Coca-Cola Polar Bears Film 2013 produced by Ridley Scott

Uploaded by cocacola on 31.12.2012

Let me try that one more time.
Are we there yet Daddy?
A special day...
Now soon or later soon?
Almost Kaia.
A special day dawns in the arctic...
You said that two icebergs ago.
Kaia, Daddy’s rehearsing his acceptance speech.
Heard that before.
A special day dawns in the arctic as we majestic polar bears journey across the tundra.
Generation after generation we roam these lands with pride...
We rule this wonderland with dignity.
Hey Dad. Funny story. I was following the wrong family for the last hour.
Everyone looks the same from behind... heh-heh...
Jak, please, just for today, can you not be so...
Knew we should have brought the cubsitter but she said “No. No cubsitter...”
It’s your father’s big speech day so let’s all be on our best behavior.
We’re on it.
Dad just doesn’t get me.
What do I always say?
I know. Just be Jak.
Thanks Mom.
This opening doesn’t feel right.
Just relax.
Or you could just picture them naked.
Hello there.
How are the kids?
Look at her arms.
I think she gained weight.
Hey Hey Hey...
Kaia, how would you like to spend the day with Jak?
Well, you could just come with me to hear your father’s speech.
Alright, Kaia! What are we gonna do first?!
We can make snow angels...
And Zook, keep an eye on Jak.
You got it Mom.
Jak in charge of Kaia?
He might just surprise you.
That’s exactly what I’m afraid of.
Everyone’s here.
We look perfect.
Ugh! Puffins.
Look at how they swim.
I know, right?
Looking lovely in your winter whites ladies.
Is he kidding?
Look. Here comes Zook.
Heyyyyyy. Zook.
Oh hey girls.
Poor things. They must be hypothermic.
We should accept and embrace all our differences.
Only then will we be able to scale new heights
and earn the respect of generations to come.
Hey. Where do you think you’re going?
I’m off to scale new heights.
Can I come Jak?
I’ll be back soon Kaia. Stay away from those puffins.
Kaia. You stay right here. OK?
Whatever. I never get to have any fun.
Jak, you disappear whenever we’re supposed to clean the cave,
catch dinner, or pretty much ANYTIME we’re supposed to do ANYTHING.
Hey. Do you think Dad would name this tower after me if I was the first bear to slide down it?
Uh huh. Idiot tower.
Oh in that case after you!
And so it is with humility that I accept the honor that you have bestowed upon me.
To serve our community with dignity.
My family and I pledge to lead by example.
Hey Dad. How’s the speech going?
Where is your sister?
This couldn’t get any worse.
Is that Kaia with the puffins?
Annnnnd, it just did.
Doesn’t she know that bears and birds don’t mix?
This is all your fault!
Time for the grand finale!
You did just say ‘lead by example.’
She’s playing with her food.
That is enough!
I hear they have grizzly in the family.
How’d that go. Oooooh... Show me that move!
No. Daddy. It’s like this...
I always knew those bears were different.
Yeah they get that from my side of the family.
Jak is so awesome! He’s just so...
Good at being himself.
I’m going to start being himself too.
Don’t you mean yourself?
No. Why would I want to be YOURself?
Good point.
The Polar Bears