New Years Resulutions 2013 - First video blog YAY #1

Uploaded by sciencelion on 06.01.2013

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Wuho, Happy New Year every one!
It's 2013 and it's time for my first video blog!
And you all know what a new year brings us
New years resolutions YAAAYYY = )
So here are the 3 new years resolutions
I have chosen this year.
The first one is, I want to go jogging again, every two days
I already failed that we have 6 days into the news year
and I went jogging exactly 0 times.
Well I will try next week.
My second new years resolution is to
make a video blog every week for the whole year.
And I really hope I will continuo doing this
because I got my PhD position at my University now
and I wanted to give you the chance to follow along with my PhD
and also with some other stuff I'm working on.
The third new years resolution will remain a mystery, I'm not telling you now.
But I will be sure to let you know when it's happening
So keep an eye out for this one.
Don't... keep your eye in : )
watch out for that one.
All right those were my new years resolutions for this year.
Maybe you want to share your ones as well in the comment section below
Also if you have been wondering what's going on with my other channel, you know I have this
science youtube tutorial video channel.
I'm going to make some new tutorials this year
and I will teach you how to use the programming language R.
So you can also look forward to that.
Otherwise I hope I grow a little bit more into vlogging.
At the moment this feels
a little bit awkward, but well I will keep trying.
And I hope your have a great 2013
and I see you around, bye bye!
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