Create Text and Dimensions: AutoCAD 2013

Uploaded by Autodesk on 27.03.2012

In this video, we’ll look at creating annotation on this drawing.
Annotation can be used to communicate measurements, call out features, and provide information
about your design. Text and dimensions are types of annotation.
You control the appearance of annotation using styles.
Expand the annotation panel to select or edit styles. This drawing contains three user-defined
text styles in addition to the default styles. I’ll select the custom style Title for the
text style. Next, I’ll select the custom dimension style Main for dimensions.
After defining which styles to use, I’m ready to annotate my drawing. In the Layers
panel, I click the Layer dropdown and set the Text layer current.
The MTEXT command is used to create multiline text. MTEXT prompts you to specify two points
in the drawing to determine the width of the multiline text object. You can use the Text
Editor tab to specify text formatting, or accept the defaults and start typing.
After adding text, I return to the Layers dropdown and set the Dimension layer current.
There are different types of dimensions I can create, such as linear, angular, or radial.
One way to dimension objects is to select the Dimension command, press Enter, and then
select the object you want to dimension. This is an efficient way to dimension line or polyline
segments. If I want more control over which points are
used to create the dimension, I can use object snaps to specify start and end points in the
drawing. To dimension the angle of this support, I’ll
select Angular. Next, I select the vertical and angular edge of the support and click
to place the dimension. Adding text and dimensions to your drawing
finalizes your design.