate you with New Year and passed Christmas..
"Whom would you like to become when you was studying at shcool?"
Whom would you like to become when I was studying at shcool? Kinda difficult question..
At first I wanted to become a singer.. then I wanted to become a modelier.. but finally returned to a singer..
"Did you have a chance to choose any song you like before your performance on the gala-concert
or there were small amount of variants from the organizators of the show?"
No. All online-winners have the same condition: they choose the songs themselves,
three songs they give to the prodcers for making a choice.
After that producers announce their final choice of the song.
I had to prepare 3 songs but ultimately all of them wanted Adele.
I wanted her too. So our interests coincided.
"Hi! How are you doing?"
Doing great!
Thank you very much..
"When your new songs will be recorded?"
mm.. I cannot say exactly.. But they will be!
"Aida, what are the distinguishing features of an ideal man, concerning your point of view?"
m.. an ideal man is a Man.. with capital letter!
Everybody estimates concerning their own point of view..
In my opinion, a man should be with a capital letter, nor dork, nor chappie.. just a Man.
so you could hide behind him as behind a stone wall...
"Get better! Take care of your throat, it's a national treasure now!"
Thank you! I will:)
well.. so they have conflicts.. I got that this is about Sosedov.. maybe.. but it's just my opinion!
it might be somebody else who will be exchanged.. e.g. Yolka if she needs to record a new album..
"I've almost quarreled with my friend because of you!
He says that you are beautiful and I do not agree with him and say that you are an Angel,
and angels are not simply beautiful, they are splendid! So who of us is right?"
Decide yourself who is right..:) I'm far away from being an angel..
Thank you very much!.. Russia.. We'll come and visit you.. one day..
so.. "Aida, tell us about your parents if that's not a problem and
what do your friends and relatives think about you?"
Relatives and friends support me.. very much.. of course they think
that I've got lost.. and disappeared.. some of them may offend on me a little..
So when we are speaking on phone I have to make them understand that everything is all right
and I am not lost, just it happened so.. but I'm ok:)
"Aida, how will you spend 2 millions?"
Catch the bear before you sell his skin!
I even don't think about this now, it's very far and not clear at all...
yeah, you're right, it's early to think about this!
"Aida, why don't you accept the requests to be friends in Vkontakte from your admirers?"
Because I have such a principle! I make friends with a person after I've communicated with him for some time..
if we have a relationship.. good relationship in particular..
after this I may accept the request for being friends..
So many people are added but in some time.
I studied English myself, using the texts of songs,
listening to the original versions of songs and repeating them..
In fact I mispronounced the words in Adele's song...
Sorry, Adele.. but it is as it is..
that's good that I didn't forget the words.. didn't stumple..
thank you.. 142 00:16:01,000 --> 00:16:07,000 "What is your attitude towards the song of Dobronravov "Gentleness"?"
Good attitude! That's a good song, but I feel neutral towards it.. it's just a good song for me..
"Aida, were you proposed to act in a film?"
No, I probably not good at this..
"instead of fish.. cat.." Filipenko Sergey.. what are you talking about?:)
"Aida I thought that you may choose the best question to you and wish
your fans smth in the new year... and I liked this chat!"
Yeah.. I also liked everything! It's better than it was previously...
"answers are given 5 minutes after the questions are asked.." Clear...
"Aida, if it's not a secret, who sewed your costume for the gala-concert?"
If you saw the video before my performance I was wearing pink blouse and black trouses..
that was my variant. Because I thought that I would perform in my clothes, as usual.
But they rejected this and gave the task to the costumiers to find out an image for me..
So image that turned out was perfect:) Girls are well done! Did all this.. leather trouses..
I liked it very much.. that really suited the song. So my variant was kinda office-style..
"I would like to ask members of chat not to communicate with each other so not to disturb you by reading other's writing"
oh, for God's sake.. let them talk)) I'm trying to filter it out.. I look where the questions are..
"What has changed the most after the show?"
Nothing changed.. Although it's clear that plans are changed, future will be changed..
and now.. everything is quiet)
"Do you add to your friends in Vkontakte?"
Don't offend on me but I don't do this! And I've never done. So I don't want to change my principles.
I add if only I have smth in common with a person, after I have communicated with him, if we share common interests..
Well.. I suppose many people will understand me.
Belarus, thank you so much, I love you too!
Yes, yes, that's right, let us revive the USSR!
Thank you very much..
"I'm askering questions but don't hear the answers, anyway I hope that in recorded video I'll hear them!
So I'll ask one more time: could you sing..."
No, I don't know that song! I've heard it but I don't know all the words..
moreover I have a pain in throat now.. so I won't do this, sorry.. 173 00:19:49,000 --> 00:19:52,000 "I would go to sleep with this song every day, please.."
mm... Omega, don't harass me...
"Somebody who hear the answers write down whether she heard my request"
"Damn, you haven't answered for my messages in Vkontakte for 2 months!
So I'll become your friend in 10 years! Maybe it's possible to speed up the reading of my messages?
In fact it's hard to read them all.. there are too many messages there..
and if I sit just to answer all of them the week wouldn't be enough for this..
taking into consideration that I should be sitting from morning till evening..
Moreover there is a limit there! So I can't answer to all, I can send only 10-15 messages per day..
"Do you like sport? What are your favourite types of sport? Sorry for ordinary questions, but that what rested"
yeah, for sure, I like sport! Most of all I'm fond of motosport:)
"You have a good pronunciation no matter what anybody talks!"
Maybe pronunciation is good, but there are problems with text..
"Would you like to make a biography, like a live record as you train and sing and so on?"
Oh, I don't know whether I could do this..
"Most people may become demoralized in such a situation.. Stay as decent as you are now! Well done!"
Ok, thanks.
Oh, hi, Vitaly! Haven't heard and seen you for ages..
"Do you know whether is it possible for children aged of 12 to take part in the X-Factor?"
Frankly speaking, I don't know.. But I think no, because even children aged of 14 are so..
12 year old kids to my mind shouldn't take part in this..
Dimon, I don't know whether you ask for yourself or for your brother or sister..
don't do this.. for what? so early.. even if potentialities are good..
that may influence negatively a kid.. he doesn't need this at 12..
"When she'll answer my question, write me please"
"If that's no secret, where did you spend your New Year, in Odessa?"
No, I spent it on X-Factor. There we met a midnight..
ah.. Dimon, so you are 12.. clear..
"Aida, maybe it's worthy to organize a videorecord called "One day from Aida's life" That would be cool:)"
Maybe..:) I haven't thought about this and wouldn't thought until you wrote it down..
"I don't remember what depression is for 3 months due to you!"
Thanks God. We have to be depressed as less as possible, too little time we have for our life..
"Do you have bad habits?"
Yes, I'm bad (mischievous)! :) Habits no. Sometimes I'm mischievous;) But I have no bad habits.
now I'll find some questions..
"Is Aida here?" Here, here..:)
"Do you have domestic animals?"
Yes, I have a cat. His name is Ceasar.
"What is your favourite movie?"
My favourite movie is "Men in Black" I also like "Van Helsing", "The Notebook".. and awesome comedy is "Bridesmaids"
"Why on gala-concert you were wearing a wig, as you have fine hair?"
My hair is normal.. I wouldn't say that it's fine.. But that wasn't a wig, there were tresses..
which were attached to my hair.. Because it was such an idea..
"Wow, from Kazahstan, amazing.. Hello, Kazahstan!"
"Never mind, Omega, it will be one more opportunity to my mind..."
"Do people recognize you on the streets and ask for autographs and photo?"
I had cases with photo.. autographs.. I don't remember..
people recognize, really.. e.g. when I was travelling by train..
Well.. not so often.. but I'm not stuck on this.
Autographs.. I was asked for them the most in the school of my kid..
"Aida, tell us please, what you need now and whether you need any help?"
Thank you very much, I don't need anything, everything is OK:)
"I'm not saying to sing right now, but to sing in future and record so I could download it!"
Well.. okay.. I'll try... we'll see what will turn out..
"Do you know, if you hit the 12, how is it possible to get to the live shows?"
I don't know, concerning the tickets I don't know, but they are not for the sale,
they are distrubuted among insiders probably.. But you may win tickets, e.g. on X-Factor online
"And could you gather us together once and sing us some songs?"
I cannot say, that I do not want to do this, I just don't know how to organize this.. it's a bit difficult..
Wow, even from Australia! Hello, Australia:)
"Thank you for your answers.." Thank you very much, Vera..
Omsk is here.. well...
Even in Antartica?:) white bears?
I've been asked for autographs too rarely.. I don't remember if somebody asked.. probably only once..
well.. kids in school asked.. in my college, where I performed, I was also asked for this..
And that's it. Almost nobody asks me for autograph on the steets..
Thank you very much.. Thanks for your wishes!
"Aida you are shy as always concerning your plans and desires,
and we are willing to help you but don't know how"
I just don't want to tell about my plans here.. You know..
"if you wanna make God laughing, tell him about your plans!"
So, that's the same situation.. that's why I try not to speak aloud about this..
"And do you have a button to widen the number of viewers?"
Kirilenko.. you distract me:)
"What do you like to eat? Do you constrain yourself from smth?"
In fact, I have some restrictions.. e.g. I don't eat bread with ravioli..
only sometimes like a sandwich.. but all in all I don't eat bread.
And what I like to eat? Basically, many stuff..
Everything is tasty, except red-beet soup (borsch), I don't like it.
What I like to do in my spare time?
I forgot when I had my spare time..
"Do you wanna sleep?" It seems like I wanna sleep?
"Do you have someone in Kazahstan?" mm.. nope!
".. if no, I will be your first friend here!" Thank you very much!
Hi.. to everybody..
"Say a great "hi" to Anya Kirilenko! We thank her for that she helped the world to get to know about you!"
"On gala-concert your image was stunning! Everything was great: make-up, hair style, costume, illumination!"
Concerning gala-concert and image, thanks to the staff that works there! Only they thought all that over...
"If you are asked to sing on on the corporate or some holidays, will you agree?"
Now no, I have already declined such propositions for several times..
"It's hard to present smth better, taking into consideration the contents of text of this song...
Energy and manner of singing were better than Adele's, not regarding her live performances.."
Well, I haven't seen live performances of Adele..
I know, that she has some problems with ligaments now... That's a pity very much!
And concerning the manner of singing.. just I feel it in a such way..
I've seen the manner of Adele, but I like my style more..
"You may not answer, it's just a rhetorical questions and statement of fact"
well, I've just told..
"Aida, may you make the videochats for us more often?"
I don't know.. how it results.. Anton
"Where is Maksim?" Maksim is playing somewhere..
"Aidochka, it was nice again to hear from you and I'm glad that we got acquainted in the New Year's night!"
.. and smile kinda ";)" That's interersting..
"Thank you very much for your answers! You are very cute and beautiful! Good luck!"
Thank you very much..
"After you had performed on X-Factor did you make more friends?
And are there people who feel jealosy towards you?"
I don't feel jealosy.. Everything is ok, everybody are adequate..
so there is no jealosy, even if it exists, people don't express it, thankfully..
"Do you plan your performance or it is planned by other people?"
If you mind gala-concert, of course they plan... I only sing a song.. and they make remarks..
This time there were some remarks, concerning how to sing better..
They advised me to sing with more energy, I thank them a lot..
Hi to Donetsk too!
"Aida, with such a good pronunciation maybe it's worthy try to conquer foreign variety?"
No, in my opinion it's too early.. first of all, I have to do smth here..
and then we'll see.. maybe that wouldn't be necessary..
"What's your attitude towards rock music?"
Great! If it's high-quality rock, such as Queen, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd.. So yes! I like this style very much!
Also hi to the Crimea!
"Do you watch "Our Russia"?"
Sure, I do! I have in VK many videos.. but mostly of "Comedy club" But "Our Russia also rules!"
"Have you ever been to Saint-Petersburg?" No, I haven't!
"What's your attitude towards j-pop if you know what is it?"
No, I don't know..
"Do you like Lady Gaga?"
Normal, so vivid lady..
"Do you drink beer?" No, I don't.
"Why haven't you answered to my request?" I need to find it.. I've lost it.
"How do you spend your spare time? What do you do with your friends? Do your have many friends?"
Well, I have enough friends.. but I communicate most of all with my female friends..
"Does Galustyan rule?" Rules!:) Not only he does, Svetlakov is also a dreamboat!
"Please take me as your security guard for three days! I beg you so much!:)"
ah.. clear..
"What is your favourite hero of "Our Russia"?"
Such a question.. Everybody are cool, all the heros..
"Aidochka, and what is your attitude towards including songs in foreign languages to your future repertoire?"
I am totally for this! I would like to sing more in English... not only in English, in other languages too..
Don't shout please!
"Do you know Islam Djamaldinov?" No. I don't.
"Where you a cat yourself in your previous life?"
"Do you believe in horoscopes?"
Partly yes, I do. Especially in the explaining
traits of sings of the zodiac.. e.g. Fishes... Cancer...
"Don't make a conversation indecent! If you wanna see her completely,
there are albums, feast your eyes upon them!"
"I forgot to add: we'll meet in the training camp!"
Okay.. I got it! We'll meet..
"Aida, that's my request: may you stand up and show yourself in all your magnitude for your fans?"
For what?? Why?
"And why is early for performances abroad? You need to work hard? If yes, what do you need?"
Of course I need to develop myself and work hard! Concerning vocal.. manner of singing.. scenic skills..
I'm Fishes. My sign of zodiac is Fishes. Maks: Me too!
Aida: and Maksimka too..
Thank you for your complements!
Ok, I'm going to become disconnected..
Thank you all very much! I congratulate you all with holidays! Merry Christmas to everybody!
And besides with Old New Year.. it's today..
I will manage with any language! Especially Ukranian.. Do you think I don't know Ukranian?:)
I thank all of you!
Thank you very much...
Good-bye to everybody!