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Marie of the Port
You could have worn black, at least.
- I'm not family. - All the same...
Am I or aren't I?
You didn't see him much when he was alive.
You know how he felt about me.
Of course. All because of me.
Not really. But he didn't like the way we lived.
- It was against his principles. - We offended him.
If you'd married me,
we'd have gone to Port for our wedding...
No use talking about it now.
Anyway, thanks for coming.
It was a good opportunity.
I mean, I have something to do in Port.
- What? - People to see.
- You don't know anyone there. - All the more reason to go.
- You're on your own now. - Are you coming with me?
Don't pester Marie. She doesn't want to come.
- Won't I see you again? - Yes. Auntie lives close by.
I'll come and see you.
What can I do, Marie?
If you could take the roast to the baker's...
- What about the child? - Get her ready for dinner.
Odile is late, of course.
Her father's funeral, and she keeps us waiting.
See you this afternoon. And don't be too sad.
I'm not. But it hurts.
- It's about time! - We broke down.
A white wine, please. Very dry.
- Sorry, there's a funeral. - Go right ahead.
-Fairly quiet today? - They're all at the funeral.
Funerals are popular here.
It's not that.
But poor old Lefevre had friends here.
Not much luck, but he had friends.
- Enemies as well. - You can have both.
Just think... A widower, with five children.
Odile, the eldest, could have helped.
But the father had such a temper.
We never see her.
She lives in a hotel in Cherbourg with the owner.
Someone called Chatelard.
He owns the cinema next door as well.
She wants for nothing. And a nice car too.
If you want to see it go ahead. It's outside.
I'm so sorry. I was just making conversation.
You didn't say anything bad.
They say the food's good in your hotel.
- What about here? - It's a bit more modest.
It sure smells good.
I'd love a nice sole with mussels and prawns.
- What a crowd. Did you see? - Yes, I did.
Poor Lefevre. He was well-liked.
Not a single boat went out today.
And that one's for sale.
- Interested in boats? - That one, yes.
They say it's a good one. But the owner's not the best.
He's a good customer. Too good, in fact.
In the bar, he loses his sea legs.
- When's the sale? - At two o'clock.
Poor Lefevre really loved that boat.
But he wasn't working for himself.
- So, you're taking Joseph? - Yes. Why?
- I won't live on a farm! - Do as you're told.
You think you can simply decide to take Joseph.
But you'll have to take Yvonne as well.
Joseph can work. Hubert's only eight.
Be fair! Until the boys can help out,
they're just extra mouths to feed.
I can help you, if it's a problem.
We're not asking you to do anything.
We're talking about work!
- What will you do, Marie? - As she pleases, as usual.
She won't leave Port, and won't say why.
- Is it a secret? - No. No one asked me.
Because, you never answer. It's not worth the trouble.
I'll be working at the cafe if you must know.
What a great job! You'll end up like your sister.
Thanks a lot!
We're not blaming you. But think of our reputation.
- What about mine? - We're talking about Marie.
Marie is 18. She's free now.
But if something happens, we'll have to deal with it.
Have you accepted yet? Why not think it over?
I have.
That's right. Everyone drinks.
Not as much as me. But they drink.
- Not today, old boy. - Of course not.
Not today. Think of poor Lefevre.
But today's the day they're selling my boat.
I don't expect you to wear black.
But all the same...
I know... I can't complain. So I'm drinking.
I'm not even a widower. My wife left me with the kid.
But I swear my son won't drink.
and he won't go to sea like me.
- What are you laughing at? - I'm not.
You're smiling, because it's more polite.
- Still here, of course. - I told you not to come here.
- Don't make a scene, Dad. - I know, not today.
Because of the funderal or the sale?
They're selling my boat but they won't find a buyer
because it's lost its rudder, just like me.
Come on, Dad. It's nearly two o'clock.
Two o'clock! I don't want to miss the show.
I'll pay you later.
It's you, Marie. What brings you here?
She's pretty.
Don't you know her? She's Odile's sister.
Hello Marie.
Is the job still available?
Yes. I'd be very happy to have you.
Do your uncles agree?
I'm not going to live in the country with them.
- Like me, she likes the sea. - Who asked you?
Arguing with a customer already?
- You mean a relative. - A relative?
- I don't know you. - I'm almost a brother-in-law.
Almost? That's not much.
She has quite a temper, my sister-in-law.
I like that.
What he really meant was "bad-tempered".
He said he liked that.
Settlement must be made in cash.
There is also the usual selling fee,
an additional 16 per cent.
If payment is not made immediately,
we will pass to the next highest bidder
and the first bidder must make up the difference
with no right to a refund.
Look who's here, enjoying himself.
Collection within 40 days. Opening price 2,800,000 francs.
I repeat. 2,800,000.
Don't worry. You'll keep the boat.
Your creditors don't look too happy.
- A bid, gentlemen. - Fifty thousand.
No bids?
2,800,000 francs.
- If you love him, come with us. - You can visit any time.
- I must go. Henri's waiting. - I saw him at Josselin's.
What did you think of him?
He's nice. But it's funny, his hair is all white.
Are you happy with him?
I'm not unhappy. I have all I need.
- Is he kind to you? - He's kind to all women.
Those he likes, anyway. That's something, I guess.
I'm not complaining. But it's no dream.
- Dream? - Dream, yes.
You have illusions at first. Then suddenly they die.
When I left Port, I wanted to go to Paris.
That was my dream.
But I stopped at Cherbourg.
- Do you regret it? - No.
But I will go to Paris.
- Alone? - With you, if you like.
I was promised a perfumery.
Not a factory! A little shop.
You'd be the salesgirl.
- And you'd gad about all day? - I'd be the owner.
- Where have you been? - Buying a boat.
- You want to go to sea? - Why not?
I'm not staying in dry dock here forever.
It's a good buy.
- For fishing? - Of course. Fishing pays well.
No! You're not going to work for Josselin!
Why not? What's got into you?
Forgive me.
I didn't want to hurt you on such a sad day.
It's not easy...
- Say it anyway. - You'll see too many people.
That would be a change.
I'm all alone now.
- Don't I count at all? - At home, I mean.
Since my brothers left, it's empty.
I actually liked them a lot.
Especially Hubert, the youngest. He'll miss me.
Why didn't you go with them?
- I'd rather stay in Port. - Because of me?
Of course. If I left, you wouldn't see me.
And you see people at work.
You don't need to be jealous about other men!
- I'm not jealous. - But I am.
You shouldn't be. What's the point?
Don't be sad. Look, I've bought you something.
- What is it? Perfume? - Lavender.
- It's not very big. - From a travelling salesman.
They don't give away litre bottles.
- You want me to wear perfume? - Yes.
See, you're not so jealous.
You look as if you've won a bet.
A bet? They're footballers, not horses.
The small room for tonight?
Eight-thirty. Four people. Certainly.
Sorry, I have to go. See you tonight.
- Mr Chatelard. - You've been in the news.
- Yes, on the radio. - Not only on the radio.
A drop of wine?
- What can I do for you? - Well, we won.
Everyone's talking about it.
We'd like to celebrate.
We thought we'd use the small room.
Its just that it's already booked.
Well, it's booked because you've booked it.
- And the cost? - It won't be much.
Here, catch something else for a change.
Hey! Where are you taking that?
It's Mrs Laurent's breakfast. She's not awake yet.
Still asleep?
- I'm just dreaming. - That you get up early?
What do you expect? I'm bored.
Do you think I'm having fun?
You're so pleasant!
I'm not bored with you. Just bored.
The main thing is to be together...
You, me and boredom.
A menage a trois.
Modern life.
- I preferred the old one. - When you were young?
I wish I'd known you then.
- When I was young... - Now you're so old!
What about you?
I'm not getting any younger.
Time's funny. If you're bored it passes slowly.
- With age, it speeds up. - Don't act modest.
You still look in the mirror.
Hoping you'll be looked at in the street.
I see... Girls.
They do like you. My sister, for example.
- What about her? - She noticed you.
Nothing. Just making conversation.
Talking for talking's sake?
- Hurry. The boss is waiting. - I'm going. I'm going.
No, I'm not unhappy. It's a good boat.
The repairs don't worry me.
- So, what's the decision? - It's up to you, captain.
- It's not ready to use yet. - Oh, the engine. That's nothing.
I'll give you a hand.
To tell you the truth, I'm fond of Port-en-Bessin.
- A little holiday? - Yes. A change of air.
I've been in this hotel for ten years.
It was an inheritance.
But for someone who likes to see the world
I may as well be in a dining car.
What about the cinema?
That's not travel, just pictures.
You mentioned a cruise.
Sometimes I think...
I'd really like a long voyage.
A honeymoon trip?
- Are you married? - No.
The bride was too beautiful for me.
- You look all right. - I used to. But I was broke.
Some customers are complaining.
It's incredible. What sort of place is this?
I mean, this place was recommended.
- I must congratulate you. - What for?
- Aren't you the owner? - Noo, it's this gentleman.
- At your service, sir. - And such impeccable service!
- I rang you personally. - We get a lot of calls here.
Impeccable service, as I said.
- We can eat up here. - Why not out in the yard?
What an evening! I ring, you promise me...
You rang, and then?
I come here and find the room occupied.
By a soccer team who won a match. So I gave it to them.
- I like young people. - Because of your age.
I see you like young people as well. At your age!
- What will we do? - Eat elsewhere, of course.
Fortunately there are other places.
I've lost my appetite now. I'm going to the movies.
Wait, Francoise.
To make up for the room I can get you movie tickets.
Excellent idea. We could eat sandwiches!
- Aren't you having dinner? - No.
They've given me an idea. A sandwich over here!
- You enjoy losing customers? - It keeps me on my toes.
Well, I'm tired. I'm going to bed.
You've had a hard day.
If anyone asks for me, I've gone to bed.
Sorry. This is dinner.
- Aren't you hungry? - Yes, of course.
We'll share.
You weren't very nice.
And you think this is nice?
Just visiting Cherbourg?
I'm from Paris.
- Do you know Cherbourg? - No. Is it fun?
It depends on your approach.
- Shall I show you around? - Why not?
- When are you leaving? - Tomorrow.
All the more reason to come now.
Where's the boss?
Still down below, taking charge of the engine.
It's okay for him to be captain in his hotel.
But this engine doesn't take orders.
- You spoke too soon. - Forget I said it.
So, the engine works?
He sure knows all about diesel engines.
I was a submariner for five years.
Well, that's a good start.
And the trawl nets have arrived.
Good news! We'll drink to that.
All's well on board.
A calvados.
- Same again? - Yes. I'll pay for my own.
Let them try to humiliate me, drinking to their boat.
- What are you staring at? - Nothing.
Nothing, of course. Someone.
- Same again. - Us too, Marie.
Why do they get served first? I said "Same again".
Just wait.
You're not very friendly to the customers.
It depends who. Is he friendly?
Not really. What about me? Am I friendly?
Friendly? What does it mean?
I guess it means
someone you could love.
Hey, you made her laugh.
Doesn't she ever laugh?
- Don't get much chance. - Marie!
See? You think that's funny?
So, customers are ignored
but tourists and the hoi-polloi...
You should go to Cherbourg, like your sister.
- I didn't ask you. - And did I ask you?
Yes. For a calvados.
Well, I'll see you later.
- You heard what he said? - I don't care.
It was quite interesting.
Going to Cherbourg is a good idea.
Why don't you work at my hotel?
With Odile, or instead of her?
You're a great one for riddles.
Asking me to your hotel... Isn't that a riddle too?
It's about time!
- I work you know. - So do I!
I couldn't get the customers to leave.
I'm so sick of sweeping, making beds, serving people.
Always the same people.
Not that I have a choice.
But if I were a man, I'd go to sea.
Why are you saying that? I could go to sea too.
I could be a hairdresser on a big liner.
I'd think of you...
and even if I had beautiful American clients
I'd still be thinking of your hair.
You talk like 'True Confessions'.
All I need is a change of air.
- Or place. - Why not?
I'd like to go to Cherbourg.
Sure, and end up like your sister.
You too?
Don't go to Cherbourg. I want you to stay here...
and marry me.
- What about your father? - My father!
He wouldn't say no now that he's broke,
but he hated me before.
It wasn't you. He said we were too young.
Too young? For what?
To get married.
Sure. And now you're old enough?
I'm a man, aren't I?
A man?
If they're all like you!
Come now, don't look like that.
Don't! You're not a good kisser.
If you knew how much I love you.
Well, I don't know. And you don't either.
You must admit it was better before.
Why? Was it so wonderful before?
Maybe not.
But we were happier.
We went out at night and went to bed late.
You were more...
More what?
Well, less of an early riser.
I'm in a hurry this morning.
Like every day you go to Port without taking me.
- Do you want to come? - No.
But I'd have like to be asked some time this week...
at least once.
Actually, I'd rather stay in bed.
It's so warm and snug.
And there's lots of room.
But I don't want to keep it all to myself.
I get the message.
- Say hello to Marie for me. - I will.
She's quite a handful.
It runs in the family. Wait till you know her.
- Don't worry, I do. - Tell me more.
You're not jealous of a kid!
I'm not jealous of anyone, least of all Marie.
I'm quite fond of her.
- In fact, I promised her... - What?
That I'd take her with me to Paris.
Still thinking about that?
You aren't exactly keeping me here.
So... one of these days.
It's no fun moving out
but when there's a train to catch, why wait?
Not that I'm in a hurry.
With the way you're working,
we'll soon have your boat in the water.
I enjoy it, and it builds the muscles.
Although it's given me quite a thirst.
- Marie's not here? - She's doing the rooms.
It makes a mess of the hands.
Sure. You know where the basin is.
Is that for me?
See, you do laugh sometimes.
- Do I make you laugh? - Yes.
- Are you having me on? - No.
I mean, you laugh at people.
People aren't that funny.
- Are you unhappy? - Are you happy?
- You're very curious. - I'm not curious. I'm sly.
That's what they call me. The sly one.
Do you object to it?
Why do you talk to me like this? Because I'm a waitress?
No, because you're young. Just a kid, really.
If I'm just a kid, why do you hang around me?
I don't. I just look at you.
Do they call you sly because you don't talk?
When I talk they say I'm nasty.
I'm only speaking my mind. But no one likes that.
Do you speak your mind to your sweetheart?
Who said I had one?
Anyway, what's it to you?
Want a hand?
To make the bed, or unmake it?
What do you and your sweetheart do?
We meet. We kiss. We say we love each other.
Do you?
- Nothing sly about you. - No.
Tell me, Captain, that boat of yours...
Well, it's not mine any more.
- I want it out of here. - But it's staying.
The boss wants it here. I don't know why.
Then you're the only one who doesn't.
Cut it out! What have you got against Marie?
Nothing. But your boss really likes her.
You just don't know him. He likes all women.
Especially her.
See, Marcel? I told you she wasn't much good.
She's not wasting any time.
And who with? The man who ruined us.
She wasn't right for him. I warned him.
But he never listens to his father.
- Does he listen to you? - I don't listen to anyone.
- Marie, I want to see you. - I told you not to come here.
Answer back to your father, will you? And in public?
I want to talk to Marie.
Can't you see she doesn't want to?
He'd hit me if he had the guts.
Would you hit your aged father?
Get out of here before I do something silly.
A calvados, if no one has any objection.
Why didn't you answer me?
After the scene you made? And lose my job?
As if you cared about that.
It's him you want, your sister's man.
Maybe he loves you. Do you love him?
I don't want to hear about love.
Sure, everyone's in love. It's all they think about.
I love you. You love me. He loves me...
Then they're unfaithful and they break up.
You know what? I'm going to see yuor Chatelard.
Don't be stupid. I'm free, aren't I?
You're just like your father.
- Think you have rights over me? - Yes, I do.
Because we kiss in the dark?
But I love you!
That doesn't give you any rights.
What about him? Does he have rights?
He doesn't say he loves me.
But I know he likes me.
And he's taking me away with him.
Of course. To Cherbourg, like your sister.
My sister?
He's taking me to Paris,
and we're leaving tonight in his car.
- Liar! - It's true.
If you go, just wait and see what I'll do.
Just wait!
Here, take this.
Don't you have any change?
- So, is he the one? - Who?
You know what I mean.
- Do you meet him often? - Whenever I can.
He sure has a temper.
He wanted to hit his father and almost hit me.
So, it's true love?
I told you not to get too personal.
What are you doing there?
- Are you drunk? - No. I never drink.
I'm down here because everyone walks over me, including you.
Yes, I'm down and I'm staying down.
- Listen to me, my boy... - I don't want to listen.
I've had enough!
I've worked my fingers to the bone
and this is all the reward I get?
What sort of reward did you expect?
I'm a barber. I cut hair.
What did you want? To go to sea?
To be a naval officer?
So, you're are drinking. And brandy at last!
You set the example. Anyway, I'm not drunk yet.
See? I do listen to you.
You told me not to set foot in the cafe.
But I'll never set foot here again, either.
- You're crazy. - No, not crazy. Nor drunk.
I'm leaving.
That's it. I don't want to see you again
or anyone else.
I'll see you tomorrow. You lock up, Marie.
Sit down.
I want to talk to you.
The last customer. You wish he'd go.
Yes, and I'm going with him.
Didn't you say you'd take me to Cherbourg?
Did you take me seriously?
You were only joking.
You like making me laugh.
- Should I make you cry? - I don't cry easily.
I wouldn't cry if you left me here.
Sit down.
If you came to Cherbourg... What about Odile?
What about her? You said it yourself...
All she does is sleep all day.
I'd be there to work.
You're amazing.
I know. And sly.
Would you just leave your boyfriend in the lurch?
I wouldn't stay for good.
I see. You'd be back one day to marry him...
Why not? He loves me.
And I guess I love him too.
Of course you do.
He's the love of your life.
Women are all the same.
I love him. He loves me. A little, a lot, passionately.
Anyway, I insist on being your best man.
Sometimes, at weddings,
the bride is attracted to the best man.
If you were the husband, would you like that?
Would you marry me if I asked you?
What is it inside your head? What are you after?
If only I knew what I want.
You don't know... but you want it bad.
Well, I don't.
It's you! Here we go again.
- Nothing broken? - I don't know.
- Nor do I. Where does it hurt? - In the leg. The foot.
You tried to kill yourself.
And you reek of alcohol.
It must run in the family.
What got into you?
Marie's not here. You're going home.
No! He threw me out. It's your fault.
- You've injured me. - Is there a doctor here?
No, there nothing here. And where's Marie?
I'm alone because of you.
A pal of mine in Cherbourg will look after you.
I don't want another scene.
Nothing to worry about. Just a sprain.
He'll need a few days' rest. He was quite lucky.
- Like a drink? - No, thanks. I'm too tired.
You were lucky too. Where did you run over him?
I didn't. He threw himself under the car.
Did he?
- Goodbye. - See you later. Thanks.
- Does your father know? - I don't want him to.
Good. He's so crazy, he'd take me to court.
What will we do with him?
If we take him to hospital they'll assume I hit him.
I won't forget Port-en-Bessin.
What about in my old room?
Wherever you like.
In the refrigerator, to get rid of him.
It's all your sister's fault.
- My sister? - Yes, your dear little sister.
But it was mostly your fault.
Listen to him talk!
Why did you come here? We were fine without you.
He's delirious. Don't forget to put ice on his head.
Don't ask me. I have no idea where he is.
Anyway, it's a nuisance for business.
There's something fishy.
Ole Viaut says his son's drowned himself.
Yes. In alcohol, like dad.
Drown himself? But he can swim. I taught him.
That's right. He only left because he was jealous.
He thought Chatelard came to see you.
Now we don't see him, and I don't think we will.
How would you know?
If he was dead we'd know about it.
It would be in the papers.
You think she doesn't know where he is?
- Still no news of the boss? - Nothing.
He's at it again.
I'm going to call him.
This is Cherbourg 395.
Give me Port 148.
Don't look so sad. Your boyfriend will turn up.
I'd like to speak to Mr Chatelard.
He's not there?
He's gone missing too. It must be contagious.
I've been waiting for order for nearly a week.
The boat's in the water. What do I do now?
Who's speaking?
I've already told you he's not here.
You're not in a good mood, Mr Chatelard.
Don't eat mussels with your fingers.
And don't eat mussels at the desk.
- But... - And don't answer back.
What's wrong with him today?
Today? He's been like this for a week.
You're wasting your time. He comes to read the papers.
- You never know. - He may ask you to marry him.
- You like being looked after? - It's nice.
I've never eaten in bed before.
What a life.
A wounded soldier and a beautiful nurse.
But the war is over. You have to go home.
I'm never going back there. It's over with Marie.
- Does she know I'm here? - No one does.
I don't want her to know.
- You want her to miss you? - I'm not jealous, even of him.
If he wants to chase her...
Chase her? He certainly chased me.
Don't worry...
He moves so fast, he leaves us behind.
- He won't go as far as me. - Where will you go? To Paris?
Paris? Not far enough.
I'll go to the ends of the earth.
make something of myself, amaze everyone.
And they'll salute me if I ever come back.
Being a barber's no good.
But ladies' hairdresser is something else.
On ocean liners they have hairdressers.
They go to America.
And sometimes they don't come back.
They stay there...
and stop arranging women's hair.
And start disarranging it? You're funny.
Next time she stops over at Cherbourg
you should leave on the Queen Mary.
I don't want to hear any more about Marie.
Only my career matters now.
Full of yourself, aren't you?
Would you be nice and let me try?
- Try? - Yes. You must have a comb.
Setting hair is easy.
Just twist the hair around the fingers...
Silly boy!
How about another round, Chatelard?
No, thanks. It's not my night.
Never mind. As they say, unlucky at cards...
I know. Lucky in love.
I'll pay for those drinks.
Odile said to remind you to change the programme.
Thanks. And I thought it never changed.
Quite a crowd tonight.
Some of them got a shock.
They thought 'The Idiot' was a comedy.
They'll like it anyway. It's a romance.
- What about you? - I prefer it to 'Tarzan'.
Only kids come to 'Tarzan', so no tips.
If you ask me, 'The Idiot' is a great title
for a romance.
Still here?
- Drink? - I'm not thirsty.
I'll drink yours as well.
Two brandies over here, Etienne.
- You're not a local? - No, I'm from Quimper.
I see. You're on a working holiday?
No. But I have a daughter called Marie in Quimper.
- A nice name. - Quimper is full of them.
Here too. How old were you?
Eighteen. That's not so young these days.
- A silly mistake? - It's a long story.
I should talk! Everyone makes mistakes.
Recently I almost made a really awful mistake.
You look sorry you didn't do it.
I don't have time now to mess up my life.
Here... take this, go to bed and don't have nightmares.
I don't, when I sleep alone.
I don't sleep alone but I still have nightmares.
- Don't talk about Marie. - I wasn't.
But I do, even when I'm alone.
And it doesn't do any good.
- Hope I'm not disturbing you. - That's all I needed!
I came because you're impossible to get on the phone.
Especially when I answer. What's up?
Plenty. People are asking after you.
- Who is? - The crew. Your pals.
I hope it's my pals, because as for gossip...
Well, has your boat sunk or what?
No. We put it in the water as we agreed...
Well, it can stay there. I've had it...
The hotel, the brothel, the orphanage, the hospital...
Yes, he's seriously ill.
Yes, the kid. He's up there, being treated.
They've been looking everywhere for him.
Don't tell anyone. It's a trade secret, captain.
Captain? The way things are going...
Listen, I want to keep away from Port-en-Bessin.
I can't afford the boat anymore.
Listen, I didn't buy it to sail around the world.
I bought it as an investment.
I'll pay you compensation. So bring it back here.
I'll find a buyer.
You're here! They've been looking for you.
Your emplyers. They don't like you running off.
I don't run off. I go for walks.
Is your boat really leaving?
Yes, tomorrow. The boss is selling it.
He wants to keep away from Port-en-Bessin.
Don't look so glum. I know the reason.
You couldn't know.
I hope you're not thinking of drowning too.
It might solve things.
Maybe drowning's not so bad. You just let yourself go.
Don't be silly.
If you knew where Marcel is, you wouldn't talk like that.
Where he is...
I shouldn't tell you. I promised not to.
I don't want to know.
He's is Cherbourg.
So what?
I'm telling you hes with the Chatelards.
The Chatelards?
Yes, at the boss' place. It's true, I tell you.
Some of your competitors have two intervals.
Candy sales bring in as much as the film.
That's one approach.
I run a cinema, not a candy store.
This film for the film club is ina terrible state.
I'll have to run a few spools to check it.
- What's the film? - 'Taboo'. It's good, apparently.
It's set in Tahiti. An old silent film.
What can I do for you beautiful?
You didn't need to ask the first time I came here.
Just dropped in to rake up old memories?
What for?
With you, memories get put away in a drawer
and forgotten.
Do you know anyone on the ocean liners?
Plenty come through here, as you know.
- Could you get someone a job? - Who is it for?
The kid upstairs. He wants to travel.
So , he wants to see the world!
Don't make fun of him. He's a nice boy.
Travel, ocean liners... I thought it was for you.
You don't take a boat to Paris.
You mean this time it's the real thing?
Do you want me to pretend?
What's the use?
We know each other too well. No more secrets.
Let's separate...
by agreement.
Walk away without tears or gnashing of teeth.
Will you come and see me?
Why not? Paris is not the end of the earth.
At least you won't be alone.
What do you mean?
Aren't you taking your sister?
Would you rather keep her?
Are you still going on about Marie?
You mentioned her, not me.
But you still think I'm chasing after her.
And you say you know me! She's just a kid.
Do you think I'm crazy? She's still a minor!
I know her game. She wants to snare me in her net.
Such a great idea, going to Port-en-Bessin!
Don't worry. I won't be going to your home town again.
Nor will I be seeing your little sister.
I told you not to disturb me. I'm very busy...
...doing nothing.
- What is it this time? - Madame Odile's sister.
Where is she?
Well... What a surprise.
Your sister and I were talking about you.
Where is Odile? They don't know downstairs.
She was going shopping. She shouldn't be long.
Come in. You can wait here.
Do I frighten you?
Anyway, why would I?
I'm not afraid of anyone.
Good. We agree.
Make yourself at home.
Nice to see you. I thought I wouldn't see you again.
Because I didn't want to see you any more.
You're not bad-looking, all the same.
So, why didn't you want to see me?
You're too young to understand. It's unseemly.
Can I speak to you frankly?
I'm so sly I can take anything.
Sly or not, I'll tell you. I was attracted to you.
Yes, I was. You know what I mean.
No, I don't. I'm too young.
- I'm not attractive now? - I didn't say that.
You look good in that jacket.
My blouse is pretty too.
I feel hot in here.
Don't you?
And under the pretty blouse, is it hot too?
- Why did you lock the door? - As if you didn't know.
I can guess.
Will I open it?
You don't really need to.
It's true you're not afraid.
And since you aren't...
Come here. What harm is there in that?
I've been thinking about you all the time... constantly.
- And I wanted... - What?
I wanted you. Don't you know that either?
- Would that satisfy you? - What do you think?
What about me? Would it satisfy me?
Don't you find me attractive?
- That's not what I meant. - Why did you come here?
Why did I come?
To see Marcel.
Marcel? So... Did he call you?
But he didn't want to see you.
How would you know?
I don't know anything. Or rather, I know too much...
And I have done for a long time.
That Marcel of yours is a prize fool.
He loves you. Adores you. Tried to kill himself.
And you love only him. It's true love...
Romance, with violins.
Don't move. Since he adores you I'll tell him you're here.
Love, nature, little lovebirds...
Marcel! Good news. The best man...
How about that?
You really are the best man...
Isn't that something!
Aren't you glad you came? This is worth seeing.
You weren't expecting this!
You could have locked the door.
Why run off? Didn't you enjoy the show?
- Let me go! - I thought you liked a joke.
I know how you must feel,
finding Marcel in bed with another woman.
Naturally you're not overjoyed, but...
I don't give a damn if Marcel's with someone,
even when it's my sister.
Notice I was too discreet to tell you.
And I'm broadminded.
Let me go.
The grille's closed. Shall I open it?
You don't want to go now? Good for you.
Don't you worry. Everything will work out for the kid.
- I didn't come for him. - Was it for me?
I should have known. It was to see me.
I shouldn't tell you, but it's true.
Let's go out the back way.
Am I being too familiar?
Let's go.
The cinema.
See, it's not dangrous even when it's empty.
I'd still like to know why you came to see me.
- For lots of reasons. - I can guess what they are.
- They're not all bad. - That's a relief.
I wasn't worried, mind you. It's just love.
You came because you love me.
Maybe love exists. We shouldn't dismiss it.
Of course it exists. Well, people say it does.
The main thing is to believe. Love makes for good songs.
Take you, for example. You have a nice voice...
In your own way, you tell me you love me.
You'd like to be reasonably happy... with me, of course.
You'd be better off here.
You'd be in charge of the hotel.
I wasn't after that, you know.
You like me, but you'd rather I went by the rules.
You'd like me to marry you. But that's going too far.
What if everyone in love went to the registry office?
The cathedral's would be turning them away too.
Here's the film.
Sorry, it's an old film.
They say it's not bad. It's set in Tahiti.
Looks nice.
Travelling is great.
It has it's moments. Like life. A pity it's so short.
Life moves faster than us. Than me, especially.
Then it settles down.
It really does. And things fall into place.
Your sister's going to Paris.
Marcel will be hairdressing on the 'Queen Mary'.
Why don't I go too? To Tahiti.
On my little trawler. All by myself.
- Why by yourself? - It's not very big.
And it's more peaceful. More relaxing.
Not that you're really alone, travelling.
Especially when you land.
There's no shortage of women in the harbour bars.
They wear pretty blouses too.
And no conditions for taking them off...
Marriage, a ring...
Not staying for the end? They might even kiss.
Yes, I'm leaving. For good. And I won't be back.
- I'll give you a lift. - Don't worry. I'll take the bus.
I'll take you to the bus stop. Would you like that?
Cat got your tongue?
I'll walk you there anyway.
I'll come back alone. I'm used to it.
So, you're going to leave without even saying goodbye.
There's nothing more to say.
I see. It's all over. Shattered.
You're misunderstood. In despair.
They say drowning yourself is good for despair.
Don't worry, I've thought about it before.
You know I was only joking.
Of course. Just a joke, as usual.
If I do drown myself it will be a joke too.
And then it'll be your turn to laugh.
Here's Mr Chatelard now.
Your paper, Mr Chatelard.
You keep it, lad. I don't feel like reading.
- It's from Port-en-Bessin. - I'll take it in the booth.
About the boat?
You're leaving right away?
I'll be at the wharf. With a brass band.
Can't you take a joke?
What's this about Marie?
No need to get annoyed.
- I was saying... - What?
She left this morning. To see her sister, I assumed.
- Have you seen her? - I see her sister every day.
It's not a joke. I'm worried about Marie.
She's been acting strange.
Talking about drowning.
- What do you mean? - I mean drowning herself.
I was there. And she wasn't joking.
Don't cut us off!
She's cut us off!
I forgot to tell you something.
Well, are you getting off?
- Why are you here? - Waiting for you. Scared?
You scared me. I thought you may do something silly
and I wouldn't want to be responsible.
You're still a kid, after all, whereas I...
I'm allowed to be silly.
- Come on. - Where?
You can't stay on the road. I said I'd take you home.
If I'm going to do silly things
it might as well be with you, don't you think?
- Not coming with us? - Sorry, I prefer the road.
Go, if you're in a hurry. It's a long way to Cherbourg.
By the way...
- You're not angry with me? - Why should I be?
- About Marie. - What for?
- She went to see you. - So?
I sent her.
She was unhappy. In tears, almost.
So although you said not to, I told her where the boy was.
- Did they meet? - They certainly did.
I'm glad they got together. Two happy young people.
Right. Maybe there'll be two happy people.
Safe journey, captain.
- Still want to drown? - No. That's all over.
I was never really serious. And I swim like a fish.
I see... A siren.
You sly thing.
Now I'm going to jump in at the deep end.
I'm about to put a rope around my neck.
And to prove it...
Here are the keys.
- Keys? - The keys to the hotel.
And maybe the keys to the registry office.
If the locals object, we'll say it's your communion
and I'm your father.
You'll have a white wedding. You're old enough...
and it will go with my hair.
Subtitles: SBS Australia, 1995