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Uploaded by GeneFalse on 18.04.2011

Hello girls. Today I will start by demonstrating how to apply strip false eyelashes.
Each product in the Andrea Modlash line have different characteristics enabling them to be worn to suit different occasions
and matching a variety of eye shapes and makeup.
In the following series of films I will highlight and review a different product in the Andrea Modlash range.
Today I will start with Andrea ModLash # 21.
It is an eyelash within the strip false eyelash category with a natural look that can be worn by anyone
regardless of the shape of the eye or occasion.
This eyelash is made of 100% sterilized human hair.
Their dimensions are 5 mm long on the inside, 9 mm in the middle and 8 mm on the outside.
As you can see the tape is completely transparent.
As you can see, i am wearing neutral eye makeup.
Using these false eyelashes, my eyes will look more contoured and more sexy. Nobody will know I am wearing false eyelashes.
In case you decide to wear makeup, the false eyelashes must be applied after your eye makeup.
You can use a little mascara if your natural eyelashes are full of powder or eye shadow.
What do we need?
Apart from the false eyelashes themselves you will need Andrea ModLash transparent adhesive, tweezers and a little skill.
In this case I use the Andrea Modlash transparent adhesive because I wish to have a more natural look without empahasising the eye line.
Before applying the glue you need to measure the false eyelash from inside to outside corner.
It is important to remember this ... from inside to outside.
If the false eyelashes are longer you must cut from the outside not the inside corner.
Now I will show you how to take the false eyelash out of the box:
Using my thumb I slide the eyelash out of the box and this will detach it without damage.
Applying Adhesive:
Apply adhesive to the false eyelash directly from tube or with a orange stick.
The layer of adhesive should be thin.... getting slightly thicker towards the corners.....,corners are usually the first to detach.
After the adhesive has been applied you must wait a minute to dry. It is very important not to rush because the adhesive has to become tacky.
If you hurry you will increase the chance of the false eyelashes not sticking properly on the corners.
Now that the minute has passed it is time to apply the false eyelash.
Be careful not to stick the false eyelash onto your natural eyelash.
They must be applied to the eyelid closest possible to the natural eyelash.
I shall use these tweezers to help apply them ...
Do not worry, the glue becomes transparent when dry.
Do not try to remove the surplus that is transparent as you will not see this after it has dried.
After a few minutes you can use a coat of mascara if you want to blend false eyelashes with the natural eyelashes.
It is very important not to apply too much mascara because you will shorten the life of the false eyelashes.
If you want to blend false eyelashes without applying mascara you can use Brow sculpting gel from Ardell.
Finishing touches and we are ready.
A beautiful accent to eyes without anyone realizing that you are wearing false eyelashes.
How to take off fake eyelashes?
Now I will show you how to take off strip false eyelashes.
When you remove them, gradually pull the false eyelash from outside to inside corner.
To clean the adhesive residue I recommend using Andrea LashFree remover.
This is a solution that you allows you to clean them without ruining their shape.
You can try cleaning the strip by hand but you can accidentally damage or break them when doing so.
Also, because the hair strands are 100% natural human hair, you can clean them using a cleanser and a cotton bud.
Then store them in the box ready for next time.
I hope my advice is helpful, see you next time. ;);)