How to open a door - Finnish instructional video from 1979

Uploaded by Tiikuri on 01.10.2011

Did you know that every third person constantly opens doors incorrectly.
Do not be a bad door opener, for there is hardly anything easier than opening a door.
The rule of thumb for opening a door is that the door is always opened in the same way.
It's important to properly learn basic door opening.
The door is approached calmly.
Three meters before the door your steps have to be adjusted so that the left foot stops about 5 cm from the threshold.
Right foot stays behind.
The prerequisite for opening a door in a rhytmically successful way is that your weight rests on your left foot.
Your posture is correct, if you can effortlessly lift your right foot in the air, and rotate it without falling.
Now you'll extend your left arm towards the door handle, while your weight shifts forward.
Due to this maneuver your weight also moves to your left hand, which sort of automatically pushes the handle down.
From the emerged opening you'll slip your right foot in, rotating on it, turning your front side towards the entry direction
while releasing your grip from the handle
but at the same time grabbing the handle with your right hand while shifting your weight to the right.
The door closes.
Thus you've learned to open and close a door that opens away from from you.
Doors do often also open towards us.
It should be remembered that this time we only tought you to open a door in a situation where the door is opened from the right side with a push.
The method we learned just now should not be applied to opening any other kind of door or you'll be left outside