#NotAboutThatLife - @Vidcon 2012

Uploaded by ScooterMagruder on 04.07.2012

What’s up guys, hope you’re doing well. So I went to Vidcon this past weekend in Anaheim,
California. For those of you who don’t know what Vidcon is, it’s a video convention
for the online community. Basically, a whole bunch of YouTubers just get together and do
a whole bunch of foolishness. But like anything else, there were just some experiences at
Vidcon that I just hated; some things I am just #NotAboutThatLife. For example: On the
airplane ride over there, I happened to be seated in the emergency exit which makes me
responsible for reviewing all the guidelines should the aircraft get into an accident which
of course would not matter if you ever got into an accident on an airplane. Everyone
is just going to die, okay? This is not some fairy tale ending like that one plane that
just glided on the water – no! If we get into an accident on the airplane, we’re
dying. It doesn’t matter if I review the guidelines or not. #DAHECK. What about the
height of your favorite Youtuber? You think you know what a person looks like and then
in person you get there and they are 6’ 19”. I think every Youtuber should be required
to list their height on their YouTube page. I am 6’ 1”. Actually, I am 6 three fourths,
but that doesn’t matter. Now you can visually understand how tall I am so you won’t be
disappointed when you see me. Vending machines – this is just a general one. Vending machines:
Why is gum $1.25 in a vending machine? That doesn’t make any sense. That’s literally
a quarter per piece of gum. Who comes up with these things? At the bathroom at Vidcon: I
go into the bathroom. There is only one urinal – doesn’t seem to be a problem except
for the fact that it’s a kid-sized urinal. Now I have to go and maneuver myself strategically
so that there is no splash-back except for, oh wait – it’s already splashed-back on
me. Now I have to walk around Vidcon while it evaporates for a little bit. #NotAboutThatLife.
Midget security guards at Vidcon: What are you – what are you going to be doing? Who
are supposed to protect anyone from? Boom – you’re done. Who are you protecting?
Price gauging: I understand things should be a little bit more expensive in California
but there is no reason for me to be paying $10 for three tacos. Okay, these aren’t
even big tacos. I can go to Taco Bell right now and get 27 tacos for the same price of
these three tacos that I got. There is no reason for this - #NotAboutThatLife. I’m
at the airport leaving to go back. Some random dude says “Can you watch my bag?” #DAHECK.
No I am not watching your bag. I don’t know what’s in there. You are going to walk away,
next thing I know: BOOM! I’m dead because I wanted to watch – no! I’m not watching
your bag. At one of the restaurants in the hotel, I order a hamburger.
Only costs 17 dollars. I get some fries; 16 more dollars. All I want to do at this point
is get some ketchup for my fries and then go about my day. But they only have spicy
ketchup for their French fries. Spicy ketchup! Who DAHECK wants spicy ketchup on their fries?
I don’t want spicy ketchup on my fries. Do you want –? No. You don’t want spicy
ketchup either. It’s just – it’s ridiculous. America! America!
What are you doing? USA! USA!
Okay, I understand its 4th of July but – man you are wearing a Santa suit, okay. That’s
was from “Why Santa Can’t Be Black”. I recognize the suit. I was – I did the
video. At least I’m not wearing my high school
football jersey. Man nobody even cares what you are talking about at Vidcon! It’s the
4th of July! America! *starts singing in the background* God bless America…
So you are really just going to start singing like that.
Land that I love. Stand beside Scoot…
Really? …and guide Scoot. From the mountains, to
the valleys, to the oceans, white with foam. God bless America, my home sweet home.
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*finishes singing* I hate it when women dress a certain way and
then want to be treated differently. If you’re dressed like a streetwalker in
scantily clad clothing, I’m not going to be expecting to have a very deep conversation
with you. That’s all I’m saying. I hate it when girls act like they don’t
know you, like we didn’t go to the same middle school and high school together. Okay.
Oh, you have Double-D's now? Wonderful. I knew you when you were flat chested.
I’m a grown man.