On Board: First Day with The First Lady in South Africa

Uploaded by whitehouse on 21.06.2011

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Trooper Sanders: Well, the First Lady is touring the Apartheid Museum now with
her family.
This tells the story of South Africa's transition to a
multiracial democracy.
She just came out of meeting with a group of 76 extraordinary
young women from across Africa and took a few questions.
And she'll see them tomorrow.
And I think this both represents the extraordinary history of
Africa and, of course, the historic role that the First
Lady has, but then, really, about the country and the
continent's future, because ultimately that's what this is
really all about, is how do we build a stronger world,
what's our relationship and the American people's relationship
with Africa, with South Africa?
And certainly, earlier today, seeing a lot of the archives of
President Mandela, but then also meeting some young South
Africans and really focusing on South Africa's future.
I mean, that's really at the heart of the First Lady's
international work which is, you know,
reaching out to young people around the world,
letting them know that the United States is on their side,
encouraging them to do well and excel and take positions
of leadership.
That's what gets her fired up.
That's what really helps, I think,
America build bridges to young people around the world.
And today is just the beginning.
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