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SEC Sports Roundtable two-thirds of those
from of mostly what fall of basketball
a little baseball as we get closer to the that both these will hit the myth
that a little bit here at bear obligated to those flobots uh... right before
right after spring practice work-related pot at the end
football season
but uh... we have a exciting week to talk about the pope paul
uh... joining the will fit right into production facility up a little thing to
get rid of the action but adorning the from left to right if you're watching on
no doubt that their pants of was molly welcome s
he says he did that
on i'm glad to have you
support the mississippi state visor missed amidst the uh...
memo it was visor podcast night
answered and then the following uh...
well connector effect
compost here's britain burton welcome britain
and it'd be good
adult one more national championship lyrical
and so it is definitely saying that he is wearing anne
broken arrow
but didn't feel and itself
uh... with uh... alabama seven s_e_c_ victory in a row uh... domination
continues and you'll really
we'll talk a little it about that as we could do this by catholic curious to see
what you got the the future holds its never curious because we've got pictures
uh... we have no more talk about that so we'll talk a little bit about that
uh... but but let's get things started right away
what do you think about safety
of interpretive and then board president aristede hats and beth but
students are showing in
you think that the t_v_ around you know you is that our the today show
that we can just hang out with a seeds of this show with a
answers dilution in historical shorter
knowledge about it
sudden sheet she made each maybe slightly less loans at issue
and family-oriented isn't lost the plot herb at she feared she knew they didn't
everyone she
figured out that she started dating right now let's check in check their big
break olivia's margaret
the given all over and paying that much but at the defendant had or regret story
but at elected andrew quit but that would really get better
in it
assistant arresting them
that we you know this is the sport from people of course is gonna follow or just
have to keep up with the latest michael mira and and it's mostly important there
the copper for sports illustrated so we can go way off topic is going to be
uh... rumored to be uh... hannah davis is late today re jadir
and sees the uh...
directv teeny
you'll see the style
a little hot girl that's got the t_v_ you know
winter legs
kinda lookin into seductive lee yet that's that's hannah davis in solitude
classes is not memorable events
capital well
we're haha
if winds you did
options then he's probably didn't happen paper out of the stand because she says
she's already a model student at the moderate on stuff like that so
dude the prince oracle than alex alex is just looking for something
span font groupies out there
uh... to have a one-night stand with
steady except for error and taxes aided in new york or melchior corruptions new
york and
missouri there long enough to go to keep things quiet
hundred bentonite years
at de fifteen years far clearer your act together
first all that these people are profitable
well it's been another couple you cope with the alright here
really test and my
baseball knowledge at this point back
you know we'll get back to the actual
games at hand and in britain
phillips let's let you just start often tell us what your thoughts were what you
happy about what your which you were who that what you thought it would be let's
let's talk about that perspective
he was the last week you probably think it is the idiot who said they don't have
any confirmation at check-in that willow i think that was mia and outdated uh...
black and monitor
but it's a date that they didn't know quite like the independent are setting
in two years of uh... alto role
that exactly what you got and so estella question is
there's no doubt about as good as some of the middle late in the first seven
gain there isn't going to see
you now some of those countries
western kentucky yeah as opposed to other seasoned eagle wells
and i was uh... static i did not icons and it looks good angela bennett
hello everyone
was really surprised that was uh...
you keep telling our name was at least unveiled controller running game
anandhi and turned into a panera pratama canada make pledges he made by employees
but he didn't have to make though is that they were gassed in little rock
lower go happened out of the most product an inactive users voter
it was you know others will be more of a twenty
one to ten and twenty four thirteen point gain
burrows immunity terror closed but it was going to be a huge blowout n
a blazing
the job out there talking about them
in the dominant
fashion in which they do it
really exposed notre dame in
and really you know me maybe ten
a big ten ball teams this year but many to go to the temple teens are a lot of
seventy five
uh... you know a or
uh... in
you know you can't tell that they were not prepared for
the seed
uh... and then often go with people like ariel ncp was killed
uh... we're taking four weeks and
you know wasn't in a bid for the last six weeks of the season and
and had the ability to
they depend on a balanced largest
just promised that
attitudes of our was
croatia and for most people uh... that covered everything about better today
uh... pretty impressive or almost
you're the one thing that
that you hit on is the installation thing and and i think what's not getting
credit is
you know work
alabama they'd have to be just ecstatic that was he was as healthy as he was
because t_j_ yelled in when he had those carey's and he was giving some yard but
he was unable to get the chance that lace he was
and that could have been a whole different ballgame if he was unhealthy
like you are
and i think he made all the difference in the world he gave murkier all the
time of the world back there because you had to definitely plan for the right at
that point but it was a one-dimensional a game plan from alabama they were able
to do everything they wanted to do
they were able to executed every time they wanted to
you know couple huge third downplays that they had some great third an
efficiency that notre dame did not
uh... in
you know for all the
the rumors about are the
controversy about officiating
you don't think we did all comes down to it they got all the calls right
if you look at the way the rules are
you know as much as
you'd you'd like to think that that there were some possibility
those uh... calls could have with the other way they really were the right
calls and so you know alabama do you think they took it from the very
beginning in this dominated whole performance and
but you gotta be super ecstatic as an alabama fan that that lacey was
was the way he wasn't there for the way he did
i don't see a illogical interview dot org delic brian kelly interviewed
unhappy bill many but i think that you have to know
uh... he would say that he made a huge mistake by a
i mean i completely well a political nazism of what you know they didn't have
her on the ball and i i think that you probably
got freaked out by state of the last six weeks to dave left for me and
you know we can do things that we've shown all season because he's going to
have those you know how to stop those michael really got away from what
they've been off-season put everything on borrowing balsam hui have discussed
over however has not knowing that no not ready to do that invited half an hour
ago all recorded on started by then kidnaper you know their bread and butter
offenses game plan
well and don't think it's important that with the and it with them
soviet brutally
you're talking about haven't he needed to have
you know one of the game because i didn't really clear meet some of those
uh... naki removal
the ghostly the second quarter
uh... he threw the ball uh... across the field
uh... and it was a it was basically headed out of balance and i don't know
who would first era for alabama but it was like a period of six y
that was the right person earns
that was of course
rate throw kareoke an entire interests and their word
you know of the leading this when he was not as large regards or individuals
he was outstanding and i think that everything that others are mock-up o
domain you're there was a little bit writing about this issue in bed
um... you know i've
you can look at the uh...
walls of the property are well
second session
that everybody covers her arm at you know
is pretty interesting because i actually saw in a message dated shareware
necessary standard at work let's do that
with the but the ball albright into
and it call but
stefano so close that they actually protestants
uh... within a week raising product next stretched ball
uh... andy interfering with the catch
but which was kind of interesting so whenever all that happened in people any
issues with the news
and after the initial what's going on but it wasn't for listings on
it was a terrible officiating the character also work
uh... but uh... he
alabama dominated set employment
but this
you know that i that i still don't understand why you were waiting
truck load of clothes
but all of this goes in here that
you don't think that he didn't think he's going to have throws the ball
but now
uh... not put it on my shoulder strap getting when they
shed before being transferred all upset
uh... fabian try uh... to really go that route and then of course
you know who are into it they were down to where they had it
the agreements that for all
panel answers
really get hurt their game plan and when u
when you're down
fourteen forty one at twenty eight point two twenty eight finance if yet
but you're porting method recorder and yet the tack on another fourteen points
the second quarter it's
it's hard to there
stay with the run ball run game
game plan to try to do that expecially when
uh... alabama was able to to run down that field with such a patient even if
you look at it
uh... i don't know about the ratings in the second half of those two models had
to leave their
and i watched most of that second half
i didn't watch it isn't it ladies because i didn't need to at that point
but what i've been seeing within it
alabama program
didn't have to keep their foot on the throttle
if they wanted the score they baked goods gathered at one dr layton
the third quarter prepared for tobacco and scored again whether it kinda look
like they were in somewhat of a eight revealed
offense and defense you know where they were trying to run some sometime off the
uh... and then also they try to get a couple big chunks of site for this
course courses were so close
uh... his so
because of that you realistically think that that game could have been even
further apart than what the score reflected
that's a shame that i mean
turner all according to that one critic
nap and alabama did have a short sale looking for shortage draw for test at
sixty seven yards
uh... yes three custom browsers like it
over eighty two dollars uh...
you know so that it was a complete
domination began taking the football you can't stop me under whenever basically
just a few bargains whenever they would have to sell for the run agent of change
it rolled out mean
uh... unionist penis probably i would say it's best to grow my uh... was a
more to do it at middle for that
uh... would be first doubts about sixty yards
uh... did
it's galaxy yard difference in
uh... yes even is these regional workshop on it
benda holes there
yeah uh... blazing row ordinary
meant that they are asked to on t_v_
every time you interview the wrong background blocker
with archive colour you know this guy too
i think i wanted to win the heisman
just cuz i like them
looks like
not even the best lime background as you know too much time has been much less on
appeal that night and so
uh... career
he intended to say with the speaker or other
jacqueline him you know and and and really it goes to show you that a guy
like to take me a clammy
uh... me i really really really happy people can actually
you know
just to look out on it he was when these technol double teams attributing it to
get twenty
three times for wall street thirteen sucks
and here's a guy definitely emulated immediately so is sort of player
pediatric sleep at night
boy it's pretty interesting saying all those facts
can communicate that
you had a yet he did withdraw bandar rankings because we didn't really have a
vocal slated as a top ten kids
well you know they're they're still looking at that link for transpired
video but uh... here's a rough night lou's guest with highs in the carrier
but he wasn't
early first rameters then the you'd be in bed performance was not is the
not talk about
from the uh... kels side of things
yet enough pilots for the heisman but they never had it
as a high first round draft pick anyways
acceptance shady i mean really
in college football today i think you'll see this is indicative with the uh...
with this drought coming up with me if you really looking into that will get
all the genus leaving what that actually tells you is that it's a very bleak
draft and then when you have to take a look back at the jarmin's those great
uh... but there are a lot of great
just heisman s
performances this year
across the board in college football where you can go
you know
years five gasoline
mission the head of a shot at the highest because it was a little bit of a
down year i think you can expect
there were they just happened earlier in the season
so all of a sudden those games like west virginia you know they had their highs
and performance in week three an analyst that may go on a lot of five game losing
you know
so it's a pretty it's impossible to give accord back like that that the highs or
even getting close to the finalists
and uh...
was a client in kansas state you know the couple really good performances out
uh... but at the end of the day
moment happened a little too early for those guys
whereas men's l with alabama that week nine week here
you know it and that's
look at what they do one margie three with baylor
uh... the year before i mean his bid performance happen week what here eleven
as well where it was that uh...
what team did at baylor come back in just a little evander oklahoma excludes
in so
you know you have that performance late american that really can elevate you
would appeal to the highs and because it's it's all about that what have you
done for me lately mentality with that how you guys mentioned the draft will
let's talk about that for second uh... is mckarrick coming out receipt a stage
a comeback for a amistad name
so he's going first for you know
haha call me yes
or are
the one
numerically inferior gasco
are right there at least and come back
flew there is going to you're going down and the left tackle start on joanna just
results more that
so to intellect
did that
andrew before we go to draft our this is a really interesting started up again
after the predator chris wallace from a ban on line
but uh...
belongs travel yesterday under the regular season was seventy five yards
the whole regular season
helping all that
e he wouldn't it
allen knows now that was touched down draft
alabama driver eighty two sixty one eighteen seventy one ninety seven and
eighty six yeah battle of the f_t_c_ mama right there
and and
from walt of fourteen enough then at their own pre-order
they just
yeah i'll maybe was there for you
and i said in the arts you disliked
just crack you see
it's it's really bad one
on you know and and and you know today in so
you know it is anybody else on their they only did i made it they're not
going to beat up like notre dame notre dame gets too much credit and they've
been something good
really too much for a monday
yeah yet
basically into day with the team that stands out and have been
and everything is right for our panel
so your lives and
will go back to the draft but na and they were you had with that that's that
it's an amazing fat virginia against notre dame in it really goes to show how
competitive the s_e_c_ is every week
it makes me as a kentucky we can actually compete with almost any other
program in the country
uh... except yet in the near future i'd zero accepted six then i accidentally
alpha nscc
stuff there
let me know if i mean people concede their new
we know
from everything i could start at seven a
but you know there's no easy it's bad because this is
the resume related
and when you're in that colin added it doesn't matter
the other societies middle back as we speak english and a lot of other boxes
not cars is another day in space
whatever really deserve to know a little then
back but she's
this is a reality and arizona bennett but
this keeps happening ideas on how can you argue against it went to the problem
is is notre dame plays
a mission statement grant
biting the top ten when they play on playing the piano straw uh... replenish
again at the time sometime tourney and then earlier today but
they don't even specially made up water and insider plants
and uh... you know a little yemeni play usc team
uh... you know that the
c_e_o_ and that was
was complete for our in there but it's still pretty united and where
on you know they cut call them at a time or oregon summit in italy
uh... pretty controversial call with they got out of there wins so on
everything still right for you
uh... you know unfortunately that is
without time also
you know they've
game plan is going back to me
you know you see this look a lot of people with alabama you know that has
come out of the things that
you don't think they should do comments have change
acute problem you know you know that's what we do
i'm going to try i'm gonna take out that
you know before the review or a conceptual iran against events the
discovered worry about it
feed them
renewable if you're looking to do this is a good game employers
the maryland
incidents require that no overtime and
rose and i think it was most teams were apply
they claim the couple like really good days each year didn't really talk like
sarah worksheets alone in the big issue in she told me
yet final
bonus no message
blue-and-white aboard a two bedroom apartment here or year several
mania that evening
europe and one-year-old got nafta bolti
about that
who may it be
unwilling being one of the week at work trying at
marinated in la affair do
however the reverend
nak what internet down but other definitely a better barbara y
well and
uh... of the spirit and yes sir
madrid with political political going to be
it it's deathly that
you at the white bread with the re-entering yeah drinkin beer usually
makes a lot of course the lab
then monitor and record highs
attempted entered at that
but or
it and it there
wicked like but is there anything else we need a and other
weakening as we can go back and finish up our draft stuff and then we could
wrap this thing out
some apparent
laces place you go
uh... there is no matter
well there's no
appear for metro appeal
but it is
apparently uh... loggers whose
range we're leaving
as a research talked more which is a
i'd like to know if the president of the archana manage in indiana work that well
i guess
some unproductive year that he comes back to blow up india ph no first-round
picks up please think about it
hoping that the best all round
so much we dont on the other day that
they did they use coming up more that he would be a day
uh... all flights out of the sixties
thousands what's amazing comment on that really paid attention to select toss all
that before the game and i have paid attention germany's eastern animal these
huge yet and so i think if he gets into a workout situation is what it sounds
he could possibly get
sky rocketed into a second round of shots and
uh... unit
this course and then i think this twenty thirteen giraffe
is homes force
from what other classes being
uh... definite overall
uh... let's look at a lot of two years ago romania l_s_u_ this guy what
mattered to him better liaison better freakin sharan after ten
uh... credit
you know you got the o_j_ matthews comes back offer texas a and a m
uh... but
step four star group
this phrase in the matthews according to two draft and should be a car it
stereo how is he going to say that i mean
i mean it just freezing taking off
uh... at
but uh...
maybe just look around i mean it's just you got a little after all i did that
get like a lot of the track towards others can be a record year for this you
see in the first ironically
but this is is that a lot like thirty usa
warmest number in the first round of shots in the most everest lawyers their
in it and
most that works at anywhere from sixteen to eighteen
as is required forms of
now thinkers twenty-eight add comment about this renters twenty three
jerry runner class and they're leaving early we have another was there was
twenty four hours of yesterday before
uh... occurs almost twenty eight of cleaner
uh... now that we're all pawns leah unhappy before a delight to see and be
surname dot the crystals project using the room
uh... but their senses proselytize from somewhere and ground and some of those
guys coming out i mean it
it's is if you use your question
that's coming out
it is happening across a is far across the country is like every other
second-year working at it
where did where they have a lacey going
stuck around
well before just does run by auburn and then if you change in the national
searches views contradictory third-quarter gabba
everyone still planning to go to his control brutal morbidity world
these last three games yet some light
uh... power of your improper shall the last three games and so
something of a much larger the early accepted possibly even
first i don't think that it happened are surrounded by a com
is talking about absolutely fine the computer
worth applying there
another but their trash they are indeed
worry second overall are
somewhere around there
they have another second thank you for that
you'd be perfect for the time
be would any of its own director then brett
his phone yes this is a little
or any of those guys
with bathroom happen
so next year where greater o'shea c
that what we but all the uh...
the talk this week about s_c_c_ fans uh... non alabama as his teeth in the
routing rollup
and cut
is the whole both is the whole idea of the do you prefer s_e_c_
and so a lot of people can understand it and
ourselves in this country should share
there's never situation where we're going to have a delight
i'll walk out and then the next year and a
and therefore a alabama i'm up
on their own
diana stands and that actually trademark hong kong market reopened and stay in
the shamrock
actually are still very critical
corporate player
realtor man
but uh...
there's never a situation where memories for all nationalist member situation i
think i would say absence is a winner
it's just a quick in this in the area of the or assistance and for building where
they were going signaled a
and i you know name
i have more than happy about that
when i was really cheering for our rental blitz
and that upset with the battery for notre dame yet bunny i i don't
understand how i get to see a friend
kiddo different ravin
right only get that found that there are a lot of feeding frenzy has kind of a
quarter because it's so important and it's kind of
you know the several archer
it is
i had that i could never brutal working with the international community
i mean how you could pick any other key
in the individual and it will be here sam on a route for them
over tennessee whether they're in the s_e_c_ or not
it happen in ninety
of a movie with a plan the fiesta bowl arizona uh... or for that
how is definitely had a tomahawk out that night
well unless there is that going to talk about that on local radio murder here
and there's a
certain local october third
diplomacy and anywhere but
was just making maybe a tennessee pemberton well i have to know what
you're talking about the government norse
design logger at work
uh... but
he's made a classy desperate for each other and ever assisi things yeah you
know almost
commitment to the point of cholera is show but i didn't like it there
but certainly excalibur said i had never heard tennessee or alter international
said it should be having a ball game
and al d'amato in twelve pt but
every whatever dot com twenty if he has
increases that have
of perceive strength of the s_e_c_ an internationalist line team
in the next regular season ticket you can login if you can't use of the alle
even come through one loss they're better than most community in the
country and so accurately f_e_c_
but it's not because i know you gotta catch of because
nl martina longer on the more that we went out of conference
then policy because i think something is came from strong ball game
uh... missile it doesn't happen at the from a
regular-season but
from ballgame champ or you've gotten a ten point uh... georgia and address
i couldn't care less about form
dollars and
bannerman's castle drastic
so the at the finances are going
living and dining george's phenomenon
but anything at all i think it's not that big illegality off your cleansing
antenna eight points
achche that either
assault refer us few detail soon
round but highland dot right now benedetto eager poll every assisi
by and large the but the war into
eighty three teams that's on their list that they're never going to russell
remain i have a better are most likely better we consider the content you will
how about you know that
fantasizes that that's the way it is yeah is a sad doesn't have a pro sports
earlier in twenty years ago segundo for florida in others
it's almost a cold day
in hell before rooting for florida
you know it those are the two teams on my list
uh... do the math county kentucky so that's eleven teams um... have always
been a real kentucky
uh... the other eleven teams
i'm always get a room for them if it's in fits and neutral field advantage like
that because i said that
it only does better for
the the s_e_c_ is a whole
i think if you pull and and that's the one thing i never heard on the local
talk shows
here it is
is there is there anything that you don't root for
as an s_e_c_ fan but by and large the root for the others
and if you do that if you ask it in that way
the it is going to be
ride because
you britain
spite me you would have to pay them loose on packard certain days
that but that's the case
where you're at
uh... happy day for you but almost loses
in so we all have a few weakest
if they get on our skin
this that is something about a and and it makes us happy when they lose you
know week we take pride in their misery
and so
by a large you have some of that but so when it comes to look into the national
championship game i'm sure that there's a lot of people the state of alabama the
few police dept were not rooting for alabama simply because they were all
juliet and you know by and large in august a lot of arbonne fans
rooting for
now i'll take that back and say that about if you put a lot of tennessee fans
they probably were rooting for alabama
and i say that because tennessee is spent their programs pinned down so long
year that they're looking for something to grasp on
and they can work
but for some of the s_e_c_ winner
look at three apiece ok he so beat up about how bad tennessee aziz he he would
have probably been rooting for alabama
that's just my two cents on the whole thing
so i guess the question as plum
you know as wanted the end in sight on the lady talk about is going to end at
some point and it's gonna be tough we don't respect that
above really telling
uh... there in the afternoon archer var adult an active coaches out old lotsa
take sides really entirely diplomatic every even he talked about how he could
see the speed difference especially on the back and
almost real alabama's heather leaks
that not just read that in a moment of centralized in one
it's because the left hand side of things that i would like josh
this is the one hundred it's adversarial remain uncommitted question because this
is unique situation
if it doesn't initiator
it do you think that's an ok relapse fourteens into a chance
warrants for playoff system
which is chancellor this year
to hear that floridian u_s_ and with an organ
event or something of that affect your opportunity
because of that
the eighty years of the last seven years balance eat there's more opportunities
at least one iccp is getting in their costly another one
who usually take these animals or twenty-eight
give situations in the year-end recess i don't run away with it uh... multiply
them so i think that i think i think that only strengthens the opportunity
for the s_e_c_ because it's very i need to play one game
and then i could play another game because i think this is larry is going
to work for a lot of things for a lot of people is
you give me four teams immediately thirty days to prepare for that person
that's where
but yes we will know it is
is because if you get this cc teens acrobat reader
willfully over one week to prepare
that's where the differences
and i think that's for the cream natal never you'll be able to do that it does
a notre dame
you know in this scenario does it better than wet or again and i'll bet way of
doesn't know the venerable and at the political backing out of bed seven days
later after such a
of big-name trail transient
transitions report on the creek with
uh... the first point is ameen we're looking at is it eight of seven in a row
and paid a fifty nb so it is to be c_s_ started as a corrected it
i think you nine thing
unsure metre
that might be
x five different teams
and so not a fifty to sixty some odd percent
of the town the s_e_c_ of won and won the last seven in a row
so akash global one more month one more
whether the eight mirror
so cannot a sixty
uh... where where the wild card happens players in this is the one thing that
that you didn't mention is that
because it's a four billion playoff
anything can happen in the second week
ended and that's where the s_e_c_ could run into a stumble
you know that first week they win a close game in a in a row a rough way if
somebody gets hurt now they have played a whole next game
with with one of their star players injured or out uh... and i can totally
changed the whole complexion of that game
so that's what you get with according plant that you don't have correctly with
the pcsb
troubles at home at att net right a lot of the s_e_c_
within the ten to twelve weeks
st louis stretch and then they don't want all
bbc legally notre dame that that's what you think one of the or the next week
unique at both of those stairs welcome
you give me an s_e_c_ teaneck new back-to-back weeks
thirty days after doing it
you know island
out of that is where that's happened to different selection would be
uh... when it comes to anderson tristen
usd fee at that point on the caliber of the n_f_l_
i mean you get a another team that's out there
it's not in our conference by the s_e_c_ debutante towards the end
you never know what can happen that second week
you know where even that first week as an upset bec that's happened in the
n_f_l_ with the giants alaska for years the packers
they came on strong with the end they work the best team if you look that
uh... in the n_f_l_
the s_e_c_ came stumbling alabama stumbled again stay in a m a name put on
a great performance but they alabama still stumble
and had the back their weight into this national championships
playing with here
languages which arise in what what you're saying is that they need
let me think of
epf because
if input it one other thing didnt fall in place
even to year from now alabama would have been on the outside looking in to a
fourteen play out
and the f_c_c_ would've been out of that
so there is that still that's an area where now side because the way the chips
the issue
left out of it
those things can
still happen whether whether they had the when the s_e_c_ championship or not
that and estimates carolina because
if you take
if you take a day alabama and then on
eleven more
and they've been losing one game against texas a and a m
late season
the end of the whole idea is that
it you will reach the whole issue of
initial twice
uh... you those those others he stumbled as well studied sanford
detectives were they needed to be
is there a phone or in a reached rates the very end the year
out the decision appears youthful that's an area to be able to send them to get
back to back weeks
playoff scenarios
i think that's one of the endoscopic an equivalent of venice florence rome on
conference in basketball so we can prepare for paternity because it's a
woman done deal uh...
bahamas all adults agree that that that more than likely that the scenario
with the four-game
layout that we haven't few years opens it up more for the s_e_c_ lose the
national championship
business because of its current state
you know v interesting uh...
state and that's the issue of the projects eventually
have a great season
alabama the grace even both or lost
going be a sea change should get the penalty because the loser is not going
to get a chance to get up fourteen playoff and it came up at four hundred
and go to the s_c_c_ championship didn't i didn't have the opportunity to win or
girl instead of you
i'd ask has devoted a problem
came last year because you get the deficit term championship in its forgot
to add to the national change m
blasted on c_n_n_
i see that well character
said it is an issue with that
and now you've got to stay at home
you didn't you didn't allusion oka rivera and i yet
uh... see that being addressed because
uh... i mean oregon probably has also our case in their mouth this year
they're probably better
in stamford
uh... liquid
but because the way the chips relating it to play for the packed well
i don't know antibody and they play for uh... p_c_s_ game
i don't know i think that i'd see somebody looking at that address and
that in some way shape or form
you know being able to
not criminalize the team that loses their dirty pictures because an awful
lot of fun is as this consolidation happens more
that you're going to have more of those a-league teams possibly lose in their
expression of his target the all these properties having fourteen
or sixteen t
which is going to happen over the next few years yeah i think there's going to
be something put in place expecially when these
copper to start you know that sixteen king level
that's up it's going to get put in place to not penalize that loser like they are
although after
williams is that you have
major contradiction
this morning and for our trip than that because the whole reason about
retirement static because at the heart
units a year to do it for the poor
and they have to see how much money that you know it's
returns in a tizzy
cousin alleviate italy's gather round me anymore
but uh... a forty playoff each family to a meeting quite often
we're getting closer and closer to the ability to be able to say
united the wall and actually and shit
in realistically let's look at it
it's at it happens it's been happening for you
the thinking people network in college football
look at the vision to yes if the estimates if a sixteen team playoff
ethanol here
yet but
the multiple the multiple gamespot gtalk program is where
that that's where you're
biggest roadblocks coming it's not that the balls you can incorporate all your
balls in those sixteen
umpteenth in that
get most of your bigger balls
wrapped into that
it's uh... it's uh... that players playing the extra games and they do it
in a p_s_ all the time
so escalated athlete has the ability to perform
uh... they've got the test in place to say that
it'll be a high level students
skills will you please air quotes for that
uh... because
how good are some at leaflets
zeroual multilateral
uh... instead
that f_b_i_'s shows of the sixteen team format work ok so it does okay
about that lends itself to say that of a sudden this money start for women with a
with a forty now you can go to a two sixteen what a mess
you guys are hadrons on your face
women-owned corporate i was outs on the bottom there
anything else we regret the thing that
well more is better than last time
uh... resistance satisfaction orders
so work rear talking basketball for all those football fan
against turn this off
republic basketball a few minutes
assisi play actually started yesterday
at least today cheney using yet uh...
uh... par
yet pat homologues violently nako
calibration unlisted
uh... more henderson zro less
isn't it part of a special what is the same of season ends
bondage as soon as they are a star
and everything almost for it
and it
he led the s_e_c_ and so on demand and character
out of his life
four-way with organization them
and uh...
he intended cooperate in the last night
but after a brief three-point shots
or make
it down
the poor
with song
crazy like school and then went on his arm so and
uh... leaflet often as a defense overwhelm indeed
it was the motion pictures i have ever seen a lot
and uh...
is tight
was looking at
yes and he will be i guarantee you are about to danger anymore
biochim decision
is the most hated her excuses
it amar player
on supplier
buried in jesse you know
uh... something india cc beyond without
workplan in atlanta and more
the sa
moments but
right out
explorers right there are still think that that's going to get your attention
and all
better than butter
and a
ebeneezer headquarter athletes were executed whatsoever
american break the top four ill
i'll give of all agree mystery
seconds florida
and i would say kentucky's third right now yes i don't think that's where
kentucky could end up at the at the end of the season
i think they could be badly for number two at that point and have a possible
chance to to be number one
but today i would say that the third best team in the s_e_c_ now they would
we rented out and say who bill could we put in the forty s harder little yet
artfully island as older tennessee that almost three times there are okay
pretty bad dad the amid fits in the book
for the economy they have become popular it
it's gonna happened
if it if you look at kentucky for sydney
it's not like their listened to
patterson school for the death or something like that i mean it's
what notre dame
uh... global who's right number to visit
the minutes but some something
big program losses due
i don't know it's that's three therefore also living that's
hope to see is a major dale
and uh... the red shirt on him from what i understand this is the only answer to
that america has nuclear rolls on
if seeded
benefit of the arabs of
that's all
so that fourth is totally up for grabs yet americans all this program but i
don't think
right now and there's more than three days
but i think you listed
committees i don't think i would actually map eternity niigata
non-profits wins
uh... and united in our p_r_ choking as you see him in your local frequent major
united and archaea properties problems are
yeah enormous right now is only a out that the losses
with the evidence
they want to know why loss the indiana state
initiative a place of terrorist attack in iraq went about it
like please
at one twelve games have had no quality opponents scheduled
i mean you're going to the point now basketball you have to get to three
uh... tougher opponents on the first half of the season do you do you know i
think perhaps and family member who they don't want further decrease
uh... for them up right now
italy there
to cynicism
you're looking at carolinians
mississippi valley state
uh... coastal carolina
u_a_l_ are
record record is a big east in the play terror
when they got bit by middle tennessee
and loss
at home
houston is the
away on their own
much today at the back edited out of all the way a don't wait out the character
little quorry and had only a cent
if they get drummed by indian state anticipating on all three
look there on the link below spot to but still losses the loss of its like that
and in san francisco or why
you're right that that nobody if marlboros
all the uh... all contains many corridors
social photo and they never got to play there is no more or can you do it is a
so we don't even know who all mrs no
that's all
let's all uh...
inflated number for me
and then all his friends agree
the one thing i do know this written in stone it's market leadership unity edit
and four years old
right thing at work almost an hour and uh...
well if you have an open mind than a quarter
britain them will close up shop in just a minute
yes more friday so it's uh...
it's the first four weekend of the new year this
now for all their second soho
and very little bits of looking forward to tomorrow
and informit news corbin
they think that the other is always win
in jail setup
problem or whatever that indicators
then they can people can follow you
splitter yes
ad-aware song
britney thing you wanna for welfare inequality
yeah are currently right wagner
guy right uh...
collateral an outlier carpet because all reptile
it is not right now prom extra representing then but transcribed
players prime ministers and other
until that acog president manana occasional one in their settlements to
export based on our twenty minutes and property bubble bath bill on everybody
whom i love it
where people can follow me personally at piecing bailey follow the along with
anti csr ke at isi csr key on twitter
um... the last thing i'll leave you guys with the exact same thing we started
with the netzer you not as we were talking here osborne updating the care
uh... crucial and the first thing up tight when i typed his name in
uh... when you do a search for a j mccarran is none other than catherine
where nastiest supplanted him when you do a google search no less
if the news articles about uh...
you don't hit her being in the spotlight so
good good
good for her uh...
you know i'm happy that she's taken this instruct
uh... with the interviews because you know i don't think must burger did
or politically incorrect or anything you should have to apologize for isolated
accept the fact that somebody think she's beautiful
uh... you know they've got worse things to worry about the world uh... i don't
think it was the mean or anything like that to a woman so
be let out there
because of the mantra more cynical or
had already
and the ek the
and needed to be a quarterback with the monitor prayer
uh... yeah but look at a club with a lot