Ep1 Wash Basin Install - Plug Hole Attachment - Plumbing Tips

Uploaded by plumberparts on 05.06.2011

Hello and welcome to this plumberparts.co.uk video. Today I'm going to teach you how
to install your basin, how to put the tap in, how to
do the waste for that basin and basically get it all up and running. We're going to
be doing a few different stages on a few different videos. This is part one. So keep up and we'll have
a wicked time! Right this is the install itself. The basin is going in here
in this corner. We've got our inch and a quarter waste and our hot and cold
water supplies. The hot and cold water is turned off. But before I teach you how to
hang the basin on the wall and get it connected all up like that
we've got a special tap that's connected to the waste. It's called a pop-up waste. Now you've probably
seen these alot in hotels and stuff like that. They have a little pin at the back of the tap
that you can lift up and down, and that allows the waste to pop up and down. Firstly
I'm going to teach you how to fit one of those onto this basin.
This is the basin in question. We've got our waste hole here, our tap hole here,
and our overflow hole here. Now if we turn the basin round

the waste hole comes through in this little channel here

and pops out just inside this bit just there. When we look at our waste this is the top bit
here. We've got a pop in insert there and that has a little hole
that our rods are going to go through later. First
let's just have a look at about fitting this to the basin itself. These small holes should line up
with these waste holes just here. So we pop that
in there just like that. We get our lovely little tap
bit. Make sure it's got the supplied rubber washer on there

Pop that through the hole just like that. Now for this
next bit
you must use some Plumber's Mate because with that overflow bit going round the outside of the
thread, any rubber washer that
these people supply with it will never seal it up. So go down the shops and get yourself some
Plumber's Mate or if you're not really good at using that, pop some silicon on there.
but you're going to have to wait about 24 hours for that to cure. Open up our Plumber's Mate
and scoop out a nice bit of Plumber's Mate out of the tub
and what you do is rub it in your hands until you've got a nice long sausage of it. Pop
the waste through the hole and pop your sausage around the outside. So now we've got all our Plumber's Mate on
you get the other side rubber washer on here
like that and then the opposite end has got a thread in here as well
that creates a thread on there
and do it up as tight as you can. This can be hard because Plumber's Mate
let's it slip quite alot. So you might want something to hold it on with on the other side. Make sure it lines up with the tap
hole down the bottom. Right, so we've got this bit in here that's all tightened up nicely, This part
which is the rod entry lines up with our tap hole entry.
Go round the front
we've got a little bit of Plumber's Mate on here. Just rub that
off when you're finished. I always recommend doing this before you hang the basin on the wall because you
can get round it easy and you're not pulling on the
fixings on the wall. Right, so that's how you fit a
waste and make it watertight for one of these
little basins.
Watch our next video to find out how
we get that to fit with the tap. See you soon.
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