Emerald Ocean Inspired Eye Shadow Tutorial (Coastal Scents 88 Ultra Shimmer Palette)

Uploaded by SimplyEasyBeautiful on 18.01.2013

I'm going to start off
by priming my eyelids with the
Ruby Kisses
twenty four-hour magic eye shadow primer
Now I'm gonna go into this Coastal Scents
88 Ultra Shimmer Eye Shadow palette
I'm actually going to start off with this color right here
I'm putting it on
this section of my eye lid, the inner corner
the inner third of my eye
act that they're going to use in this field profession are shadow branch
no money to discuss
using a standard of professional shadow brush
dumping ground or in somalia
going to be a stellar
and i'm gonna be using a a roast
the tiny branca bridge
smoky angle brush barry instances being this is the ankle
continues that too
unblinking the borders
remembering the time colors
and depression music studios www three slash
oranges blending
anomalies that professional define average to go into the black
and that they don't know how to be
thanks again i'm going to
consent that a small camera out with the blue instead of with that
and what i mean that's not allowed students strength
picking out this monkey angle rescue team
blended someone
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brain tumor
now i'm going to take this
sent a letter respect he got so it's
and going to create on some foundation
agar retract my face looking glassy smooth skin perfecting crying
so off-camera commented on some
cover girl clean collection foundation an escalation respuesta
okay so i put all my foundation and added a little concealer
given my eyebrows
and if you want to see how much and concealer then out to the link
in the beginning
and going to go into
this color
me here
went on to use this frankly suppression mississippi
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outline tomorrow without lessening
and and i any uh... some
mess care
this is their credit rating is still edge lengthening mascara and i highly
recommend this excuse really good
what else did i did
i'll marvelous is the cover girl of speaker reg
and i've talked i talked with some revlon lip gloss call
pete cop
my cheeks
is this blessed time etc
scott greasy
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