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It's so nice to be here enjoying a beautiful day on a boat...
I love it, because the weather is so nice,
and I love my Miami... so, let's enjoy it!
It looks beautiful behind me!
TellMeWhatToDoNow.com "Boat's Day"
I think it's time to get our swimsuits.
No, it's time to cheers... I want to drink.
Hello! They're there, and we have our own boat, lol.
I think there's a necessity of alcohol...
Because we're on a boat and we are not driving, we can have a drink
This is nature. You should never miss it.
They want to steal my hat. Thieves!
The bird wants to steal my hat!
Let's see what they're looking for... And this is the first time I appear on cam!
We have to open the wine so we can cheers.
Let's open the wine but I think it's time to get my swimsuit.
Let's see what Jennie is doing!
We're getting away from Miami.
We're doing what everyone said on Facebook...
We're going to an island. Let's see...
It's time to cheers.
Let's cheers for be thankful for everything good and bad that
happened to us this year. We learn from it.
I just saw Paulina Rubio's house.
Which one?
That one!
Let's cheers for happiness, for love, for friendship...
for everything we get...
Let's pour some ice because it's a little bit hot...
That's Paulina Rubio's house...
They are only going to see trees, lol.
Jennie as always want to sneak in everywhere!
She's not suppose to be there.
Let's see if Franko can get to the other side of the boat...
I can't!
I don't know how Jennie did it.
And I have a cup and camera on hand!
You know how to swim, right?
And finally he made it!
And they arrived to their final destination.
We arrived to "Gulligan's Island." or Gilligan!
And we arrived here because everyone said so in our website.
Let's see what's on this island.
The funny thing is that Kevin is not recording.
The water is very cold. Well, it's December...
This island is known as...
Gulligan's, Gilligan's...
No! This is an island known as The Monument Island.
It's like the bridge that connects Miami to Miami Beach.
And you can find the houses of the famous people too.
Like Gloria Estefan, Rosie O'Donnell.
Before it used to live Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor...
So let's go to the monument!
I have to shoot, that's why I'm never on camera...
I guess that's part of TellMeWhatToDoNow.com
This is where they're going to shoot the new version of The Blue Lagoon.
Here in South Beach!
Jennie is going to be the protagonist and I'm going to be the protagonist...
No my love, it's going to be Robert Pattinson.
We're on David Copperfield's Island.
Look, there is a shoe.
We have to walk with caution because there are too many trees.
Follow us.
Jennie, where are you?
We've arrived to David Copperfield's Island...
It was there... Look!
That's a crab...
No, they're weird things.
Yes, they're weird things...
Look, that's the way.
The entrance is where we were at the beginning...
Where? We found it... let's go...
No, I won't go through there! Let's go the other way.
you're going to nail something and will be worse.
Through there, where we started.
The monument, but it's very dangerous, but let's go!
I hope the monument is something interesting.
We're in a desert. There's no one... Just us.
We've lived here for years but we've never came to a place like this.
Jennie, what's wrong?
I heard something...
Of course she heard something because she stepped on the branches.
No it was a little animal running...
And the worse thing os that we didn't bring our shoes with us!
I's not through there Jennie! It's through the other side!
I need to find that monument!
And my wine?
She's drunk!
That's our boat.
Hello! We bought it, because my dad bought it for us... Hello! lol.
We found it?
I can't!
I brought this embedded in my feet!
Jennie is trapped there.
Let's see Jennie.
That really hurts!
They're like a good ugly thorns...
Walk to the monument: A FAILURE
I think we're going to have to board through the back of the boat.
Through the back?
Why? That's easy.
I cannot go through there Kevin Canache!
I'll have an idea... Kevin Canache will carry me.
I'm very strong.
No, but Kevin Canache will carry me.
Kevin let's do it.
He'll help you.
No, no, no, I'm going to look ridiculous.
I'm not gonna do it that way...
I'd love Tarzan to come and help me.
That way will be impossible.
I can't, I can't.
I know now... I need like a chair...
Ready! lol.
Ok, the exploration to the monument, a failure!
There were too many little thorns.
The oil exploration LOL.
We were bare feet like Shakira!
Horrible! a total failure. So let's enjoy a tour.
As you can see over there, there's the monument, a failure...
We've been told that's the house of the man who invented VIAGRA.
And after several glasses of wine, they forgot about the tour.
Enjoy life! For the sunny days on winter! Only in Miami.
I worked on the movie Magic Mike...
I hope you liked the trip through the waters of Miami Beach.
If you have a chance of doing it, I highly recommend it because you'll love it.
Enjoy our city,
and stay connected!
Jennie dropped the glass...
Jennie as always leave every place drunk! LOL
Visit TellMeWhatToDoNow.com to decide Franko, Jennie, and Kevin's destiny.
As you can see we're touring through the Titicaca river...
It's not any Titicaca river!
I'd like to stop using the internet... we cannot stop using it on board...
The first thing Jennie asked when she got on the boat was about WI-FI
The weather is perfect! I love it, love it, love it.
It's supposed to be a picture!