XV ELAVIO - Pacoti, Ceara - Brazil

Uploaded by januarioccp on 10.08.2010

1, 2, 3 and go!
So, I should talk now...
Are you filming me?
Can I start?
It is running? Yes? Ok!
You begin?
Ok, "my name is.." oh no!!!
from now?
Hello everyone!
It was my pleasure to meet you and be part of this meeting.
I feel very happy that I came to Brazil
and peoplo in Brazil are very friendly.
I'm enjoying the event!
I'm really enjoying the atmosphere,
the envoirement, the presentations,
everything. People are great here.
I loved them!
I'm very much enjoying ELAVIO.
It is a pleasure be here
see many people from some many places
and also see they enjoying the event.
Very good and the city is really cool!
Quite serius now!
So, try again!
I'm very comfortable here,
I felt very welcomed by you all.
And... what else I have to say?
Okay, right?
Greetings to everyone!
And... that is it!
That is it!
That is fine!
It was a pleasure.
Thank you!
It is a good thing!
Well... that is it.
A kiss for everyone!
And a hug for everyone!
Thank you very much.
It was a plesuare to meet you.