Moroccan Lamb Burgers with Sortedfood

Uploaded by JamieOliver on 24.01.2013

I'm Jamie
The real Jamie and today with Ben, we're going to be cooking up a moroccan lamb burger
This Moroccan lamb burger uses lamb mince and falafel, so it's kind of a bit cheaper, it bulks it out
but you get the same amazing Moroccan flavours, mixing meat and fruit. We're gonna use figs.
So to start with, the lamb mince, that's gonna go into a big bowl, there we go and to that
we can add our chickpeas. So this is just drained chickpeas and if you come over here and just
chop those up
chunky, rustic
and while you're doing that, I'm gonna finely dice up an onion
They keep rolling off the board
Ben, do we not have any square chickpeas?
[laughs] Square chickpeas?
See, I thought the grooves in the board would help you.
The finer we can get everything at the moment, the easier our burgers will hold together, as we cook.
I'm just gonna crush up a couple of cloves of
garlic, again keep it nice and fine
A little bit of salt into the garlic and then with just the back of the knife, kind of
mince it all together
Bring the chickpeas over
This is gonna get messy again No you hold, I'll scoop, there we go. Teamwork ...does falafel have other flavours apart from chickpeas?
Yeah, falafel have all the same flavours...we're gonna put in as well, so ground cinnamon
about a teaspoon of each, salt and pepper over there Yep
and the zest of a lemon, so that those fresh flavours are coming in as well
There's a difference
between what you do when you're Sorted and what you do when you're Jamie Oliver.
So Sorted, you just do this...because it looks really nice
Jamie Oliver, you just do this... It's true!
So, we've got these amazing dried figs, have you tried these before?
Not dried, I don't think...
I think I've had them fresh. Yeah, fresh figs are amazing but these are awesome. So just try one of those
That's lovely! It 's that sweet, sticky...kind of flavour.
So the final things are figs, so about half a dozen of those into there. Lovely.
and there's some fresh colour from some coriander
How many patties can we make from this?
We should make six
or three Jamie sized patties... No, six! [laughs]
We want them to cook through, nice and caramelised on the outside but without kind of drying out,
If you make them too big,
the outside layer will dry out before it's given a chance to cook properly.
So, the right size is important. We're also gonna put into these kind of burgers or...
wraps, some pepper. We just want big chunks of pepper that we can also begin to roast in the pan
and they're just gonna go in there, we want nice charring
We can take these now
that sorta size and then we can get
six out of them.
So we're gonna cook off two of our burgers for now
just enough for Jamie and I
and if you can be
really careful with these
if you give them a turn from
90 degrees, half way through cooking, you can get some nice criss-cross marks.
Char the burgers off on all sides
and then put them into an oven at about 200 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes
to cook through.
What we can do in the meantime... So filling, so we're gonna make an awesome harissa yogurt
[Oo harissa] Okay, so natural yoghurt... Have you tried harissa before?
I think I have, is it the spicy one? It's smokey, it's spicy, it's really... Oh that's lovely
...It's got a kick whooza!
So what we'll do is just put drops of that
in there, I don't wanna over mix, so you you get little pockets of yoghurt, little pockets of harissa
Just looks unfinished doesn't it Ben? We've gotta be a bit more stylised here.
So what you've done is you've individually placed pieces of coriander to make it look like you've just thrown it in
Where as what Jamie would have done is just come along and just gone...
[claps] BAM! Coriander in there, pukka!
We'll let our burgers cook for another 10 minutes or so, then we can wrap them up in some tortillas
and it's Moroccan burger time.
They smell incredible! Now it's time to plate them up, so some slightly warm tortillas
a dollop of yoghurt, some more of that harissa. Lovely.
So an awesome burger, roasted pepper
I'm not doing anything, why am I never doing anything? I'm saving you for the eating.
Wrap the whole thing up, nice and tight
like a present... and then if we cut through the middle I'm not sharing...
and then turn them up on their end... I'm not sharing [laughs] and you can see...
look at that! I have to say, it looks and it smells incredible
The final finishing touch, a squeeze a lemon juice just lifts it again at the end
some more coriander
and there we go, awesome Moroccan burger. Stop placing it, throw it!
Right, taste it cause that's the important bit Right! It's all in the tasting...
I just got the wrap on the first bite
Right, go back for another one I'm not gonna comment yet Aw you cut them into quarters
Hold on a second, what are you doing? This was part of the plan wasn't it
cause obviously Barry and I have got to eat, so..
There was no part of my plan that involved you eating my lunch. It is really good though!
Ah man, that is delicious!
I love this little dip, what's that made out of? It's natural yoghurt and harissa
You need to mix that a bit!
[laughs] I told you!
I'll take this one for Barry
Ohh! Cheated again.
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