513 days - Your Film Festival 2012

Uploaded by fpservin on 31.03.2012

The world went to hell.
Day 513, or at least that’s what we think.
There is no food; we’ve being living of leftovers for the last weeks.
Our attempt to harvest our own food was futile.
The land is contaminated, everything is dead.
Javier is losing hope.
Not that I too, but…
It all started with a vaccine that went wrong
people said that the US government went crazy and the bombs just weren't enough.
They doomed us all, including them.
Things went so fast. They had glazed eyes and teeth that showed beneath their lacerated lips.
We tried to escape, we really tried.
A year later we found a condo, my family and I lived with other 30 strangers, everything was fine.
Until they found a way in...
The infected entered and annihilated them all.
Javier and I escaped. Barely.
We haven't found anyone else alive ever since.
Every place we go is dead.
We tried to run away, but they are everywhere, we end up locked inside this house.
The food's been running out, we've been living of leftovers for the last weeks and it's almost impossible to go outside to find more.
We have to use those things remains to be outside. We can’t even take out the trash because they can see us or hear us.
Why didn’t anyone found the cure?
Is there anybody out there? Someone? Anyone?
Javier and I are the last survivors. It’s difficult to find food.
There’s no sign that someone else still remains alive.
The first person I killed was my brother. He was only 5 years old. He wasn’t even bitten.
He died from an infection and still came back as… that.
We are doomed.
The gunshot. The damn gunshot attracted them. How can they be so many?
Damn it! Where is the ammo? There are no more weapons!
They’re too many!
There is no way out.
There is only one option.