Raw Corn Chips

Uploaded by RawFusionKids on 26.10.2012


We are going to make our delicious corn chips
and earlier in a previous episode we made chili.
and earlier in a previous episode we made chili.
So these pair nicely. We have fresh corn
off the cobb and we are going to take it
and simply remove the kernels like that.
In the bowl we have three cups of
fresh corn. This is sweet corn.
The height of the season so its very good, but in this recipe
if you need to sweeten it and its not
you can always add a little lime juice
So we have 3 cups of fresh sweet organic corn.
And we are just going to take three teaspoons of psyllium husk
This you can get at your local health food store and
a lot of C stores like regular stores sell psyllium now
too. So three teaspoons of that.
And we are just going to take and blend it.
So we have an S-blade

There you go alright
So now we have our mixture were
going to take a dehydrator sheet and
we are going to make our chips
So you can flavor these anyway you want.
Here we have 2 teaspoons of fresh chives, but
you can also use like jalapeno or
red chili peppers or rosemary
so whatever herb you love or herbs that you have fresh
now we are going to add these at the last because
if you add them in the beginning and you blend it all up it's going to make your whole like
this really weird green color but they just pulse out
beautiful if you add them last
That's it alright
So we have our chives
and we are just going to take about two
like one tablespoon and just
form them into little chips
and dehydrate them for
maybe an hour two hours just
keep checking them at 105 and
your finished product is going to look like that
A beautiful yummy raw
corn chip