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Episode 2
Why is it so happening today?
Both of the Hong brothers are here today!
Bring us more wine!
Great! That was fantastic!
I told you this was going to be a hit!
What's this?
I'm sorry. Sorry!
How dare you spill our wine?
- It was an accident... - What's going on?
I thought you said she was your wife.
Who cares? Is it over?
I should have come here earlier!
Come here!
Don't touch me!
- I'm going to kill you! - Hold on a second!
Take her away!
I'm sorry! Please don't kill me!
Your brother may not be allowed to take the examination if he does something stupid.
Stupid wife. Why did she have to get involved with him?
It's dangerous to do anything.
If that item gets into the wrong hands, we will be in bigger trouble.
We must get it back. If worse comes to worse, we'll have to kill them all.
Let me go! Let me go! Please help me!
Hong Gil Dong!
This way!
Seize them!
Hong Gil Dong
They're still chasing us. Let's leave the city.
The East Gate is closing soon. Please hurry.
Seize them!
If the girl gets caught, there will be trouble. We have to block them.
Move away!
Follow me!
I will find out about the girl.
She called him Hong Gil Dong.
The one who rescued her.
Hong Gil Dong.
What an unlucky day!
At least I'm alive.
I'm so lucky!
Hong Gil Dong! Thanks for saving my life.
I didn't do it for you.
You don't have to be so modest.
Can I... have one sip too?
One... one sip?
Who were they?
Didn't you see those guys who helped us escape?
I didn't see them.
Who were they? Oh, who cares.
Gil Dong, can I have one bite?
One bite?
We don't have a choice tonight. It's either an inn or a temple.
What a selfish pig...!
Hurry up! I'm starving and thirsty!
But you just ate and drank!
The girl is a traveling medicine peddler.
What about Hong Gil Dong?
When they heard his name, they avoided me and wouldn't answer.
He is probably the chief thug here.
A traveling medicine peddler and a chief thug?
How can my mother's ornament be in their hands?
I don't think they realize what it is worth.
That is fortunate, but I am worried that the stupid girl is going to lose it.
What are all of these?
Isn't it obvious? They're graves.
If you had died just now, you would be in one of those by now.
But why are these graves unmarked?
Because they can't afford it.
All of these bodies are those of thieves.
Thieves... thieves?
Why would anyone bury them here?
The head monk of the temple we are going to, brings their bodies here and buries them here.
We've got so many thieves in our country now, and this place is getting crowded.
I'm scared of graves, but thieves' graves are scarier!
Why are you scared of headless thieves who got caught?
You should be more scared of the people wanting your head just now.
That's right! So what if they have noble blood?
Men like them should fail their civil examinations!
Better yet, they should get hit by lightning!
No, their entire family line should get wiped out!
Hey, men of that guy's family! I hope you all become eunuchs!
Shut up and follow me.
I didn't say it to you! Can't I curse that guy's family?
My goodness! Look at what they did to you.
I'm going to kill Gil Dong when he comes home.
I'm going to tell your father and have Gil Dong seized!
You can't do that!
Why not?
That bastard child did this to you! Your father should know about this!
Then he'll find out that I was at the brothel!
We're lucky you didn't hurt your hand. At least you can take the examinations.
I wish my hand had been broken, so that I don't have to take it!
I really don't understand why you have to worry about the examinations.
All he has to do is put in a word for you and you'll pass without a question.
Your father is too honest for his own good!
Can't you do something without Father finding out?
And what if he does find out?
If I was a bastard like Gil Dong, I wouldn't have to take that stupid exam!
- Father! - Ex... Excellency!
Foolish boy.
Yes... Your Lordship.
If Gil Dong didn't exist, In Hyung wouldn't be such a fool either.
So Gil Dong rescued my Yi Nok?
He probably took her to the temple.
But who was that man in black?
Your granddaughter was being followed by a handsome man.
Man in black...?
Gil Dong and now the man in black... Her luck must be good in Joseon!
Who is that beautiful lady?
She controls all the mercenaries in the city, and is the head of the Yongmun organization.
They say she is richer than the king.
She is an angel from heaven!
You must only have seen half of her face.
Let's toast to our health! Cheers!
Please help me. Please help me, kind nobles.
I'm so hungry. Please help me.
Thank you, Madam!
All the nobles in Joseon have gathered in Hanyang for the civil examinations.
You must be making good money.
People aren't that generous with beggars.
Then, what do you think about becoming a thief?
Why do you ask that of a beggar?
I'm asking the Chief of the Thieves.
You're the infamous head of the Yongmun Organization.
I have come here to personally invite you to our organization.
Please come with us.
How did you find me?
Even thieves have organized levels.
We started from the lowest levels and found ourselves at the top.
It was not an easy task.
What do you want with me?
I hear you have a big heist coming up.
Why don't you forget about it and come and work for us?
I heard you have gathered all the mercenaries in Hanyang,
and now you're going after the thieves.
Are you trying to form an army?
Will you join us?
A theft due to hunger is easily atoned for.
But for some strange reason, I think that what you want me to do...
...cannot be atoned for even with death.
We are planning something bigger than...
...climbing over walls and picking pockets.
For who? The secret head of your organization?
I found out that the head of your organization...
...wasn't you.
So you know that much...
I won't be able to let you go so easily.
Don't try to stop me. I just want to climb walls and pick pockets.
Since you have given us your reply,
I will now give you mine.
Now that you know our organization, if you are not our friend, you are our foe.
Now you must die.
I know about the thieves' conference.
I will use their lives well.
Follow him. He has been poisoned and won't go far.
Yes, Madam.
Who is the head of the organization?
I have to get to the Temple and tell Haemyung.
I thought the temple would have some food.
But no one's here!
I'm so hungry!
That's rice cake! Hey, Hong Gil....!
It's too small for two to share.
What are you doing?
I'm bowing!
You're really into it!
Do you want me to help you?
You can't bow like that. You have to get up too.
If you're done eating, let's start our lesson. Work hard...
Work hard! How do you say that in Chinese?
Work hard.
Work hard.
Work hard. Great.
It's a good start.
I... I'm not that...
...good in Chinese.
But you have to be good. Why else would I rescue you?
Because you're my friend...?
It was only because of Chinese?
I already sold all of your medicine for you. What a waste if you die.
No, I know you would have rescued me even if it weren't for Chinese.
Because you're a good guy.
No, no.
If it weren't for Chinese, I wouldn't have rescued you. Why?
Because I'm a bad guy.
Tonight, you and I will come to a conclusion!
Why can't you say that in Chinese?
I... don't know long sentences like that.
Shut up!
Shut up! What about that one?
What... what was that again...?
You don't even know how to say shut up?
Oh, I know!
Shut up.
Shut up?
Maybe not. I think that was the white people's language.
When did you ever see a white person?
Of course. There's tons of white people in China!
Aren't you curious as to what they look like? They're really strange looking!
I was so surprised when I first saw them!
They may be strange, but they're all people like us.
No, no! They're really really strange looking!
White faces and blue eyes...
Their lips are bright red...
Their hair is really thick and long!
That's not a person, that's a ghost!
How foolish you are. China ghosts are different than Joseon ghosts.
Ghosts are ghosts.
Have you heard of Gangshi?
What is this?
Is that a China ghost?
They're so much scarier than Joseon ghosts.
Gangshi is a corpse that comes alive.
When they move, they stretch their arms forward!
With both feet, they jump.
And the moment the charm falls off...
What's so scary about that? Does this look scary to you?
You've never been to China, so you don't know how scary that is!
Joseon ghosts are scarier! Imagine a fight between the two!
Can a jumping China ghost defeat a flying Joseon ghost?
Do you know how scary the China ghosts' teeth are?
When the Joseon ghost has a knife between her lips and sheds tears of blood, everyone faints in fear!
Forget it! I'm wasting my breath on someone who's never been to China!
We're in the middle of a conversation!
I'm going to relieve myself! You know how scary a Gangshi is?
Arguing with me...!
Is she showing off because she's been to China?
She's so stupid she can't even speak the language!
I shouldn't have rescued her!
Why did we have to talk about ghosts?
Now I'm scared!
Well, this should be fine.
Now, I'm scared!
Moon, O Moon! Moon, O Bright Moon!
O Moon, playground of the Taebaek Mountains!
O Moon of the First Month, is the playground of Yi Nok!
The Moon of the second month, is also the playground of Yi Nok!
Moon of the third month, is the playground of my old man!
Moon of the fourth month, is the playground of Gil Dong!
She's so noisy! I should have left her behind!
Someone's here.
What... what was that?
What was that?
What's this!
We will go after your men.
Let's go.
That's... the seal of Yongmun.
This must be their doing.
What's going on? Who is that?
Is... is he dead?
No, he's still breathing. Go get some water.
Where's... where's Haemyung?
He's not at the temple.
Were you attacked by the Yongmun mercenaries?
People will be gathering at Machungool the day after tomorrow.
Show them this and tell them to escape.
What's he talking about?
Please tell them. You must tell them!
Or else... they'll all die.
Stop talking. You'll end up dead first.
Will you...
Will you bury me at the thieves' graveyard?
So you're a thief?
What is your name?
It's Hong Gil Dong.
Hong Gil Dong?
Hong Gil...!
So he's dead. How dare he reject our offer?
I had no choice. Leave me.
What will you do about the other thieves?
They will come to be of use.
The prince will return soon.
If he hears what you have been up to in his absence, he will be furious.
If I hadn't done so, how could we have gathered our wealth?
I left the Queen Dowager in the fire to rescue the prince.
What am I not capable of?
If light shines in one area, there is always a shadow beneath.
I am the prince's shadow.
I understand your meaning.
If there are any obstacles to the prince's future,
I will destroy it without any hesitation.
This wine was left by the monk. Have some as I think you're his friend.
Why are you crying? You don't even know him.
But a man just died. It's so sad!
I hope you get reincarnated as a rich man and not a beggar.
There is no such thing as reincarnation!
And even if there were, he's a thief. He won't be reincarnated into anything good.
Now that you've said that, I'm even more sad!
Since we can't mark his grave, you should at least stick that on the ground.
Show this to them, and tell them to escape!
He gave this staff to me before he died.
What a nuisance!
Don't leave without me!
Did you know the person in this grave?
What was he stealing when he got caught?
The seed of a nobleman.
She stole it and died from the crime of giving birth to me.
Then, this is your mother?
Her name is Choon Sum. She's the same age as me now.
Why is she here...?
She was beaten to death.
She knew that life for her child would be tormented in the nobleman's house.
She got caught trying to run away with the child and was beaten to death.
Why are you crying now?
It... It feels weird to say this...
But I pity her!
Yes, Choon Sum lived a pitiful life.
If she hadn't had me, she would still be alive.
I'll give you some time. I'll be over there.
Stupid girl.
Do you know where Temple Magoksa is?
I am the head monk of Magoksa.
Then are you Gil Dong's master, Venerable Haemyung?
You know Gil Dong?
What a...!
So Gil Dong learned his martial arts from you?
You can't call it martial arts. It's just performance art.
Not at all. I can tell a master from his walk.
I tend to walk fast. Shall I decrease my speed... old sir?
Old sir? No, let us walk faster!
That man's a master too!
Are we almost there?
Keep up with me if you can.
You underestimated me.
What I need now is...
This... is Magoksa.
Old man!
I mean, grandfather!
Where have you been?
Are you alright?
Why is that girl wearing the Queen Dowager's ornament in her hair?
Have you eaten?
Of course. What about you?
But the ornament has found its rightful owner. She has the countenance of a queen!
What cruel destiny links me and that girl together?
Shall we return and enlist the men to help find her?
The only one I can trust is Madam Noh and you, Chi Su.
I will not use anyone else to find my mother's ornament.
So the chief is dead.
Was the man who died yesterday a very important man?
I thought he was a thief.
Is that what he told Gil Dong?
Yes, and he gave Gil Dong a strange-looking staff too.
The Chief's Moonlight staff... to Gil Dong?
What staff?
The moon... light... staff!
It means the staff that lights up the night.
For thieves who have to work at night, don't you think it's appropriate?
That staff has found its rightful owner as well!
Look, Mr. Thief. I don't think I can do what you requested.
I don't want to mess with thieves' business, and I'm on my way overseas.
You asked the wrong guy.
You'll be back for it. This staff is your destiny.
The Moonlight Staff will lead your future followers to you.
There is a conference.
Let us head for Machungool.
Tomorrow, I will meet the chief.
They will gather... and die.
Who cares what happens to the thieves?
I'm not going.
You've come, Your Excellency!
Is the Minister inside?
- Yes, please go in. - Yes.
Did you get a new palanquin? It looks like an import!
Why yes. It is a palanquin from China.
A government official should use domestic products, but the quality is so different.
Who cares what other people think?
Oh my goodness! It's a great model!
It's light and agile, and thus can travel quickly.
I would love to have imported palanquin too, but my husband is so conservative.
If the betrothal of my Eun Hye and your In Hyung goes well,
I will present you with a new palanquin.
Thank you!
Where is In Hyung?
He is... busy studying for the examinations.
I don't know why In Hyung has to study for the examinations.
Shall I do something? I'm the core of all power!
I know that! But you know my husband's character.
He has to pass the exam in order for the betrothal to go through.
But if he should fail... The betrothal would be...?
That would be difficult. After all, I am the core of all power.
Where is that boy anyway?
Hey, the window is open!
My dear bride!
My bride!
What are you looking at?
The bird is dead.
Oh no! How did that happen?
It's unlucky, so I'll remove it.
Just leave it.
- Nanny. - Yes?
These two lives in the same world, so they must have been close.
How do you think the other one feels?
I'm not sure.
Let's take a look.
Let's see if it wants to live or die.
If he eats the food, I'll kill this one too.
Young Miss...!
What an unfaithful bird.
No, Young Miss! Don't do that!
Of course, it wants to live.
My heart is fluttering because of you!
It's so obvious. He should have chosen death instead.
How boring.
I don't like birds anymore. Get rid of it.
Yes, Young Miss.
I showed him my face a few times because it amused me but he keeps coming.
You should climb over the wall sometime.
How boring.
Grandfather, why can't we tell Gil Dong the monk was here?
How should I know? But we should do what the master says.
But what should we do now?
We'll have to use this to make more money! I invested so much in this!
I wonder if it's really going to make money.
Where would Joseon people see something as amazing as this?!
I want to give Gil Dong a little farewell present before we leave,
but making Gil Dong recognized officially as a son... is that expensive?
Hong Gil Dong.
I'm leaving.
I'm sorry I didn't teach you a lot of Chinese.
But you're so smart. You'll pick it up quickly.
That's obvious. I'm not you.
So before I go, I'll teach you one more thing.
So in Chinese, father...
And older brother.
So if you're not officially recognized, you can at least call them in Chinese.
Are... are you trying to antagonize me?
Or are you...?
Well, you rescued me... and you sold all my medicine.
I wanted to pay you back, that's all.
That's quite alright, wife. You can go on your way.
In that case, I'll show you something really strange.
I brought this from China and I'm not good at it yet, but I'll show it to you first.
This is a priceless dancing cobra from China.
That sound... Yi Nok must be calling him.
She practiced until her lips were swollen, but she sounds pretty good!
But I wonder if he'll answer?
Lift your head!
This damned snake! I'll twist you into a knot!
Don't bite me!
What the hell? Were you bitten?
My snake...! My dancing cobra...!
It came out because of your noisy flute!
Hong Gil Dong...!
Why did she stop?
My snake!
You're dead! Hong Gil Dong, I'm going to kill you!
Who ever heard of a dancing snake?
- Give me back my snake! - What snake?
Hong Gil Dong, you wretch! I'll catch you!
My cobra...! My dancing cobra!
So there is such a thing as a dancing snake?
All cobras dance. Like this and this.
But you've never seen one either!
I heard it from someone from China.
Whatever. When does the ship to China leave?
The weather is good, so it's leaving tomorrow morning.
Tomorrow morning?
People will be gathering at Machungool the day after tomorrow.
Show them this and tell them to escape.
Whatever. I'm going to China.
My snake...
You didn't even get a chance to dance in Joseon!
I knew something like this would happen when you bought that expensive snake!
I'm surprised it survived all the way here!
You told me we would make tons of money if the snake danced!
Now is not the time to quarrel.
Yes, now is not the time to quarrel. We have to catch that wretch, Gil Dong!
I will make him pay me back for the snake!
Now that Gil Dong has disappointed you, you should meet the man in black.
Man in what?
The man in black that's been following you!
They say he was just here.
So they're back in the city.
Now we can find them.
He's not following me! He threatened to break my legs if he saw me again!
Guys usually make such threats to girls they like.
Whatever. I have to find Gil Dong.
I have to catch him before he leaves for China! Let's hurry!
Let's eat first!
There's no time! I'll go to Merchant Wang. You can go to the harbor.
Let's find him.
That damned Gil Dong. Hong Gil Dong!
Do you think you can hide from me?
Let's just have one steamed bun before I go.
I have to make him pay for the snake!
- We found it. - I'll get it.
We must find out who knows about this and who she's met.
She's in front of us, so don't rush it.
My steamed bun!
You! What...
You... you're the man in black?
Are you... are you really following me?
You knew I was following you?
No, I just found out.
That means you... me...?
What do you know?
You're embarrassing me.
You've only seen me a few times. How can you be in love with me already?
You're being so obvious. It's embarrassing!
My money! You, stop!
Hey, stop right there! Stop!
You thief!
Which way is the doctor?
The doctor said your brother will be fine. I paid for the medicine already, so don't worry!
You and your brother must stay close and survive, alright?
I'm leaving.
I picked it up off the street too. Sell this and use the money for food.
I'm really off now.
Give the child some money and bring back the ornament.
She really is stupid.
I'm the owner of this throne!
This is the seat I've kept by killing and killing!
All of you opposed me becoming king!
How do you feel seeing me on this throne?
Now that you're all dead, you can't say anything anymore!
Older brother...
It is your younger brother, Chang Hwi.
Go away!
You told me you would teach me arithmetic.
Older brother...
I... I didn't want to kill you.
Come here!
Come here! Come here!
There is no way the prince is still alive, is there?
We were so thorough.
And what if he were alive?
But he was the only son of the late king.
If he was still alive...
And what would change if he were?
All the men who supported the prince then are all dead.
Even if he's alive, what can he do without power or money?
You have returned.
It's been a long time.
Everything is ready now.
I am ready as well.
So I'm ready to go to China, right?
This is a seal signifying you are a Chinese citizen.
Show this to the inspectors before you get on the ship.
Thank you. Well done!
You are really good! Really good!
In that case, I'll see you on the ship tomorrow.
Thank you! Goodbye!
Gil Dong, you're technically a slave. You can be executed for running away.
If you get caught, I had nothing to do with this.
I won't get caught.
Even though you're just a bastard,
the Minister won't execute you anyway. He's still your father.
I don't have a father.
You are not my son. You are a slave born to my slave.
I am leaving for a foreign land.
I don't think I will see you again.
So if you're not officially recognized, you can at least call them in Chinese.
In Chinese, you say father and older brother.
Fa... father.
That sounds strange. I shouldn't have listened to that stupid girl.
The ship for China is going to set sail!
The ship for China is going to set sail!
The ship for China is going to set sail!
The weapons and ammunition you sent from China have been stored in our warehouses.
We must find a way to bring it to the capital.
I have already found a way.
We will bring it in tonight.
But they will have inspections. And you want to bring them in all at once.
Yes. The police force will not be in the capital tonight.
We have a tip that a thieves' conference is happening tonight.
Gather all the troops!
Yes, Sir!
Move aside!
What's going on?
Did something happen?
From the look of it, something must have happened.
- What a commotion! - I know.
People will gather at Machungool.
So you're a thief?
You must... you must deliver this message.
Or else they will all die.
Oh my goodness!
Who cares.
Gil Dong left this for you. He said it was for the snake.
I was going to catch him at the harbor.
What a decent fellow he is!
What a nuisance! I'm so busy!
Merchant Wang! Merchant Wang!
Don't you want to open up a medicine business with me?
Why didn't Merchant Wang go to see Gil Dong off?
I thought he was his friend.
When I first left for China, I couldn't stop crying.
I had the old man with me, but Gil Dong is alone.
Yi Nok! Yi Nok!
Yi Nok!
Excuse me!
We're setting sail!
Take care!
We're leaving!
Take care, my friend Merchant Wang! And...
We're leaving!
Gil Dong! Hong Gil Dong!
Gil Dong, farewell! Farewell, Gil Dong!
Go to China and learn Chinese, and see Gangshi!
And see dancing cobras!
In any case, thank you, Gil Dong!
Bye, Gil Dong!
We will head to Machungool to catch the thieves!
Let's seize all of them without any escaping!
Why isn't the Chief here yet?
Shim Su Keon, you're as impatient as ever.
It's not just my personality, it's also my body. A man must have tight abs.
Anytime you want to confirm it for yourself, Mal Nyeo.
Why don't you show it to the rich noblewomen! You're such a playboy.
Forget it. I won't sleep with you.
Even if you wanted to, I wouldn't let you.
Yeon Ssi, what's the time?
We still have some time before noon.
We have to stay here until noon as promised.
- Let's hurry! - Yes, Sir!
You wretched fool!
What is it?
Who are you?
All of you will die if you stay here. Go on and leave.
That's my message to you.
Is he insane?
How did you find out about this place?
There's something suspicious about him.
I said leave!
Why should we listen to you?
Get rid of him!
Don't you recognize this?
Hey, you thieves! If you don't want to die, then run! 668
Gil Dong... has gone to China!
Merchant Wang!
Gil Dong.
If you are grateful, please stay here a little longer.
The crime of killing Minister Yoo, setting fire to the Queen's chamber, which held the queen and prince hostage.
The sword of massacre is in the hands of enemies.
Destiny does not happen as how people wish, nor is it escapable.
They'll know about it, as long as I am alive.
You cannot escape from it.
It dissapeared.
It doesn't last long.