Adria - Caravan Lahti 2012 [1/13]

Uploaded by Caravanuutiset on 15.09.2012

Hi, how's Adria doing this year?
Thanks, we are doing fine.
Our biggest news are Sonic Axess, which is a 7 meter 3.5 ton integrated motorhome.
It is completely new and it expands the Sonic family. There are Super Sonic with Alde heating and Sonic in the family already.
They are both 7.4 meters in length. This new Axess has a bit more length and 2 floorplans.
Matrix Supreme has a Renault base with Alde heating. There are 2 additional floorplans available.
The existing floorplan was a success and we can offer two additional floorplans now.
Sport motorhome range has more accessories. For example electric floor heating.
We had a lot of new motorhomes last year, so this year we have focused more on caravans.
Alpina has the widest range of models and it is the best selling range in Finland.
It has Alde heating and floorheating.
The exterior look has been re-designed and improved. Alpina's interior has always been stylish.
Astella Glam is a completely new caravan. It represent a new thinking in design.
It has the best looking kitchen in any caravan in my opinion.
Astella Glam won the European Innovation Award in Germany.
The price of Astella Glam may not be suitable for everyone, but this caravan has a lot of style both inside and out.
Are there any new floorplans in caravans?
Yes, of course. Alpina 743 UK has grown into 763 UK and there are also other new floorplans in Altea, Adora, and Alpina ranges.
There are good floorplans for every need.